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One of the biggest challenges data centres have (apart from the obvious security measures) is keeping the computers cool. Data centres are high energy users, with the demand for more and more data storage, the increase in the popularity of cloud based systems and a continuous increase of businesses reliant on the internet, data centres energy usage has never been greater.
IDS supplied, installed and commissioned inverters on the chilling equipment in a Nottingham data centre. Because of the critical nature of the business, data centres tend to hold spare inverters on site. Food manufacturer Northern Foods is saving over ?30,000 a year in electricity costs thanks to the installation of three ABB variable speed drives at its Riverside Bakery in Nottingham. The plant, which produces chilled pre-prepared foods for customers such as Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury, uses large refrigeration units to store both the ingredients and the finished products. Cherry Valley Farms is the largest manufacturer of duck and duck products in the UK, processing 45,000 ducks per day. Quieter and higher reliability have resulted from fitting an ABB variable-speed drive to a damper tester used in the upgrade and refurbishment of railway equipment.
Wabtec Rail Ltd, of Doncaster, refurbishes the dampers used on the front and rear of railway engines and rolling stock to reduce the shock loads when vehicles come together. One of the UK’s major producers of ready meals is saving 25 percent a year on its cooling costs by employing a single 55 kW ABB variable-speed drive (VSD).
Saladworks of Leicester supplies 135 different ready-meal products to four of the UK’s major retailers. Large logistics and warehousing facilities can save money by installing ABB inverters from IDS, up to as much as 44% per year off the energy bill!
We have recently provided a free energy efficiency motor audit at a large warehouse and logistics plant in Milton Keynes, with a range of air handling and chiller compressor units.
ABB is helping a major producer of energy from coal mine methane (CMM) to cut its pumping costs by using variable-speed drives (VSDs) to make its process more reliable.
Anglian Water Services (AWS) has saved over ?2.7 million on its energy costs following an intensive four year ABB project to improve energy efficiency at over 100 of its sites.
Over the lifetime of the project, AWS saved 223,354 kWh in energy, giving a cost saving of ?2.72 million. A water recycling centre has recovered from serious flooding thanks to quick work by ABB authorised value provider Inverter Drive Systems (IDS). A company producing extruded PVC-U profiles for double glazing product applications is using ABB’s synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor to cut the number of motor failures on two of its main extruders.
Synseal Extrusions Ltd, based in Nottinghamshire, is one of the UK’s largest PVC-U extrusion companies, producing system solutions for windows, doors, conservatory roofs and orangeries.
A local pharmaceutical plant is saving ?126,000 a year on its energy bills following the installation of ABB variable-speed drives by Inverter Drive Systems Ltd. Northern Foods is saving nearly ?2,500 annually on its compressed air system since installing an ABB variable speed drive at its Riverside Bakery in Nottingham. McDonald’s restaurants throughout the UK are using ABB standard drives for HVAC to save energy and control cooking odours. One of the UK’s largest producers of duck products is set to save ?30,000 a year on freezing costs following the introduction of ABB variable-speed drives on its blast chiller application. Cherry Valley Farms of Lincolnshire rears some eight million ducks every year and processes 45,000 birds a day. Registered office: Unit 5, Denman Court, Merlin Way, Quarry Hill Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 4RA.
Energy  saving LED bulbs -Up to 90% energy saving can be achieved by useing Luxform LED bulbs. There are simple things you can do to reduce your energy consumption at home or in your workplace. Insulation can help reduce the need for heating and cooling, as a comfortable temperature can be easily maintained throughout all of the seasons.
Save electricity by turning the lights off during the day, and allowing natural light to guide you instead.

