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The phrase “open architecture” probably elicits a beautiful picture of a roofless garden or a spacious home with many windows, few walls, and as little a barrier as possible between human and nature. In this way, open architecture proponents see it as a way to highlight home energy consumption and hopefully decrease it, making it more efficient, in the future.
In computer science, some researchers have proposed using open architecture to make homeowners aware of their energy consumption, causing them to do better from knowing better.
Another proposal, this time focusing on energy consumption in businesses, designed, “an open architecture for a system with the potential to encourage sustainable energy usage within residential environments.
In both scenarios, allowing users to easily access their energy consumption via open architecture-created data visualizations will spur homeowners to track what they’re consuming and calculating the costs of keeping up their habits as is or the potential savings from changing them. Within this curriculum, learning about databases, health informatics, and public policy, students can apply this knowledge to understanding and tracking the implications of mass energy consumption in an era where sustained renewable energy is becoming a real possibility and energy costs are constantly rising.
To meet demand for oil, industry has pushed the limits of technology to reach new oil reserves. The ancient Maya of Central America and Southern Mexico are famous for perfecting a calendar to which many attribute predictions that the world will end on December 21, 2012.
Lowenstein studies water droplets that have been sealed inside salt crystals for thousands to millions of years.

Deep in cracks of hot undersea volcanoes, microbes inhale hydrogen and carbon dioxide and exhale methane.
Undersea vehicle Alvin extends its mechanical arm to a high-temperature black smoker in the ocean depths. Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich is famous for his 1968 book The Population Bomb. Our mix of energy choices today is in a state of transition, from a system based on cheap oil and coal to a broader energy spectrum. Scott Tinker is the Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, Austin.
But in reality, “open architecture” has to do with the unsexy steel of computers, the motherboards and software that gets run. The way that one team of researchers is proposing this is by having open architecture to create an interface that highlights the household’s energy consumption. It enables the collection and storage of energy consumption data from individual electrical appliances. With online degree programs, such as an Online Master of Science in Health Informatics from The University of Scranton, students can receive a comprehensive education to prepare them for the fields of information technology, business, and healthcare.

Knowing how the data works as well as its implications makes open architecture not just an interesting strategy, but one that could prove to be extraordinarily cost-effective.
In the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico, some estimates say there is enough oil to power the United States for 10 years or more. EarthSky spoke with Professor David Stuart, an archaeologist and expert on the ancient Maya at the University of Texas at Austin. His team is the first to try to paint a complete picture of what’s living in these drops of water. Open architecture is akin to open-source code in that anybody can access, upgrade, and design products and add-ons for the code in question. In this architecture, even the homeowners themselves can tweak what they see and how they see it, allowing them for their most change-worthy habits to be in their faces whenever they need to detract overusing energy.

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