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Chapter 2: Current Trends in Energy UsageSummaryThere are conflicting trends in household energy use. Table 3: Savings of energy and CO2-emissions in the households in 2010 in the scenarios A, B and C (EU15, space heating only) Revision1 of national thermal insulation regulation planned for Scenario A (status quo) mio.
An ageing population, increasing numbers of households, increased single-person living, and growing demand for electrical appliances result in increases in demand, while improvements in housing stock reduce it.Overall electricity consumption in Scotland is relatively static, reflecting recent improvements in energy efficiency. The evidence reported illustrates the clear need for a well-developed energy efficiency action plan to help reduce overall consumption. Data from a number of sources has been used; the reliance on disaggregation of UK data for Scotland is discussed under monitoring and evaluation in Chapter 4.
In 2008, there were 1,016,931 people of pensionable age in Scotland (accounting for 19.7% of the population).
If significant numbers of retirees relocate from cities and towns to more rural areas, this will have also implications for distribution of electricity in Scotland. 24an increasing number of households in Scotland, meaning that the need for energy efficiency will become increasingly important in the domestic sector in particular - since 1991 there has been an increase of over 14% in the number of households (see Figure 2.1). An increase in home working may also mean that more people choose to live further from the office, again requiring more travel. They may seek larger homes to accommodate office space, leading to increased domestic consumption.
However, some offices may be able to reduce their office space and save on energy increased demand for energy from emerging economies, especially China.
This rising global demand, with these economies accounting for an increasing proportion of global oil and energy demand, could mean fluctuating and increasing prices for energy, affecting the security of supply in Scotland for fuels that must be imported.

This can lead to an increased demand on resources, including energy, and rising or fluctuating prices when supply does not match.
26an increased awareness of the interconnectedness between the environment and human activity and industry, with natural events beginning to have increasing consequences for businesses and the economy (e.g.
This may lead to a growing role for environmental or ecological economics, and a stronger shift towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Recent meetings of the G8 Leaders reaffirmed the critical role that improved energy efficiency can play in addressing energy security, environmental and economic objectives.
This is normally the unit used when referring to energy use in businesses and energy produced by power stations.
Being a small unit, it is usually used as a multiple, such as kilowatts or megawatts:1 kilowatt-hour ( kWh) = 1,000 Wh1 megawatt-hour ( MWh) = 1,000,000 Wh1 gigawatt-hour ( GWh) = 1,000,000,000 Wh1 terawatt-hour ( TWh) = 1,000,000,000,000 WhFor example, the capacity of a power station to produce energy is measured in megawatts.
The proportional shares differ to some extent from those in the Scottish Energy Study, which estimated the shares for 2005 to be domestic 33%, transport 30%, industry 21% and services 15%.
30 This is due to the methodology behind the DECC regional allocations and because the Scottish Energy Study is based on 2002 data.
On average, between 2000 and 2007 Scotland exported around 17% of the electricity it generated to the rest of the UK.
This trend does not mirror the increase in electricity consumption that we might have expected as a result of the broad demographic and lifestyle trends outlined at the beginning of this chapter. 32 This provides an indicative view of the overall trends in appliance use in the United Kingdom. However it is important to note that there are key differences between the Scottish population demographic and the rest of the UK. This can be attributed to a number of factors, such as increased ownership of domestic electrical appliances and behavioural tendencies to leave some electric products on standby.

The increase in lighting energy consumption has been mainly due to the shift away from rooms lit by single ceiling bulbs towards multi-source lighting from wall and table lamps, as well as multi-ceiling lights.
The focus in this consultation is on reducing the demand for travel, shifting to less energy-demanding modes of transport and reducing the energy consumed by different modes. Combined consumption of these fuel sources has declined by 50% in the UK industrial sector. The data below shows that Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions have been falling in recent years with the exception of 2006.
However, the trends provide an incomplete picture in terms of more detailed trends and actions taken in Scotland. For example, factors such as the closure of Ravenscraig Steelworks and improvements in energy efficiency are masked by rising emissions from road transport and increased power generation activities.
Whilst energy efficiency in Scotland is improving, this is clearly being outstripped by our consumption in key sectors, as well as across the world. Energy efficiency has an impact upon many areas beyond simple energy supply and consumption, and there are significant opportunities, at low cost, to improve the efficiency of our energy use across business and society. Action is needed now to facilitate the changes required to improve energy efficiency, and we need to ensure that these measures are treated with the appropriate urgency.

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