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Disease and illness do not occur with the same incidence and prevalence throughout a population. One factor that has been shown to affect incidence and prevalence of disease is social deprivation.
The link between meningoccal disease and social deprivation was studied in the Eastern Region of the UK.
Often incidence rates of diseases are higher in urban areas, but this study also revealed high meningoccal incidence in rural areas, some of which were deprived.
Possible factors that may have made children under the age of five more vulnerable to meningoccal disease in deprived areas are childcare arrangements which, due to personal or environmental circumstances, lead to greater exposure to potential carriers.
Now that a link has been established, meningoccal prevention can be targetted at the under five age group in socially deprived areas where it will have the largest impact on incidence rates. Studies have also revealed links between social deprivation and other diseases, such as the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes. Coronary Heart Ddisease (CHD) is another condition with higher incidence in deprived areas.
There has been a long established correlation between higher social deprivation and a lower life expectancy.
As a doctor it is of great importance to understand the socioeconomic and environmental factors that impact patients’ lives. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. My Business - A The word a€?doctora€? today means a person licensed to practice medicine, as a physician, surgeon, dentist, or veterinarian or a person who has been awarded a university degree; she or he is a Doctor of Philosophy. We offer integrative medicine solutions for anxiety, pain, weight loss, infertility, holistic pediatrics and other problems.
Learn about our treatment philosophy, our use of extensive advanced diagnostic and unique treatment techniques. You can check our fee structure, financial policies and learn that most insurances cover our services.
You can see our beautiful office with comfortable waiting area, spacious treatment rooms and elegant design. Ultimately after you feel comfortable in our virtual home, give us a call and visit the actual office so we can help you enjoy healthy life! Yahoo , Facebook , Facebook , Twitter , Twitter , Google+ , Google+ , Myspace , Myspace , Linkedin , Linkedin , Odnoklassniki , Odnoklassniki , Vkontakte , Vkontakte , Google , Google , Yahoo , Yahoo , Rambler , Rambler , Yandex , Yandex , Gmail , Gmail , Yahoo!
Designers Manufacturers , ??????? ????????? - ?????????? ???????????? , Gorgian Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia , ????????? ?????? ????????? , Cambridje Dictionary Online , ????????? ???????? ????????? ?????? ????????? , Oxford Advenced Learner's Online Dictionar? , ??????????? ?????? - moazrovne,net, ??? In order for treatment and prevention methods to be effective and worthwhile, they must be targetted at areas and groups of the population with the highest rates of an illness. The measure of social deprivation is based on a wide range of data, including level of unemployment and the number of families living below the poverty line in a geographical area. This form of meningitis is caused by Neisseria Meningitidis and most cases are in children and adolescents.
It was found that in the areas of greatest social deprivation, incidence was 1.9 times higher for under fives. One measure that has already been put into place is the introduction of the meningoccal C vaccine for young children. 1991-93 Figures for the standardised mortality ratio for diabetes by social class in men aged 20-64 years showed that mortality in unskilled workers was four times the rate for those in a professional occupation. In Scotland in 2011, for the age group 0-64, the standard mortality rate for the most deprived tenth was 190.8.

Through greater awareness of their circumstances doctors can prescribe treatments and care that will be the most effective and of greatest benefit to individual patients. Brain Concept With Medical, Health, Healthcare, Nurse, Tooth, Doctor, Pills And Cross Icon. Brain concept with medical, health, healthcare, nurse, tooth, doctor, pills and cross icon. Brain metaball for infographic, business, medical, health, healthcare, social media, technology, network and design concepts. Growth tree concept for communication, business, social media, eco, technology, network and web design.
Growth abstract background with connected metaball and integrated icons for medical, health, care, medicine, network, social media and global concepts. Growth abstract background with connected metaball and integrated icons for eco friendly, energy, environment, green, recycle, bio and global concepts. Brain concept for communication, infographic, business, medical, social media, technology, network and web design. Brain concept with medical, health, healthcare, nurse, tooth, thermometer, doctor, pills and cross icon.
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Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Vladimir Turovskiy speak about modern diagnostic methods, cold laser, biopuncture and other advanced therapies we use.
In 2001 the national incidence rate for menigoccal disease was 3.2 cases per 100 000 people with a 10% fatality rate.
The incidence in the most deprived areas was nearly twice that of the least deprived areas, making a strong suggestion towards the link.
Not only do results suggest social deprivation increases risk of meningoccal disease, but also that in these areas the risk is even greater for children under five. Some of the factors that influenced this large difference in mortality include access to and the quality of care, social support, having diabetes related knowledge, level of communication between patients and healthcare providers and the patient’s ability to adhere to the medication, exercise and dietry advice. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Due to the high fatality rate it has been even more significant that the patterns of victims of the disease are identified. The influencing factors are similar to those for prevalence of diabetes with regards to access to medical care and ability to follow medical recommendations and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Besides material deprivation, other psychosocial factors that may lower life expectancy are stress, low control over work, home and life circumstances. In addition, CHD may affect a person’s ability to work, therefore limiting their income and where they can afford to live. There is also more social disintegration in deprived areas with higher rates of suicide, homicide, violent crime and migration. But in their medical training, when they get to their pathology courses, it is all about drugs to treat the signs and symptoms of disease. It is like following a cookbook, the directions from the pharmaceutical companies, which have their latest and improved drug research.
Ask any pharmacist and they will tell you, a€?No drug has ever a€?cureda€™ any disease.a€?A  If they did cure a disease, nobody would need to take the drugs anymore.

