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With prices on the rise again, it’s important to be conscious of your energy use for both personal use in the home and services for both large corporations and municipalities.
Try to find a provider of comprehensive power distribution solutions with a portfolio of medium and low voltage power distribution projects. While having cleaning crews come after hours is the least disruptive option to employees, having crews work during regular business hours can be a better option. Educate building occupants about the benefits of energy efficiency and promote their conservation of it.
The rate of price increases for electricity and gas is expected to moderate in most states and territories over the next few years after a period of significant rises. Electricity and gas prices for manufacturing businesses and households have increased sharply in recent years and indications are that prices will continue to increase. Responsibility for regulating the electricity and gas supply industries is shared between the Australian and state and territory governments.
Real electricity price increases for manufacturing businesses over the same period have been of a similar magnitude (60%). The increase in real prices after June 2012 of around 14% for household electricity and 13% for household gas is associated with the implementation of a carbon price from July 2013. The pattern of price increases over the 10 years to June 2013 has differed across states and territories. Energy bills can also include components for Australian and state and territory government-based environmental programs such as those aimed at increasing renewable electricity generation. Retailers compete for customers on price and other services in all jurisdictions except Tasmania. In recent years, much of the increase in prices has been attributed to the need to invest in the network component because of previous underinvestment in maintaining the network or to increase capacity. In the case of electricity, the rate of price increase is expected to moderate in the next few years. Smaller electricity price increases are largely the result of recent changes to the regulation of transmission and distribution networks and competition in electricity wholesale markets due to low demand growth. In the case of gas, prices for households and businesses are expected to increase significantly in eastern Australia, as the development of new gas export terminals leads to a tightening of supply. Australian Government intervention to directly affect retail price outcomes is largely confined to the impact of the carbon price as well as other renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.
Australian Government action can also be directed at gaining intergovernmental cooperation to change regulatory outcomes and influence government-owned energy suppliers.
Australian Energy Regulator, State of the energy market 2012, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Canberra, 2012. Productivity Commission (PC), Electricity networks regulatory frameworks, Inquiry report no.
With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and to the extent that copyright subsists in a third party, this publication, its logo and front page design are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence. The UK’s economic output has just shown the most significant growth for three years, according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). John Longworth, Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce, as also spoken out about the figures. This entry was posted in Business, UK Economy and tagged economic output, economic recovery, GDP, Growth, UK economy.
The Eskom Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme will actually pay you to invest in solar water heating systems and heat pumps.  This programme has been initiated by the government and is designed to reduce our demand for electricity and help the environment since most of our electricity comes from burning coal. Electricty costs are steadily rising every year and with the rebate reducing your cost, the pay back period for solar hot water systems and heat pumps has dropped significantly.  There has never been a better time to convert to solar.
As we are accredited by Eskom on the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme, we are able to manage the paperwork required to process your claim and will deal directly with Eskom on your behalf. With so many announcements from energy providers that gas and electricity prices are set to increase, keeping on top of household bills has never been more important.
Also, remember that it’s not just the large items like plasma screens and computers that are energy-wasting culprits. Energy bills have climbed higher and higher in recent years, but there is still competition from suppliers to offer the cheapest deals.

There are a number of price comparison websites that could help you find the best energy deal online. Making your home as energy-efficient as possible is one significant way of cutting your household bills. On top of things like this, making small, simple changes, such as fitting energy-efficient light bulbs, and getting into good habits, such as switching lights off when not in use, could all add up to make a big difference to the size of your energy bills every month. Get Edwin’s Money NewsletterSubscribe to Edwin's exclusive MONEY newsletter and join the 419 other people getting MONEY advice in their inbox weekly.
Subscribe my MONEY newsletter and get exclusive money tips from my blog network every week! Are really worried about what climate change will mean for your children and grandchildren? But if you thought that the energy price rises you’re seeing now are bad, you won’t want to see what’s coming up! In the northern hemisphere, it’s the spring equinox.  Days will become longer than nights and temperatures will really start warming up.
Where I live, now is the best time of the year weatherwise because daytime temperatures are generally pretty pleasant. These are the ideal conditions for making the little changes to your home that will dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency…and make a HUGE difference to your energy bills. And the upcoming Easter break gives us an extra few days to get a few things done around the home – as well as relax. This entry was posted in Home and tagged cost, electricity, energy, energy efficiency, home, money by Gill. Highly efficient grid networks will provide the foundation for energy efficient infrastructures, buildings and industrial applications. He will assess how the building consumes and wastes power, helping to find areas where efficiencies can be made such as electricity consumption, building heat loss and inefficient systems. This reduces the time heating, cooling and lights are in use at night when just a few people are using it.
