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Over the past three decades, the share of residential electricity used by appliances and electronics in U.S. Initial federal mandatory efficiency standards were enacted between 1988 and 1994 for all major appliances, but energy consumption by household appliances nearly doubled between 1978 and 2005. While most home appliances have become more efficient over the past 30 years, the average U.S.
DVD players and Digital Video Recorders (DVR), which did not exist 15 years ago, are now widespread.
Conrad Eustis led of the class by presenting what he calls “Grid 101”, beginning with the basics of how electricity works.
Thus the power that an electrical charge exerts (expressed in watts) is a combination of the voltage and the rate of flow (amps).
By definition a 100-watt appliance uses 100 watts in an hour, or 100 Wh, or 0.1kWh (zero point one kilowatt hours). The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy simply exists; it can neither be created nor destroyed. Such a digression into the Law of Entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics) is probably more relevant to a broader discussion of sustainability, but for now we are primarily concerned with the transformation of energy into power and the delivery of that power across the country to the end-users. As Conrad stated before, to produce power we must transform energy into a form that can be harnessed. Operating in 52 Oregon cities, Portland General Electric Company serves approximately 816,000 customers, including nearly 100,000 commercial customers. PGE began back in 1889, when a generator at Willamette Falls in Oregon City produced power to light 55 street lamps 14 miles away in Portland — the first long-distance transmission line in the nation.
The balance of Conrad’s presentation was a detailed explanation of the generation, transmission and distribution system that makes up today’s “dumb” grid. PGE is a vertically integrated utility owning both the generation, the transmission and distribution facilities. A giant ring of bulk substations surrounds Portland and Vancouver so that power delivery is redundantly supplied – power can circle to the customer in either direction. The book value (what was originally paid for it) of all this hardware is between $3 – 4 billion, but after depreciation it’s only about $1 billion. What followed was a pictorial guide to the transmission and distribution system featuring enough poles and wires to satisfy any linesman’s nightmares.
After a break the class reviewed the mechanics of Small Group Learning, and the formation of said small groups.
Jeff began his “History of Energy Policy and its Implications for the Smart Grid”, but was soon cut-off by the end of class. DonateSetting up and maintaining the information behind this site is a huge undertaking, and any contribution that you can make to cover expenses would be most gratefully accepted.
Our homes today are loaded with more electronic media and electric appliances than ever before. A large portion of any electricity bill is usually attributable to central heating and air conditioning; I try to temper those costs by simply adjusting my programmable thermostat higher in the summer (78 degrees F) and lower (68 degrees F) in the winter. To help you answer that question, I’ve put together a couple of simple spreadsheets that approximate hourly and monthly energy consumption of some common household appliances and electronics, as shown in the top and bottom figures, respectively. Keep in mind the energy figures are only gross approximations and, as a result, your experience may be different.
If you like to drink coffee all day long, your coffee maker could be costing you more in energy costs than your refrigerator! You may be happy to know that cutting back on your television and computer use will provide only minimal energy savings. If you would like the actual Excel spreadsheet I created to make your own energy cost estimates, send me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to send it to you. For more information on how to calculate energy consumption and tips on how to save energy, you can also check out this website sponsored by The United States Department of Energy. Your TV may not use a lot of electricity, but if it has a remote (what one does not) then it has phantom loads which can add up.
I have to create an annual energy consumption for a domestic premises for my homework i would b grateful if you could send me your excel appliances spreadsheet. I’ve been thinking about buying an energy meter to see how much appliances use when in use and in standby mode, but this list is a helpful guide.
And Kill-a-watt device is fairly cheap and can help you sniff out those devices that draw power when they’re not even on.

Thank you for sharing this, we really need to save energy these days not just to save money but also to help our environment suffering from Global warming. This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and the content herein should not be mistaken for professional financial advice. The red Philips vacuum cleaner looks like something more suited on a spaceship with its tilted mouthpiece. In the left corner is a blue and white energy efficient Iron for smoothing out all those wrinkles in your clothes.
