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ARM has recently unveiled a new low-power core, dubbed the Cortex-A7, that is destined to be used in entry-level mobile devices as well as a companion core for the company's more powerful Cortex A15 processors in order to create more energy-efficient devices. Unlike ARM's contemporary architecture that use a OoO (out-of-order) design, the Cortex A7 takes a step back since it comes as a simple in-order core capable of issuing up to two instructions in parallel. ARM has taken this decision as it wanted to simplify the design of the A7 so that it could reduce both power consumption and the complexity of the chips using it. As expected, moving to an in-line architecture does have a few drawbacks as far as performance is concerned, but as AnandTech has found out, ARM believes that it will still be able to deliver better performance per clock and better overall performance compared with the Cortex A8 architecture.
Much of these improvements come from the inclusion of a more modern branch prediction engine as well as from a shallower pipeline that decreases the chances for branch mispredictions. These changes are also paired with better prefetching algorithms as well as with a very low latency L2 cache (10-cycles).
Despite the improvements brought by ARM to its new core, the biggest news for this architecture is its 100% compatibility with the Cortex A15 ISA, including virtualization instructions, integer divide support and 40-bit memory addressing. What this means is that all the code that was designed for the A15 will also be able to run on the Cortex A7, just that it will be a tad slower. This is extremely big news for ARM as it enables its partners to build SoC devices using a heterogeneous multi-core architecture that pairs together both Cortex A7 and Cortex A15 cores.
ARM’s own power management firmware determines which core cluster to activate depending on performance states requested by the operating system, and cache coherency is guaranteed via the CCI-400 interconnect. This so called big.LITTLE configuration should be completely transparent to the OS, ARM claiming that the switch between the core clusters can be done in about 20 microseconds. Arm hasn't revealed any information regarding the release date of the first devices to use the Cortex A7, but these can pack between one and four processing cores and will be fabricated using the 40nm process. Steven Wilson here, long time energy efficient lighting wholesaler to businesses, contractors, government facilities, etc. Looking to replace commercial exterior LED sign lighting fixtures with newer, brighter, energy efficient LED outdoor sign lights? LED architectural flood light features 6 pcs High Output COB LEDs; 10 Year Warranty on complete fixture.
For the store owners at the Chevron locations throughout Southern California, like franchisee Gary Analian in Pomona, the goal was to achieve a significant energy and cost savings. A SimpleTube™ consumes 17 Watts of power and runs on direct 120V AC line power thus not requiring an external power converter or ballast. EcoGreen’s installers remove the lamp and ballast and cut off the tombstone lampholders. See how LED can save you time, money and energy Call for pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767). LED T8 Linear Tubes 3ft are ideal replacement lighting for 3ft fluorescent tubes most commonly found in refrigerated and non-refrigerated display cases.
Phasing out energy-guzzling incandescent lighting for efficient alternatives could save the U.S.
Energy-efficient lighting also carries the potential to save $5.5 billion a year in China, where energy use from lighting accounts for roughly 12 percent of electricity consumption. At a time when energy use in expected to soar in coming years, lighting represents an attractive piece of low-hanging fruit, while also offering the potential for generating billions of dollars in savings and reducing the world’s hefty carbon footprint. From 7-Eleven Convenience Stores to Wal-Mart Super Stores, LED cooler door light fixture is the choice for replacing the old, inefficient fluorescent tubes. Read on to find out why LED refrigerated case lighting is the perfect solution for your store as well. NOTE: Please be aware of the HUGE difference between an LED Tube,T8 LED Tubes, etc for LED refrigerated case lighting.

