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All the 400 schools (to be contacted this year) will be motivated to participate in this program. All the interested schools will need to enroll themselves into the program via the TPCE website. The total energy consumption of last year would act as a benchmark for the enrolled schools. The Energy Council would need to monitor the school bill & conduct Energy Audits for the schools every month.
Conduct every month awareness sessions to reinforce & inculcate the habit of energy saving. Conduct special sensitization camps in & around the school vicinity during festivals (Ganapati, Navratri, Diwali, etc) to curb unnecessary energy wastages.
Each School would need to submit a model project on Energy Conservation, which would be showcased thru a special Energy Conservation fair for schools in the city.
The school Energy Council can create any number of initiatives to reduce consumption or increase energy efficiency OR create innovations for the same. Innovative means used to reduce consumption or increase energy efficiency in schools via process, etc. Read expert tips about new, innovative and tried-and-true ways to tame your heating bills—without sacrificing comfort. The Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) is the implementing agency under the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources responsible for Energy development, Independent Power Projects and Public Lighting in Lagos State..

LASG will establish the 'Lagos Energy Academy' in 2014 which will provide comprehensive technical training for young people in the power, public lighting and energy development. Calculate your household energy consumption by using the Lagos State Energy and Emissions Calculator. By clicking this button, you consent for Vivint to use automated technology to contact you at the number provided (including mobile devices) concerning Vivint offers.
Every week (and often several times a week) my husband and I exchange playful banter about our house temperature. Also, consider installing blinds or curtains that will block the sun in the summer and add extra barriers against cold winter winds. This may sound obvious, but consider opening windows to cool down your home on warm summer nights.
As it turns out, Vivint happens to have several great tools to help you save energy and money on a monthly basis. Studies show that by making simple changes in how energy is used, occupants of school buildings can help reduce the environmental impact or “footprint” of their school. Apart from this a PR campaign & on-line campaign would be initiated nationally inviting schools to be a part of the energy conservation movement – Jiyo Power Se – National Energy Savvy School. He happens to prefer our house to sustain artic temperatures (seriously I have to chisel butter for my toast every morning).
Energy-efficient windows, which are so deemed by their energy performance rating, will help keep hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter.

Vivint’s smart thermostat is the perfect way to schedule climate control in your home and you can control it remotely (meaning you can change the temperature from work even if your spouse turns it way down at home).
I, on the other hand, prefer our home warm enough that I don’t have to wear 4 layers in May. Another great tool is their lighting and small appliance control, which is perfect for light freaks like me.
If you left the closet light on at home or the coffee pot is still brewing your appliance control notifies you! Our debate over house temperatures can’t be the only energy debate happening in marriages around the world. Then when winter comes around they lose their leaves and the sun can peek through to help warm up your home in the winter.
Finally, door and window sensors are a fantastic way to inform you that a window or door is open and letting the cool air (or your toddler) escape! You know who I am talking to, spouse who follows everyone around turning off the lights (I am raising my hand). So this week I did a little research on a few ways to conserve energy and I am going to start by opening a window, literally.

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