This will use less power and create less heat to strain your heating ventilation air-conditioning systems (HVAC). Ask people to turn off lights in unused rooms just like they would at home, to not let water run unnecessarily in bathroom or kitchen sinks, to keep refrigerators open just long enough to remove contents. It’s acceptable for a space to be a little hot or a little cold when not in use and there aren’t comfort concerns to be mindful of.
The underlying cause of these increases is different for electricity and gas and the contribution of each factor is also different for each state and territory.
For gas, prices for manufacturing businesses have risen to a lesser extent (29%) (Figure 1). In real terms, the rate of increase for electricity has been 30% in Perth, 41% in Adelaide, 73% in Brisbane and 107% in Sydney.
The share of each component can vary significantly across jurisdictions and for different types of customers. All states and territories except Victoria and South Australia regulate electricity or gas retail prices in some way. Overall, household electricity prices are expected to increase at an average of 3% over the next year, with outcomes varying across jurisdictions from a high of 16% in the Northern Territory to a 1% fall in prices in South Australia.
These may be offset in some jurisdictions by removing state and territory government interventions that have kept electricity prices lower. Changes to energy prices from amending these measures (which would require legislative action) should flow through, to some extent, to end users.
One current policy debate is about the merits of a gas reservation policy to address price issues that are associated with LNG exports on the east coast. However, it remains to be seen whether they will be effective in containing price increases in the medium term. This shows a growth rate which exceeds expectations, and is leading many to take an optimistic stance on the UK’s economic recovery. This sector rose 2.5%, which marked the second quarter in a row in which the industry showed growth.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has also been vocal about the meaning of these statistics. Like other commenters, he has expressed optimism, but also stresses that this does not mean that recovery from the recession is complete.
The future increases in energy costs is likely to put an increasing strain on many household budgets. Charging your mobile phone all night long can be particularly wasteful, so think about what other items you could turn off overnight to help lower your bills. Though it may involve a few up-front costs, energy-proofing your home can be a great cost-cutting investment – and could save you money in the long term. Investing in a water-saving shower head could also reduce the amount of wasted water, and fitting loft and cavity wall insulation (if suitable) could be an affordable and effective way of saving energy. Since starting this blog in 2010 I've posted hundreds of simple ways to save money and I've got hundreds more up my sleeve. Making these spaces more efficient can save the taxpayer dollars, while improving private businesses helps the bottom line. This will help keep costs down and allow for spaces to be more ‘green’ which is not only the trend these days but is also the right thing to do for the planet. A professional will know all the problem areas to look for and will know where to point you to find good solutions. Reset thermostats if necessary to allow for these temperature changes based on hours of occupancy. Intergovernmental agreements and action by state and territory governments are the most important policy levers to curb future price increases. Its key role is in coordinating and incentivising action by state and territory governments.
For those cities connected to natural gas networks, household gas price increases over the 10 years to June 2013 have ranged from 40% in Sydney to 78% in Perth. However the cost of transporting energy and wholesale costs typically accounts for around three-quarters of the final energy bill.
Retail prices incorporate the costs of maintaining and upgrading supply networks, which are largely set by a single Commonwealth regulator under nationally agreed rules. He points out that a number of other economies such as Germany and the US have made more progress in their recoveries to date, and that compared to these countries Britain is still behind. While some of the things you can do to reduce your energy usage may cost money at the outset, over the long term, they will save money and are good for the environment. Also make sure equipment is high efficiency and replace old boilers, water handlers and air distributors. Sadly, many other areas are a long way from their pre-crisis levels, but this has nonetheless been received as a good sign by many.
We have not also certainly not recovered the level of economic strength we had before the recession in most areas. However, there are a few simple changes you could make that could have a big impact on the size of your monthly utility bills. Much more so than the old, outdated, wasteful systems still found in some properties today. An example would be using more energy efficient equipment, such as Energy Star rated systems to replace outdated ones.
Just because something works, doesn’t mean that it works well and may be costing you more than you think. While major electricity and gas wholesale markets are connected across some state and territory boundaries, state and local factors can be an important determinant of wholesale price outcomes. By implementing just a few of these tips, you will be able to keep your costs low when energy bills rise again.

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