Second, ask the vendor does the LED refrigerated case lighting come with a Money Back Guarantee? With LED refrigerated case lighting lower power requirements, heat from lighting is significantly reduced, which in turn reduces the strain and demand on refrigeration compressors and your store’s air conditioning units. Fourth, is the LED refrigerated case lighting designed with optics that laser-focus the light vertically and horizontally – in equal measure – to give full illumination to both the right side and to the left side?
The measured total efficiency of the mock-up-system with and without the proposed matching circuit in the anechoic chamber in CAU. Our shielded anechoic chamber can be used for 2D and 3D antenna characterization and RF module testing. For the bands until f = 2.7 GHz, the average value of the total efficiency I· for the mock-up-system in the presence of hand (right) phantom is I· = 45% and under the influence of the head and hand (right) phantom is I· = 19%. The concept in two scenarios results in an EM isolation between the antennas of more than 21dB and is therefore proven and can be easily extended to more ports or different E-UTRA bands as well. The EPAMO adaptive antenna system shows a better overall performance in the predefined usage scenarios with respect to the measured efficiencies. Element", Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (APSURSI), 2014 IEEE, Memphis, US, July 2014, pp.
It is very easy to see why Fixed Base Operators are so worried about the amount of energy expended on aircraft maintenance light fixtures.
There was a time where the high costs of electricity was just something that business owners had to cope with. It has been shown that getting your aircraft maintenance light fixtures retrofitted for induction lighting provides a very high return on investment for several reasons.
Another big reason why many Fixed Base Operators are switching their aircraft maintenance light fixtures is because it gives their FBO very good press.
Another reason why people are beginning to make their aviation hangars “go green” is because of the current price.
We’re working with many FBOs and aircraft repair stations to retrofit the energy inefficient aircraft maintenance light fixtures with the new induction lighting. We have discovered that fixed base operators are always fighting their lighting system and need a solution that addresses major operating concerns like; short lifespan of HID fixtures and the loss of 33% lumen output in the first two years resulting in dark spots.
In addition, the silent operation is sure to please the technicians and those who work in aircraft maintenance and repair. Their maintenance hanger at KBJC, equipped with sixteen 1000w MH lamps was very costly and they contacted Green Energy Solutions, Inc. This lighting Retrofit qualified for a rebate from Xcel for over $4000 and help produced a very attractive ROI of only 26 months!
On many occasions, Tom Perkins, VP of XJet, has commented on the number of visiting pilots who upon arriving at the XJet ramp will ask about the new lights.
Eager to improve the aircraft maintenance light fixtures and save money on electric bills, today’s operators of aircraft hangers and maintenance facilities worldwide are directing their attention to new and improved Induction lighting solutions for the indoor and outdoor lighting, exit signs, ramp, hanger lights, etc. To schedule an audit and be on your way to energy savings and better lighting for years to come, contact Green Energy Solutions, Inc today. If you’re looking for superior lighting products at exceptional value, you’ve come to the right place! The fluorescent lighting system uses a bulky and inefficient ballast, and for each fluorescent tube consumes 120Watts of power total system.
By directing light on to the packaged goods inside the case, the SimpleTube provides a more uniform illumination of the product and eliminates glare and light spillage outside the case. Up to 70 percent of lighting sales are made up of inefficient incandescent lamps, according to the U.N.

Now, independent store owners and electricians are more and more considering LED as their preferred lighting source as well. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you should be able to return the product for a complete refund.
CAU has successfully designed and realized an energy-efficient adaptive antenna tuning system including a compact mobile antenna and a tunable matching circuit. A MIMO antenna based adaptive system has also been designed and evaluated in order to reach a better communication quality. With all of the electronic equipment that must be used in airplane maintenance, bills can quickly become huge problems.
Obviously, getting aircraft maintenance light fixtures switched from the more common energy-guzzling halide lamps to induction lamps has been shown to help FBO business owners save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in annual electric bills.
It is no secret that companies that show that they care about their environment tend to have higher sales because of it, and by installing energy-efficient high bay lighting, you are showing that you care. Many people worry that getting new aircraft maintenance lighting is too expensive for their FBO to afford. The price of electricity is expected to rise in the next couple of years, and there is no telling whether or not the utility company rebates will continue to exist too much longer. The old metal halides with the out-dated magnetic ballast are energy wasteful, have an annoying “buzzing” sound and can take several minutes to “re-strike” or fully illuminate. Saving more than $26,000 a year in utilities ($2,200 mo.) and $20,000 in rebates resulting in a payback of 27 months! The installer then connects the SimpleTube wires directly to the main power and restores power to the case. That’s the equivalent of removing 11 million vehicles from the road, or bypassing the need to build 26 medium-sized coal-fired plants. One of the biggest ways that Fixed Base Operators lose money is through lighting bills, and the fact is that you will need to have good aircraft maintenance light fixtures in order to be able to do all  the typical FBO services that are needed to be done on a regular basis. The “green movement” that has gripped the world of invention recently came out with a wide variety of different environmentally friendly light bulbs that reduce the amount of energy used to a fraction of what most Fixed Base Operators currently use.
There is definitely some logic behind it, but the fact is that the business owners who worry about this issue often don’t know that there are company rebates available that can alleviate the financial punch that the initial installation can have. Don’t wait until your electricity-guzzling light fixtures weigh your company down financially.
Mountain Aviation is proud to support theColorado and Wyoming Donor Alliance, flying life saving organ and tissue transplant missions. For a standard 2-door case the SimpleTube system requires just 68 Watts, compared to 360 Watts consumed by the fluorescent system. The high bay lighting and aircraft maintenance light fixtures in aircraft hangars are best suited for induction lighting. The return on investment in terms of energy savings alone is very short, and it continues to pay for years to come. Utility company-backed rebates are often the reason why many of the smaller Fixed Base Operators can afford the switch. Its time to look for a company that can help you retrofit your high bay lighting fixtures today.

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