Wearing suitable clothing for the season can help you save money on power bills, and it is such a simple idea.
Awnings are a great way to extend your home or business premises so you take advantage of the natural environment. Many services offer a professional energy audit, that will advise you about the changes you can make in your home and or workplace to be more energy efficient.
Energy efficient appliances are designed to reduce energy consumption, while still performing at their best.
The male to male cables are designed to be used to connect equipment that feature the DisplayPort connector. Features standard 24 pin DisplayPort connector to DVI connector and Ideal for screens featuring DVI interfaces.
An energy saving call centre, backed by online and in-store advice, is being launched by home products retailer B&Q. The company will also have exclusive rights to a new energy retail brand, iQE, when it's launched. Here are some helpful energy saving products to use around the home and office that will help you reduce your energy consumption. Radiator boosters – radiator boosters are a great way to save energy and can not only warm up your home quicker but also reduce the amount you spend on your heating bills.
Energy saving bulbs – energy saving bulbs not only last longer than conventional ones but they are also a greener alternative, reducing the amount of electricity used thereby saving you money.
Rechargeable batteries – rechargeable batteries are a great way to not only save energy but money as well. Standby savers – standby savers make it much easier to switch off electrical appliances, especially if you have many plugged into one socket. Energy monitors – an energy monitor is a must for any energy conscience household, you will be able to see how much energy you are using and at what times helping you make further reductions on the amount of energy you consume.
Manual shredder – a manual shredder uses a hand operated crank instead of electronic blades making it a much more green choice for the office and at home.
Hand siphon – recycle and reuse old bath or dishwater in the garden by using a hand siphon. If you would like to learn more then check out our page on How to Save Energy and other energy saving tips. Without the clean energy cashback incentive solar electricity would take about 40 years to pay back, equipment is only guaranteed for 25 years!
Energy companies are required by law to provide energy saving advice, it is not their choice! Most buildings could save about 30% of their energy costs by investing the value of their energy bills in one year. They rely on the ABB recommended schedule of preventative maintenance included in the IDS service contract to ensure the inverters continue to run smoothly. Each duck is chilled so the chilling plant is a major part of the factory’s operation and accounts for a high proportion of its operating costs.
The Company operates mid-sized ‘gas to power’ electricity plants providing both predictable and fast response capacity to the grid. The company was on site within two hours of receiving the call from North Ferry Water Recycling Centre to assess what was needed. The SynRM replaced ageing servo motors, ensuring high reliability and maximum production time for the company from its extruders. For example, Poole’s Pies saw an 11 percent reduction in electricity costs following the introduction of two variable-speed drives on its refrigeration plant, saving ?6,200 a year.
During the project McDonald’s realized it could reduce its carbon footprint by making large fans run more slowly.Warehouse Energy Saving We have recently provided a free energy efficiency motor audit for Lockcraft Electrical at Movianto, a large warehouse and logistics plant in Bedford, in this instance we looked at the air handling units. Some are prepared as fresh duck products but most are frozen in the company’s ten blast chiller bays. This is highly desirable as power bills are constantly increasing, but it is also great for the environment.

An easy way to insulate is to buy custom-made, high-quality curtains or blinds that prevent the harsh sun from beaming through your windows.
This change might take a while to get used to, but it will save you money and help the environment.
Supporting sustainability is easy when you have the right knowledge and skills to support you. These can include almost everything you would use in a home – fridges, freezers, washing machines and televisions. Masterplug surge protected devices protect your equipment from these damaging surges or spikes. This is all part of a move to show customers how much money can be saved through reduced energy bills. Being able to keep the environment constant with inverters on these applications achieved energy saving results of 37.2% year on year.
A successful Cooler Fan 1 trial saving ?6,310 per annum (if energy prices remain the same, of course if they continue to rise then the energy saving can be recalculated). With such a large pharmaceutical operation, the company’s plant in Nottingham uses hundreds of pumps and fans on many different applications. We calculated that by installing inverters on these units, there is a potential to save over ?17,000 per year at current electricity rates.
Each bay has two 4 kW motors turning fans that blow air over coils of ammonia to produce a blast of very cold air. If powered lighting is essential within your building, make the change to energy efficient globes. This can mean forgoing the layered suit in the middle of summer, and wearing short sleeves or a smart singlet instead. If you are serious about your impact on the environment and saving money, this could be the perfect place to start. If you are ready for a new appliance purchase, consider the positive effects of energy efficiency in the long term. All valuable equipment such as computers, printers, monitors, televisions and set top boxes can all be protected from damaging surges and spikes. All prices are correct at time of publishing, exclusive of VAT, quoted in Sterling and subject to change without notice.
To combat this data centres employ various chilling equipment; condensers, chilled water pumps, chiller compressors and air handling units (AHUs).
The air flow through these AHUs is controlled by use of dampers, which whilst dampers restrict the air flow the motors powering the AHUs remain at full speed. A complete day’s production of ducks is usually frozen in around ten hours overnight.Using Inverters Within The Coatings Industry A large number of applications have been identified within the coatings industry where inverters can assist in the reduction of wasted energy, these include mixers, compressors, fume extraction, dc to ac conversions also air handling units (AHUs), chilled water pumps and cooling towers.
Buying quality goods now, will reduce your energy bills in the future, and the initial investment will be worth it. There was also an added complication between the supply fans and the fume cabinets which were extracting the air out of the building.
This makes it vital to conduct regular energy appraisals of electric motors in a food and beverage plant to see where savings can be made. The data gathered in an energy appraisal can be used as an input to the mandatory ESOS audit.
In-store advice will initially be restricted to 10 locations with further outlets to be added in 2013.

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