Washing one can do with this fancy washing machine from Samsung portrayed to the left of the picture.
Other than that there also is a toaster for all of your breakfast needs, if one doesn’t have time for toasting there is always a possibility to use the microwave oven.
Power consumption of 101+ typical household appliances : How much energy do you use every day? How to find the Best solar panel angle or tilt angle : What tilt angle should I install my solar panels in? How to clean solar panels the right way- Your Guide to solar panel cleaning : So your photovoltaic system is dirty and you are asking yourself how to clean solar panels without damaging them or getting yourself electrocuted.
Types of solar panels- which one to chose : There are lots of different types of solar panels out there and to the unexperienced ones it may appear as a solar jungle.
Solar panel direction explained – What side of the roof should I put my solar panels on? Solar Panels Cost : If solar power is so inexhaustible and readily-available, why aren't more people using it to power their homes?
6 disadvantages of solar energy : Everyone is rambling on about all the great assets of solar power, but what about disadvantages of solar energy? Never lose anything again with the worlds smallest solar powered portable GPS tracker : Hey! Looking for something?Use the form below to search the site:Still not finding what you're looking for? But to get the most out of it, smart appliances that can talk to the grid and "smartly" adjust their operation to reduce their power demand when electricity is expensive are required.
Conrad Eustis provided a primer on electricity and the basic infrastructure of a “dumb” electric grid.
Starting at the most basic level, he explained that electricity is the flow of electrons along a conductor such as a wire. However, as we know most voltages are fixed (for example 120 or 240 for households) thus watts are proportional to the current flow (amps). Kilowatts per hour, “kWh”, is the comprehensive unit of measurement for energy consumption since it combines amps, voltage and time. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that energy can be transformed from one from to another. For people in the electric industry power is also an attribute of the electrical delivery system or power conversion unit.
When energy is transformed some of it leaves the system, often in the form of ambient heat. We can use kinetic energy, chemical energy, nuclear, potential, solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy, but for the purpose of supplying the grid we will need to produce a steady stream of electrical power.
PGE has a diverse mix of generating resources that includes hydropower, coal and gas combustion, wind and solar, as well as key transmission resources. It is not self sufficient in power and depends upon long-term contracts and purchases on the spot market to fill in the additional demand. This ring consists of 10 Bulk Power Substations that create 115 KV Transmission Feeds to about 90 Distribution Substations. But requires that the power be “stepped down” as it is distributed to customers and households. At PGE these feeder lines typically carry 7,200 volts in order to reduce line loss, and each feeder has a breaker.
Simply pick an appliance and then look at the column that best represents your approximate electricity costs. You should also be aware that these cost approximations do not consider phantom power that many appliances draw when they are switched off. If your coffee maker is on for 8 hours per day then it is, as can be seen in the second figure.
To start with you can simply schedule your ac to only run when your home, having it cut off a few minutes after you leave and about 30 mins before you get home. If they are running in uninhabited rooms they are using energy and actually contributing heat to the room in the form of waste heat from the motor. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for the decisions you make in life, so please contact an independent financial professional for advice regarding your particular situation. The picture comes from an article written to help you find out how much electricity all of your household appliances consume. But we guess that even though it looks kind of weird it will be great to clean corners with.
Sleek gray steel finish and chromed doors it will surely get your clothes clean and it will do so in style.
To have the coffee at your home taste as good as the coffee you buy at the corner shop or cafe, but for the fraction of the price an espresso machine is a must have. But if you look at the energy consumed by that appliance you will notice that the larger the TV the larger the energy usage. The easiest answer to this question you will find at the bottom of your electrical bill or by contacting your power company. A question many of us asks when the decision to finally install a solar system in our home is finally made.

