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The advent of the Internet of Things and big data analytics enhances the ability to more tightly control energy use by computing devices in the facility.
The numbers do, however, raise a vital point of which all facilities managers should be aware: Computers consume prodigious amounts of energy.
ChannelPro, a site based in the United Kingdom, yesterday posted a long story that compares three Intel microprocessors, which are codenamed Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake. Of course, corporate computer buying decisions will be made for reasons other than energy efficiency and the style of drives used by the device.
The benefits of increasingly efficient designs may be stretched out a bit because economic conditions are causing many businesses to stretch the recycle period a year or two beyond where they were before the economic difficulties of the past decade. Perhaps the greatest impact that insight into computer use can have is if facility managers are empowered to influence corporate policies. Energy Manager Today is a leading energy management news and industry analysis resource, featuring daily trade publication news to keep corporate executives fully informed.
Energy management news, policy and industry analysis by Business Sector Media, LLC - Copyright ©2016, all rights reserved. TweetEnergy efficiency has become the new yardstick for measuring computing progress, according to a new scientific paper. This article, published by Kate Greene in Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) September issue of Technology Review, claims that the energy computing devices get through in processing data is becoming more and more important in the 21st century. Up until the present, what is known as Moore’s law has been the basis for quantifying the progress of computer microchips. This conclusion, dubbed “Koomey’s law” after the paper’s lead author, is proven by 60 years of data, as was Moore’s law. This continuing improvement, says Koomey, should facilitate the development of more and more mobile computing and sensing applications in the future. The research was carried out in collaboration with Intel and software firm Microsoft, and co-authored by Microsoft’s Stephen Berard, Carnegie Mellon University’s Marla Sanchez and Intel’s Henry Wong.
In Energy 3.0, Rudy Provoost, CEO of Rexel, offers a reading of the energy world of tomorrow, between digital convergence, decentralization of the production and the energy transition. The California Energy Commission will host a public workshop on April 26 to seek input about a revised draft staff report and draft proposed energy efficiency regulations for computers, computer monitors and signage displays.The draft standards were initially released one year ago. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time.
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In most cases, this involves HVAC and other elements relating directly to the operation of the building. This new potential can more fully be exploited if the facilities manager has a more prominent management role. Energy Information Administration (EIA) suggest that the density of these devices is shifting over the long term. Analysis of that raw data was released this week, according to Danni Mayclin, a survey statistician for the EIA, which is part of the U.S. The EIA was just counting boxes: It didn’t account for smartphones, laptops or other mobile devices. The bottom line is that energy consumption is one of many issues that distinguish the chipsets. Likewise, gaming computers aren’t common in offices (though similarly high-powered machines may be used in some demanding use cases).
For instance, computers can be programmed to turn off the monitor if the machine sits idle for a certain period of time.
If it is given to them, myriad small adjustments and tweaks will up saving organizations a great deal of money.
TÜV Rheinland's one stop Energy Efficiency Testing services help manufacturers meet the demand for low energy consumption products and comply with the entry regulations in the key market.
According to the law (which is named after its author, the co-founder of multinational chip manufacturer Intel Gordon Moore), computer processing power doubles every 18 months. To put this theory into context, if a MacBook Air were as inefficient as a computer from 1991, its battery life would be two-and-a-half seconds.
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But the specific activities going on within the building are vital as well — and the potential source of great gains in efficiency.
While how this plays out in single tenant and multi-tenant scenarios differs, the bottom line is the same: Riding herd over computing devices can lead to great efficiency gains.
This week, the EIA, working with data collected during the most recent Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), said that the number of computers in educational buildings in the United States is growing significantly. So, it is complete as a measure of the amount of computing going on in commercial buildings or schools.

Likewise, in September, a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that gaming computers typically use 1,400 kWh annually, which is 10 times more than a gaming console and six times more than a standard PC. The bottom line, though, is the general recognition that what is inside a computer has a tremendous impact on energy consumption. Reducing this time by even a few seconds – multiplied by the number of times this happens daily and the number of computers in the facility — will save considerable energy over the course of a year. Product which energy efficiency is lower than the minimum energy efficiency level will be banned to be imported and produced on Jan 01, 2015.
For further assistance or detailed information, please contact our Electrical Greater China (Power supply and green environment).
Furthermore, Jonathan Koomey, a consulting professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University and lead author of the study, claims that this law has more relevance to the modern age than Moore’s law. The ENIAC was used to work out US Army firing tables and could perform several hundred calculations. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
Education buildings, the release says, have almost twice as many computers per million square feet as commercial buildings. Finally, switching from hard drives to stationary solid state drives (HDD to SDD) eliminates the need for motors to spin the disk and fans to cool that motor.
Likewise, automatically shutting down machines when the employee to whom it is assigned leaves for the day is a money saver. This huge machine was 1,800 square feet in size and munched through a staggering 150 kilowatts of power – hardly a model of electrical efficiency by today’s standards. Koomey says that many of the elements that have increased computing power – such as reducing component size and the communication time between them – have simultaneously increased energy efficiency.
The only commercial building category that educational buildings trail is office buildings. A graphic shows that in education, the number of PCs per million square feet rose from 1,377 in 1999 to 2,020 in 2003 and 2,353 in 2012.
The number in office buildings per million square feet was barely ahead three years ago, when it stood at 2,500.

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