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November 18, 2015 Michelle Froese : 0 CommentsDuke Energy provides critical electric grid support functions from the retired Beckjord Station in Ohio (Photo courtesy of Duke Energy).
Duke Energy, LG Chem, and Greensmith are bringing new technology to the site of a 1952 retired coal plant with the completion of a 2-MW battery-based energy storage system. As of November 17, the fast-response system is actively regulating electric grid frequency for PJM, the regional transmission organization that directs the flow of electricity for 61 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Improving the reliability and economic efficiency of the electric grid provides a unique service to grid operators. LG Chem delivered the project’s integrated operating system, comprised of advanced lithium-ion batteries. Greensmith provided its latest GEMS energy storage software platform to manage the system’s performance for PJM frequency regulation, ensuring precise and synchronized response to signals dispatched every two seconds. Greensmith’s scope also included the design and configuration of the entire energy storage system, integration of the balance of plant components, and site commissioning. The 2-MW project adds to Duke Energy’s installed base of commercially operating energy storage systems. According to independent research firm IHS, Energy Duke Energy owns nearly 15 percent of the grid-connected, battery-based energy storage capacity in the U.S.
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Janesha is a second year, focusing on environmental economics and policy and geospatial analysis.
Hoel Wiesner is a class of 2017 Masters of Environmental Management student, concentrating in Energy and the Environment.
The new project is designed to increase reliability and stability for the electric power grid.
As customer demand fluctuates, accurate and rapid-response energy storage can instantaneously absorb excess energy from the grid or release energy in seconds — as opposed to a power plant that could take 10 minutes or more to ramp up. With the completion of the new project, the company will operate a total of 4 MW of energy storage at Beckjord, where a separate 2-MW battery system already exists.
He is interested in the development and implementation of market-based solutions that shift the worldwide energy supply towards mostly renewables in an economically prudent manner. She would like to be able to use spatial-econometrics and apply it to renewable energy as she is passionate about energy efficiency, energy economics, climate change, and the impacts on water quality.

Duke Energy also owns and operates a 36-MW energy storage system at its Notrees Wind-power Project in Texas. Since graduating in 2010, she has worked domestically and internationally as a journalist covering politics, business, human rights, and environment through radio, print, video and web-based media. From 2012-2015 Eleanor provided project management support for multi-million dollar USAID contracts targeting agriculture, finance and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a master’s student with an energy focus, she is passionate about leveraging renewable energy to manage global urbanization trends.
Leon decided to pursue a Master’s degree to explore how energy management can be applied to the greater sphere of strategic sustainable development, and ultimately impart significant and lasting change. Towards this end, Eleanor is focusing her studies on transportation and building energy efficiency, urban food systems, and systems design.

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