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It’s more important than ever to keep in mind being green and eco-friendly with energy saving ideas!
Once you’ve got an energy saving appliance, optimize your energy saving and do what you can to upkeep and lessen your carbon imprint.
Founded in 1994, Los Angeles based NorthStar Moving provides award winning local, long distance and international moving services and full service storage. Energy saving appliances help preserve the environment, can save you cash, and are a great addition to any home. Be sure you have room to pass by it and that the door or lid of the energy saving appliance can open and close properly in the space.

If you plan on using your energy saving appliance more, it might be better to get a more expensive model or one with a higher rate of energy saving.
This tag shows you the projected annual energy use of the energy saving appliance.Basically it shows you how much energy saving you’ll be doing each year! Keep things green and eco-friendly by making sure your energy saving appliance is running at full energy saving capacity!
The same amount of water is used no matter how many dishes are in a load, so use as many full loads as possible.
The machines are energy and water efficient, and feature smart design and user-friendly cleaning.

Whether it’s after moving or time for an upgrade, choosing an energy efficient appliance is a great idea!

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