In fact the medical profession will sue anyone using the word a€?curea€? in any way because they have a a€?trademarka€? on that word. Many real doctors of the health profession, who are the real teachers teaching health, have been persecuted and labeled a€?quacksa€? by many in the medical profession. A A Patients have personally told me, for their mental problems, "They have learned more from me in one year then they learned from twenty years of psychotherapy."A  Since I was a child I have been interested in the causes of mind and body stress.
Even in my post-doctorate specialty program as a dental resident, I was researching vitamin B6 and stress in severe TMJ patients at the university I was attending. Causing a disease is not a very interesting way to survive life, unless it inspires you to change and obey Nature's genetic, evolutionary and environmental laws.A A Real doctors are health professional teachers and what they teach is how to heal yourself. Healthy is an action word, a verb; it literally means a€?heal-thy minda€? and a€?heal-thy bodya€? because only you can heal yourself. Find the guidance from a real health professional, a doctor or teacher, who instructs you how to recreate and regain your natural health. In fact Hippocrates is known to have said, a€?Food is your best medicine.a€?There are a lot of classic books on natural health that are constantly being reprinted. Howell observed in the 1930a€™s and 1940a€™s, working at a health sanitarian, that patients who ate raw foods had greater vitality and wellness than those who consumed cooked foods, even with vitamin supplementation.
He concluded there was something present in the raw food other than vitamins and minerals, which played a vital role in maintaining human health. His passionate research for this vital element led him to discover the presence of food enzymes.Max Gerson MD in 1958 published his book a€?A Cancer Therapya€? and the Gerson Method is still being used today. This therapy is about giving massive amounts of energy and nutrients in the form of uncooked vegetable juices to nourish the body's own healing processes. Henry Bieler MD in 1965 published his book a€?Food Is Your Best Medicine,a€? which is a compilation of over fifty years of work treating disease by diet. Bieler's reputation of success, using diet to treat disease, attracted numerous celebrity patients. People like Gloria Swanson, Jeanette MacDonald, Anthony Quinn, Greer Garson, Hedda Hopper, Greta Garbo, and Lucille Ball to name a few were his patients. It means a€?orthoa€?- right and a€?pathosa€?- suffering.Orthopathy is an alternative natural philosophy.
So by the term Orthopathy, we mean, right suffering.a€?The Orthopathy movement originated in the early 1800a€™s with Dr. Isaac Jennings, who after practicing traditional medicine for 20 years in Derby, Connecticut, began formulating his ideas about health in 1822. Thomas Allinson, a British doctor, developed his theory of medicine, which he called a€?Hygienic Medicine.a€?In the 1900a€™s the founder of Natural Hygiene, Dr.
Shelton distinguished the method of a€?Naturea€™s Curea€? from other medical schools of thought, including Naturopathy, Heliopathy, Homeopathy and what Shelton called Allopathy, which is mainstream drug medicine.The Naturea€™s Cure movement and Dr. Sheltona€™s Natural Hygiene cite the evidence ignored or underutilized by mainstream medical physicians. This evidence is the observation that ill animals will rest and fast, except for water, when they are sick.The year 1939 was a great year for published health books, not only did Dr. Understand this belonging by accepting and obeying our Mother Nature, like all the rest of natural life here on planet Earth.Copyright 2013 The Fertile Ground.

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