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FestivalAsia, the first of its kind, sets itself apart from any other event through embracing all Asian Cultures.
With all this taking place under just one roof, visitors will be enlightened, moved and entertained and leave having savoured experiences from the many countries that constitute this fascinating continent.
Dahn Yoga Masters will be giving a Ki Gong demonstration on Martial Arts stage Friday 15th 5-5:30pm. We feel very excited about this show as it is the first of it’s kind we would be attending here in UK. Please visit us for a Biofeedback Aura reading with a guidance about well-being improvement, Yoga & Ki Gong class packages (discounted at the show), Healing session packages (discounted at the show), Yoga, Ki Gong, spiritual and healing literature, DVDs, CDs, accessories. Give them a chance to get out of their comfort zone or shyness with a gift of Yoga classes.
Please visit us at stand C24 at Mind Body Spirit Festival 23rd – 26th May at Earls Court for an Aura reading, shoulder massage, advise from experienced Dahn Yoga and Ki Gong masters or to get some useful literature or DVDs for your inspiration.
Get one new Dahn Yoga membership between 1st – 14th February and get the second half off!

Have you made a New Year resolution to make your life more healthy, happy or more calm and peaceful? Over three days this pioneering festival is set to attract tens of thousands of visitors who can expect an Eastern mix of live music, dance, food, fashion, martial arts, travel, spirituality, and lots more. FestivalAsia will take place at Tobacco Dock, the popular Central London venue located near Tower Bridge.
Having such big mission as ours to widely benefit humanity we are thankful for the opportunity to meet many people who wouldn’t be able to reach us otherwise and we hope to have many meaningful meetings with visitors as well as exhibitors.
Or perhaps you wish to quit some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee, eating sweets, keeping things untidy, taking care of everyone else but you… How can you achieve it? Combine magnets with Meditation and you have very powerful tools to heal and rebuild your bio-magnetic field.
We will offer a practical guidance to the audience about what to do on daily bases in order to improve their well-being or senses.
We will put all our hearts in making the experience beautiful for all visitors who come to our stand, talks or demonstrations and in sharing our bright energy and wisdom to our best abilities.

The best way to change your bad habits is by creating new good habits like exercising daily or whenever you are lacking energy so that you can avoid following the same old habit. Through our practice you can attain confidence in yourself and wisdom that will help you deal with everyday challenges. Our caring staff will guide you how to achieve your personal goals and recover a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Schedule your Introductory session right away and from now on please realize that the only time you have to make good choices is here and now.

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