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We are commited to making transformational energy healing affordable and accessible to everyone!
Phone and distance sessions are the most convenient, and they can often be set within 48hrs. Irmansyah Effendi,the founder of Padmacahaya Institute of Inner Studies is from Indonesia and now resides in Australia.
Receiving a Kundalini awakening is a special spiritual gift and is the beginning of an exciting path of rapid self-development. FREE CLINIC - Reiki Tummo practitioners would like to share their energy channelling skills to help others in their daily lives to relieve stress and assist in healing. We will continue to invite teachers from Reiki Tummo to visit Japan to support the alumni members.
Any one who attends the Reiki Tummo workshops and receives the Tummo attunements qualifies as a member of Reiki Tummo Alumni. As an Alumni, the most important thing is to continue the practices and development in your own time until you really enjoy it!
With regular practice your health condition improves due to the cleansing of the physical and energy bodies.
Long term health conditions require constant daily energy channelling as the divine energy works gently. Your Inner Heart knows all Truth, and learning to use it you can validate anything taught to you here in Tummo or anywhere else. The tummo attunements strengthen the connection to our Heart so now we can feel it more than before. However we still have years and lifetimes of negative energy and blockages in and around the layers of our Heart that require cleansing and we add to these negativities as we go about our daily life. Anyone who does this on a daily basis will start to smile from the inside and shine with love!!
With regular practice the core of Kundalini starts to rise higher and purify the chakras one by one. Even the social aspect of relating with other alumni members provides important lessons and challenges necessary for our growth.
Many Alumni groups in other countries form healing clinics which are free, or run by donation, in recognition that their healing abilities can benefit many in need and also as an understanding of our obligation of service to other beings.
After Levels RT1, RT2, RT3a you wil now have great tools to heal yourself and others and have tasted the bliss of getting closer to Divine Love and Light.
To deepen your spiritual development even more and learn to live in and through your true Heart you can attend Open Heart Workshops, Spiritual retreats, Master Yoga courses etc. These are mainly taught in person by Grand Master Irman providing an opportunity to work with the founder of Reiki Tummo. This is a very powerful method to cleanse past life trauma and learn important spiritual lessons.
MRT- become a true instrument for Divine Love and Light - learn to channel pure Love to all beings. This is just for the reason that I, Vineet Jain am leaving to Dubai (UAE) in mid September 2011 for sometime. These visits will not be regular as the teachers travel the world to carry out the teachings.

This is located in the core of our Heart chakra, below many layers, and where the spark of the Divine resides.
You will be then guided deeper into your Inner Heart and taught how to start using it further with practical excercises to help you find truth for yourself. Your connection to the universe is strengthened so using reiki symbols is not necessary anymore. Although these are best used in conjunction with workshops and practice they can also be enjoyed as stand alone texts.
These mails have been sort of inspiration for us and giving us all the positive energy, needed. I am still confused, for why and how I did it, but I am really sorry and I accept my mistake for typing it wrong. However, attunements for Levels 1 and 2 can be given by distance and practiced with the local co-ordinator if only 1 or 2 people are enrolled.
In the meantime the alumni can meet togther for regular practice and healings to continue their own development. Although the concept is very simple, its harder to do than we think as our brain always fights for control. Developed Kundalini is related to development of your Inner Heart and you will need the Kundalinis gift to progress completely, and vice versa. The advanced workshops and retreats are usually taught consecutively,one day after the next, so in 3 to 4 days you can quickly raise your level. In the Past Life Regressions you can enter Soul Consciousness and become fully aware of your past lifes and regain the lost fragments of your Soul.
It is not only great background reading but it also gives a lot of information about what is in higher stages to look forward to and testimonials from Alumni worldwide.
Your queries and new questions, make us to write an article here, which helps us all in someway or the other.Today, we were asked about Reiki symbol Hosanna, as we have been sharing about it in our articles here. I will try to establish my Irrigation components trading business there, and will be taking a few Reiki workshops and Reiki healings as well.Since all of this needs a lot of paper work and other things to be ready with me, I am a bit busy, and trying to focus on what Reiki is directing me. Due to the weight of the books the Teachers do not carry many copies when they travel so we reccommend ordering from Amazon. We have been using this Reiki symbol with a great success, and most of the global users are also using it now. After she told me, I also tried to search it on internet, but was surprised to find that all this time, I was typing wrong. There are some personal reasons, making me leave my family here, but I am sure that there must be something better hidden in it. Hosanna Reiki symbol as used by Reiki Energy Healers This Reiki symbol if we try to see clearly, is similar to Apta Reiki symbol in a way.
It really made me feel sad and confused too, since we were drawing it and saying it fine, but when it came to writing, we were doing it completely wrong.After confirming it from others and internet websites, I first of all want to apologize my friend and well wisher, and I will always be grateful to her.
Now, I am going to repent and update this Johre Reiki symbol, which if you include in your Reiki healings, will help you in speeding up your Reiki healing process. It is also showing that if both male and female energies, as in Yin and Yang are united, there is a spark of energy generated, which burns any kind of negative energy or blockage.
We are also showing you the image of this powerful Reiki symbol here, so that you can also draw and use.

We asked him to be calm, and just try to be at a place, where he can see his mother from a distance. We see this in real life too, as whenever opposite sex meets or unite, the blockage is destroyed.Most of our fellow energies and tried this Reiki symbol in physical and relationship healings with with success. Johre Reiki symbol as shared by Reiki Energy Healers As you can see that this Reiki symbol is a fusion of different energies with Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei. We too have personally checked that whenever there is a blockage in any relationship, if we draw this Reiki symbol, it helps a lot.
This helps is giving immediate energy to the receiver and burn the negativity, so that white light is able to flow easy and have a smooth passage for Reiki energy.
We made power symbol Cho Ku Rei for clearing the space for connecting to him and his mother.
This Reiki symbol can only be used and drawn by Reiki Masters, or all those, who are attuned for Reiki Master symbol. This Reiki symbol may be visualized in white, Golden or Violet color for better results to your Reiki healing. Than we made Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for connecting to him and than once again for connecting to his mother. The procedure for using this symbol, as we used at our Reiki Energy Healers centre is given below. I am sure that you all will be able to use it in your Reiki healing, Reiki grid and will be doing better Reiki healings. Than we made Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei once again for clearing any sort of negativity or blockage in either of them. This can be used in person, or in distant, and the effect remains the same.First of all, we all have to cleanse our receiver, using the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, as we always do. The main purpose for sharing this Reiki symbol is to make your life blockage free and that energies around you are also free from any kind of negativity or blockage. After that, we performed a Psychic surgery on his mother, clearing all the valve blockage (cause of the stroke) and used the supreme Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo, so as to give her all the positive energy she needed in its golden color. After this, we need to draw Reiki symbol Sei Hei ki, so as to balance our receiver and make them feel comfortable. We than also made the Reiki symbol Zonar for connecting her to this life and visualized her happy and kept her connected to a happy and healthy life. This will also make them feel relax and lighter as this Reiki symbol works immediately at the Heart Chakra. After this, we can draw other Reiki symbols, using Vasudha, Apta, Hosanna, Rama and Reiki Master symbol Dai koo Myo in any order. The combination of Reiki symbols, along with a good visualisation helps in a good healing.
We also gave our thanks to Reiki energy and all we can.Later today evening, we got a call from our friend that his mother is feeling a lot better and is out of danger.

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