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Over recent weeks, several news reports have claimed that Egyptians might see blackouts twice a day due to a Ministry of Electricity plan to conserve electricity during the hottest months from May to August.
Speaking to Ahram Online, Hafez El-Salmawi, head of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency, said that the coming summer might not be as bad as expected, and may even be better than last year in terms of electricity service. He said that Egyptian households might not suffer frequent power outages, as the government had raised household electricity prices to reduce consumption.
El-Salmawi said that, if every consumer turned off one 40-watt light bulb, for example, about 1,500 megawatts could be saved. Over the last ten years, electricity consumption has jumped by 29.5 percent, according to official data, with prices largely static until the recent hikes.
Abu El-Ela explained that power stations consume either natural gas or low-quality diesel fuel.
While the 2,500 megawatts represent an overload on the electricity grid, the power-generating gap is likely to be larger depending on the availability of fuel. Electricity Minister Ahmed Emam said on Sunday that the country's power-generating gap during the summer would be revealed by the end of the current month, after the amounts of fuel to be supplied by the petroleum ministry are announced. Electricity troubles are not new to Egypt, but the problem has been exacerbated in recent years.
Around 60 percent of domestic natural gas consumption was allotted to electricity generation, compared to only 56 percent in 2011. In March, Iraq announced plans to sell 4 million barrels of crude oil to Egypt beginning in April.
Electricity is a general term for a wide range of events resulting from the presence or flow of an electric charge. Some atoms are excellent at conducting because there are tracks which the electrons follow.

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Taking into account a previous increase, prices have risen by ten percent since November of last year. With Egypt's current fuel shortage, he added, a number of power plants have seen their supplies disrupted, shrinking their capacity and leading to repeated power failures in some areas. These events could be things commonly known such as lightning or static electricity, but an other event possible could be electromagnetic fields.
The electrons mostly stick to the closest track to the nucleus because it requires less energy. This cage-like set up was designed to surround a person with a refreshing and rejuvenating field of static electricity.
This multi-purpose unit would have been mounted on a wall---here it is resting upside down on its flat top.
The medical guide, for use of the clergy, heads of families and practitioners in medicine and surgery (England, 1820). People have been aware of the shocks they received from electric fish and eels for a long time.
The protons are positively charged and electrons, which rotate around the nucleus, are negatively charged. If the track the most extended to the outside is clear enough of other electrons, the electrons can jump from one track to another and exit their previous atom to enter a new one.
It included a Ramsden generator, which connected to the cage with iron and copper contacts. This kit included various attachments for delivering electric current and ultraviolet light to---and into---the body.

Old Egyptian texts found named these fish as 'Thunderers of the Nile' and they were proclaimed as the 'protectors' of all fish. Later on, Ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic physicians wrote about these fish. They knew of the numbing effect of the shocks, and they knew the shocks could move with conducting objects. If the track isn't clear or if the atom holds on tightly to it's electrons, the electrons cannot move and no electricity is created. Another reason why some atoms conduct better than others is because of their Atomic Number. The theory was that the sudden shock would shake away the sickness. Thales of Miletos made a series of observations around the year 600 BC concerning static electricity. This number is written on the periodic table of the elements, and it basically tells you how many protons are in the nucleus of one atom from that element. He believed the static was because the objects he rubbed became magnetized because of friction.
The positively-charged protons attract negatively-charged electrons, making the passing from one atom to the other more tempting and once the electrons are moving, the attraction makes it easier for them to move. In the early 19th century, the work became more precise and extensive experiments and observations were made. In the late 19th century, electricity was discovered and it became a tool in science and modern life instead of a scientific curiosity.
People like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison showed up and electricity became a necessary force for the Second Industrial Revolution.

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