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CENERGY is an innovative bioscience holding company engaged in the development of targeted nutritional products specifically designed for advanced cellular absorption. Competition: The market for the sale of nutritional supplements is highly fragmented and competitive. Competitive Advantage: A Health supplement retailers rely on new products to generate customer excitement and drive sales.
With an extensive background in sports nutrition, exercise physiology and product development, Grenade® Founder and CEO – Alan Barratt, was approached three years ago by a Royal Marine, one of the UKs elite fighting units, who wanted to lose some body fat and increase his performance as he attempted selection for the infamous 22 Regiment – better known as the SAS.
After months of research and testing of various formulas we found a combination that met the specific criteria that had been demanded to attempt the rigorous SAS Selection process.
Grenade® – Thermo Detonator is now widely recognized as one of the worlds fastest growing weight loss brand, with sales in over 130 countries.
Grenade® Thermo Detonator is a fat-loss product that combines scientifically researched ingredients designed to target body fat and preserve maximum lean muscle.* Whether you're a professional athlete or an elite soldier, you don't want excess body fat slowing you down (or compromising your appearance) and you certainly don't want to lose muscle if you are training for an event, fighting for your country or just hanging out at the beach!
It's obvious, you want to keep all of your hard-earned muscle, improve your energy and performance and blast the excess fat! Green tea, despite its modest name, contains certain active polyphenols that have been scientifically-surmised to have significant physiological effects, including fat loss, performance improvement and moderation of damaging cellular oxidation (antioxidant effects).* Of particular interest is the catechin compound "epigallocatechin gallate", which has been extensively investigated in several scientific studies and is an important natural molecule in the war on fat!* The specific green tea material used in Grenade® Thermo Detonator has been manufactured to optimize levels of this compound. Phenethylamine is directly involved in the release of not only norepinephrine (which has already been discussed for its fat-burning effects) but also dopamine.* Higher dopamine levels are associated with improved mood and concentration.
Forskolin has a direct influence on adenylate cyclase, this enzyme activates a second messenger called cAMP, which promotes the breakdown of fat in fat cells.* This has been demonstrated in both humans and animals. Acheson KJ, Gremaud G, Meirim I, Montigon F, Krebs Y, Fay LB, Gay LJ, Schneiter P, Schindler C, Tappy L.
However, with T-Boost, testosterone levels can be boosted naturally and will help increase your productivity throughout the day, in and out of the bedroom.
With this natural supplement that’s available without a prescription, you can start to feel the difference in your life through the natural increase of testosterone within the body.
Tribulus Terrestris, Magnesium Oxide, D-Aspartic Acid, Capsule Shell (HPMC), Avena Sativa, Zinc Citrate, Fenugreek, Colour (Titanium Dioxide). Ultimate Whey Protein is a high quality, heavyweight protein blend that is perfect for building lean muscle, boosting strength, improving recovery and even assisting fat loss.

WBP T5 Black Heat is an inferno weight-management formula that combines the immense power of high quality herbal extracts to produce one of the hottest thermogenic fat-burners on the market. USPlabs OxyELITE Pro is pharmacist-formulated to deliver fast results for maximum fat loss, and to get you shredded like never before.
The Company develops, manufactures, markets, distributes, brands and private labels high quality health supplements, energy & fitness products and nutritionally enhanced bottled water products for the United States and International markets. Our products are often sold in programs, which are comprised of a series of related products designed to simplify weight management and nutrition for our consumers. We believe that competition is based principally upon product pricing, the quality and efficacy of said products, customer service, the brand name with targeted marketing support, and new product innovations. Other products he had used had failed to impress so what was needed here was an entirely new approach to raw material quality and selection as well as a specific combination of ingredients that would WORK.
It has unofficially become 'essential kit' for many soldiers, especially on deployment, and is well renowned for its effectiveness. The multi award winning Grenade® is suitable for men and women and is extensively used by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, military personnel and Special Forces worldwide. Most people who've been around the block know that to burn fat you have to deliver the correct signals to stimulate the hormone norepinephrine (among others), which is believed to be the body's most important hormone in support of fat oxidation (using fat for energy). Intragastric administration of evodiamine suppresses NPY and AgRP gene expression in the hypothalamus and decreases food intake in rats.
Capsaicin-like anti-obese activities of evodiamine from fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa, a vanilloid receptor agonist.
L-phenylalanine releases cholecystokinin (CCK) and is associated with reduced food intake in humans: evidence for a physiological role of CCK in control of eating.
Our T-Boost contains brute-force extracts designed to help you exert optimal strength, power and endurance when training and on day to day activities.
Using natural ingredients like tribulus terrestris, avena sativa and fenugreek; you can reap the benefits of regained testosterone, such as building leaner muscle and an enhanced sex drive. You’ll never have to worry about not satisfying your partner or not being competitive at the gym any longer. A Men, women and children and weight-management individuals looking to enhance their overall well-being will benefit from our nutritional supplements and products.

B2-antagonist compounds and lipid mobilization: evidence for a lipid mobilizing effect of oral yohimbine in healthy male volunteers. Energy is increased to make it easier for you to continue working throughout the day, your memory will be improved, and you can provide protection for your heart.
Make it easy on yourself to increase your energy levels and improve your life with this highly effective supplement. Proven ingredients at therapeutic doses for appetite eradication, jolting energy production, and metabolic amplifiers to crank up your calorie burning furnace. Our manufacturers are required to implement processes and procedures that comply with the requirements listed in the applicable GMP guidelines before a product can be released. Effects of octopamine on lipolysis, glucose transport and amine oxidation in mammalian fat cells. Henderson S, Magu B, Rasmussen C, Lancaster S, Kerksick C, Smith P, Melton C, Cowan P, Greenwood M, Earnest C, Almada A, Milnor P, Magrans T, Bowden R, Ounpraseuth S, Thomas A, Kreider RB.
Our sales associates within our distribution channels will be well A educatedA  to recommend the best of health and nutritional supplements.
Effects of coleus forskohlii supplementation on body composition and hematological profiles in mildly overweight women. Controls and checks are carried out at all stages of the production process by a highly experienced Quality Assurance Team who cover all aspects of the Quality Assurance Procedures. Selective activation of ?3 adrenoceptors by octopamine: comparative studies in mammalian fat cells. We only use the highest quality ingredients and are dedicated to using scientifically supported research as the backbone of our product development and design.

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