This is why it's good news that Whirlpool is announcing that it will produce 1 million "smart" clothes dryer in 2011. Over 45 percent of homes have at least one television with a screen size of 37 inches or larger. A flat pipe has no ability to exert power, whereas a pipe held at a 45° has some pressure, and a vertical pipe has the greatest pressure. Another way to say this is that Energy flows from an organized state to a disorganized state, from high availability to low availability. The generation plants are typically rated by the amount of energy that they can produce in a single day.
PGE typically has higher household usage rates because of the demand for heating and cooling – so they are both winter and summer “peaking”.
All of this equipment must be mapped out and tracked to ensure timely maintenance and effective system repair. You know, most people are seeking about because of this information and facts, you could possibly aid all of them greatly.
For the most part, these phantom loads only increase the appliance’s energy consumption by a few watt-hours, but extremely frugal folks can still squeeze additional savings from their electricity bill by unplugging these appliances or using a power strip to cut power to them when they are not in use. However, they are also saving me money by helping to reduce the amount of time my central air is running. This website accepts cash advertising, sponsorship, and other forms of compensation that may occasionally influence advertising content or topics of discussion. An icemaker is especially great when using the fridge in wormer climates since it saves power when the whole freezer door don’t have to be opened every time one wants to have a cold icy drink.
Even if you don’t have an alien vacuum at home your more subtle variant still draws electricity and it is a good thing to know how much don’t you agree? I only buy soft jersey clothing that always stays wrinkle free as long as you fold it or hang it after washing. Even thoug they have a high wattage stated on them, don’t forget that u only keep them on for a couple of minutes to make that cup of espresso. I personally always wait for the day when you can call your keys to make them play a jolly tune. If one million dryers went into power saving mode during peak time, that would reduce demand by the equivalent of about 6 coal power plants!The Wall Street Journal writes:Smart appliances can be controlled remotely by a power company to go into energy-saving mode or shut off during times when there is high demand for electricity. Screen size and average energy consumption per television have continued to grow over time. Some time was spent on class communications logistics, the course textbook (Smart Power by Peter Fox-Penner), and the small group learning exercise. But as we all know homes are equipped with sockets that provide both 120 and 240 volts of power. The voltage refers to the “pressure” driving the electrons and their commensurate ability to do work. Applying too much energy reduces efficiency and increases the amount of energy lost through heat diffusion. PGE owns most of its own transmission and distribution equipment except where it uses BPA substations and lines. But while the added electrical loads continue to provide easier and more pleasant lives for us, it also brings higher and higher electricity bills. Consumers could override the feature but likely will pay more for power during these periods.Over time, wide use of smart appliances could save consumers money and cut the number of power plants needed to satisfy electricity demand, reducing power-industry pollution. This blog will not concern itself with logistics or the small group learning exercise, but will focus instead on the substantive lectures focused on the Smart Grid, and partially on the readings for that week.
That means that it uses up about from 1200W – 1500W every time you wash a load of clothes. An “anti-entropic” system benefits from external energy sources that replenish and increase the amount of available energy.
To be certain of exactly how much your washing machine uses check the label next to the electrical cord.
Thus Earth benefits from 174 billion MW of solar energy that radiates into our system every day. Of particular interest was the slide that Conrad presented that showed the costs of new power plants. If you don’t like to crawl down on all four behind your washer maybe you can look it up in our great list of power consumption for domestic appliances.
If all your appliances were "smart", this would certainly save more energy, and thus money.
Most systems and living organisms progress from an anti-entropic state, to a state of equilibrium, and finally to an entropic state until all energy has escaped and the system ceases to exist.
Note the rising cost of the pulverized coal (PC) and the integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plants, as the cost of carbon emissions rises. The carbon cost of the natural gas combine cycle (NGCC) turbines also rises, but because their carbon footprint is less the increase is not as dramatic. Multiply that by one million dryers and the difference is equivalent, at a moment in time, to the output of half-a-dozen big coal-fired power plants.But money directly saved on power bills isn't the only benefit. Some of those costs are often passed on to people through higher electricity rates or taxes.Smart appliances can also help us take advantage of intermittent sources of renewable energy such as wind.

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