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Company Related ProductsView the Seller's Products European Style Hotel Mortise Locks European Style Hotel Mortise Locks1.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. They are definitly safe and this is already verified by our customer from US., EU, Asia , Africa etc. Door thickness should be 40~65mm and door side distance(Distance from door side to the center of door hole) should be 110mm.If the door is with decorative bar, the distance from door side to the decorative bar should be over 110mm.
System ConstructionONLENSE set of locks, computer, management software, Encoder, RF card or Mifare-1 card, energy saving switch B. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Our main products consist of hotel lock, card lock, cabinet lock, locker lock, door lock, electronic lock, magcard lock, magnetic card locks, IC lock, IC card lock, RF lock, Mifare lock, Sauna lock, TM locks, cabinet lock, furniture lock,one card pass, smart card lock, intelligent lock, ID lock, iB lock, inductive lock, digital locks, energy saving switch, and hotel safes,electronic safe,digital lock, fingerprint lock,etc.. Our products and systems are widely used in guesthouses, hotels, flats and office intelligent estates, and the quality and service of our firm are widely acknowledged by our users. Five levels of controlGeneral control, building control, floor control, area control and room control.2. For dependable and safety performance with low cost, ONLENSE series of products are very popular with domestic markets. Especially, our locks pass CE Verification of SGS and have been exported to the worldwide countries for many years.
We may say should you favor us with inquiries for specific requirements (such as detailed types, quantity, and destination).

Area controlCards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.5.
Timing controlWorking clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.6. File recordAll issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening).7. Loss reportingOpen function can be cancelled when the card is missed C.Basic Technical Functional Index 1.

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