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Students research on the internet to find information about energy, sources of energy, and energy conservation. Students use their research information and clipart or images to create an informative and interesting 3 slide PowerPoint presentation. What are the sources and forms that everyone talks about?Recently, a friend of mine told me: Why state the definition of energy? Energy is the ability to do work! Use this colorful worksheet to teach your little scientist the basics of energy.
They just stick with an energy provider and power up their houses.In fact, that is our biggest mistake.

I think that we should know what lies behind everything, in order to make the proper decision. I strongly believe, that by the time you navigate away from this site, you will be considering of installing a set of modules on you house, and changing your energy provider too. In fact, there is a definition of energy at Wikipedia, but it tends to be too scientific and involve equations of physics.
To understand that, lets have a look at a couple of everyday examples: We can see something moving which means that it has kinetic energy.
I could name some more, but that's not our point right now.Please have in mind that energy transforms from one form to another and it is never destroyed.

These kind of terms refer on the sources where energy is obtained from.Solar energy for example, is the energy we get from the sun and it is usually either in electric (electromagnetic) or thermal form. Well, there are two major categories:-Conventional Energy Sources-Alternative Energy SourcesAlternative or renewable energy sources will never be exhausted, whereas conventional sources are fading out day by day.Need a list?

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