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Have you ever come home in dark, trip over the stairs and fumble for your keys, yet surely you do not want to leave your porch light on all day? At night time, the solar LED sensor can detect movement for up to 12m away within a 180 degree radius; and the bright light will turn on automatically to avoid intruder or unwanted disturb.
The Solar Sensor Light is a smart and simple technology to bring your place out of dark ages.
Whenever you send a text message to the unit it will respond with coordinates of where it is located. You can use these coordinates on any mapping software (for example google earth) which will show where exactly your object is.

Solar PIR security light is an efficient and easy way to provide movement activated security lighting (equivalent to mains brightness) where mains power does not exist, even in the depths of the winter. Using a powerful 2.7watt solar cell, the Solar PIR Security Light's solar panel powers an internal rechargeable battery pack, located in the light unit, during the day ready for operation once the sun goes down. RUSSIA, SAMARA - JAN 1, 2014: Traffic near Glory Square with Glory Monument and Church of St. BARCELONA, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 20, 2015: The Four Columns, created by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, is on the place in front of National Art Museum of Catalonia near plaza de espana, Barcelona, Spain.
5 bulb construction lights - Efficient and bright, led lights will easily turn your mazda cx-5 2014 into the brightest vehicle on the road.
This Solar LED Door Light is the master piece of green technology for safety and security purposes without adding to your electricity bill.

Its super bright lights make it ideal for any, front entrance walkways, patios, backyards, entryways, signs and trees. You can request the unit to constantly send you coordinates at specific intervals (minimum 20sec), or send you x number of positions every i.e. It is engineered to be very durable for outdoor weather, and can be easily installed in multiple configurations with minimal tools and effort.

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