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By utilizing energy medicine techniques we learn how to increase vitality, enhance health, boost joy and send healing to areas of the body that need attention. The Energy Medicine Experience is suitable for everyone – from experienced Energy workers to someone who is completely new to Donna’s work.
X You are using an outdated browser For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser. This alternative-medicine self-help guide promises to teach you to help heal yourself and others using the body's own natural energies. If you are like me, and interested in this field, then I recommend you also get the The Energy Medicine Kit, which has a DVD where she demonstrates various energy routines, and an easy to follow five minute daily routine. As a physician interested in helping patients achieve wellness, I was fascinated by Donna Eden's Energy Medicine.
Donna Eden's book, ENERGY MEDICINE, is a priceless addition to any energy healer's book shelves.
Donna's book, Energy Medicine, is written so that it is easily accessible to the layman but it is equally useful to the professional Kinesiologist, and other health professionals, who can gain many insights from Donna's experience in the energy medicine field.
Join Donna and David for a hands-on Energy Medicine training designed to bring more vitality, joy, and spirit into your life. In Energy Medicine, the body is healed by activating its natural healing energies and by restoring energies that have become weakened or out of balance.
Building on such diverse concepts as acupuncture and therapeutic touch, Donna Eden lays out a practical framework in Energy Medicine for flushing out and recharging the body's systems. I have been a practitioner of energy based technques for years and find this book full of healing wisdom. In simple language with clear illustrations, Eden outlines ways to release stress, restore energies, escape the grip of fear, concentrate in the midst of fear and stress, feel joyful more often, overcome digestive problems, mend broken arms and legs, overcome nervousness, calm people (and yourself), relieve arthritic pain, relieve muscle cramps, relieve low back pain, and regain control when feeling hysterical. This book sets out the principles of Energy Medicine in such a way that, chapter by chapter, knowledge is added layer by layer. Among the hundreds of books in the category of Energy this book STANDS OUT as the only book to my knowledge that addresses so many different energy systems.
I would be thrilled with any book that so clearly outlines techniques for helping people with such a wide variety of ailments, aches and pains, but ENERGY MEDICINE goes several steps further. Part of the book covers the meridians of the body and Chinese Five Elements Theory written so that even the layman can understand these principles.

Eden describes the body's energy meridians, chakra balancing, and how to do the "celtic weave". We have an unbeatable selection of 7 million books, honest, accurate grading and features that help you find out-of-print, second-hand treasure. The book gives a detailed description of how to do this and other energy-fixing exercises, and provides time estimates and illustrations for doing the maneuvers. As Eden explains, "The Celtic weave, as an energy system, laces through all your other energy systems and creates a resonance among them.
It also contains much interesting material for the professional Kinesiologist, allowing them to add to their repertoire. Eden, who has practiced energy medicine for more than 20 years and has given classes around the world, also relates stories about some of her clients, including those with cancer and chronic pain.
I got the energy medicine kit first, and I am glad I did because there is nothing quite like seeing the exercises demonstrated, and I know I would not be doing these techniques properly if I did not first see them shown. The book is also unique because it demystifies and provides access to many routines that can be used for self-help. It includes such things as how to keep yourself and your kids calm, how to get your kids up in the morning (using energy techniques), techniques for breast pain and pain control methods, among many others. While Eden says people can help themselves and others with the techniques in the book, she urges them to seek professional care as well. Donna's joy and vitality infuses each page of this book and makes it a very enjoyable read. Energy Medicine includes chapters on various energy systems, ranging from the meridians to the chakras, the basic grid to the strange flows, and chapters on how such systems relate to pain and illness. The only recommendation I would make is that the charts in the book are little challenging to follow. As an exercise, you use the Celtic weave to pulse your aura's energies outward and to strengthen them. It also includes an appendix listing organizations and Internet sites for other forms of alternative medicine, like naturopathy and qigong. If you are not already an advanced healer I recommend getting the kit first, because you are more likely to be able to follow a visual demonstration correctly. Within each chapter are "How-to Boxes," giving specific suggestions on how to manage over 30 different common problems.

You are also less likely to understand the concept of energy testing without a visual demonstration which is like watching a magic show. The short Daily Energy Routine in Chapter 3 has benefited everybody who continues to do it.I bought the videos because I wanted to see Donna at work and I wanted to see some of the movements. Touch one strand, anywhere, and your whole system reverberates in harmony."I love the way ENERGY MEDICINE includes a vast assortment of fascinating real-life stories of energy healings that Donna Eden has been involved in, including her own recovery from being bitten by a poisonous insect in Fiji. She exudes such good health, love of life and positive energy and this comes through in this book. There is so much content in this book, which is based on the twin concepts of touch for healing and kinesiology (energy testing) in which she tests your muscle resistance,and then treats. The shamans in Fiji treated Donna for her bite by burying her up to her neck in sand for long stretches several times over a two day period, believing the toxins would be drained into the sand. I heartily recommend anyone whose good health is compromised, who wants more daily energy or wants to expand their knowledge of energy medicine, to read this book, use the self-help guidelines and see for themselves how it improves their life. Donna recovered her full health in Fiji, and shortly thereafter began her studies of energy healing.I highly recommend ENERGY MEDICINE to anyone with an interest in energy healing. In this book, you learn about opening the chakras, and celtic weave, figure eights, strange flows, the aura, eye movement exercises, neurovasculars or fight or flight response and many other things. Experienced energy healers and novices can all find much of great value in this essential reference book. If you have health challenges, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to resolve them. Seek professional help, go see an energy healer to resolve the issues, and by all means use the techniques in this book, and the energy kit. I purchased a second book as a loaner because I recommend it so frequently.Optimal health has been defined as the unlimited and unimpeded free flow of life force energy through body, mind and spirit.

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