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You must have JavaScript enabled in you browserto utilize the functionality of this website. Generally speaking, the inner diameter of curtain hole is 5 cm while the outer diameter is 7 cm. When you have high requirement for curtains quality, you can add lining with similar color on the back to cover the back to be even more refined and complete.
The grommet top has color in black, silver or gold one, metal hooks usually has color in white and silver, if you have request with them, Pls leave message by the order, if no, it will Sent at random with curtains. What is transparent behind the curtain,Dose each pair of curtains has matched window screening?
It is the sheer ,if you need ,you can order ,if no need ,you can just order curtain.If there is window screening showed in the picture, then yes. Our curtains are strictly well made according to your needed size, so you can directly install them on your windows. Our top constructions are grommet top ,metal hook type, table style and rod pocket heading .you can order directly online what you want.
Here is the basic process: information confirmation – clipping - top thread – pleated - sewing lines - quality exam – ironing – packing - logistics.
Many beautiful fabric with good decorative is affected by craft which looks relatively loose, thin or even transparent.
The blackout lining used A-level environmental physics sun cloth with more than 95% refractive index which can achieve complete blackout effect with original curtain material. Blackout lining is sewn directly to the back of the curtain with fine workmanship to look totally natural. Generally, the length of the grommet top curtain is twice or three times longer than decorative rod.
If you have a pole, measure the distance between the finials (the decorative baubles at the end of a pole). For tab top or grommet (eyelet) curtains, measure the drop from the top of your pole to where you want your curtain to finish.
For pleated curtains, please measure the distance from the eye (where the curtain hook attached) to where you want your curtain to finish. For rod pockets, please measure the distance from the top of your pole to where you want your curtains to finish.

If the return goods requirement is caused by our make mistake or quality problems, we will deal with the return problem in the shortest time. If the damage is caused by your personal reasons (such as size adjustment, washing, or long time using and so on), we will not accept return goods. Gift bags or goods in a suit can not be partially returned, because if so, when other buyers can not enjoy the discount when they purchase the rest goods in the bag or suit.
All I need to purchase from them now is my block out curtains and I can throw away my dated venetians.
One of the least energy efficient parts of modern houses are windows, especially in older homes.
Our company conducted experiments on the energy saving of our insulated drapes and they more than doubled the insulation value of a double pane window system (comparing bare frameworks with panes to ones covered by energy saving curtains).
If you happen to find a manufacturing defect in our drapes, we will replace them for free and reimburse the return shipping expense.
With one-stop shopping at our online store, superior quality energy efficient curtains, you can be confident that we are supplying you with the finest products, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. In our Internet store you can shop either by Size or by Color and Pattern, or by Style for your convenience in finding what best suits your taste and need. If you have questions about our items or would like us to suggest a product, please Contact Us.
After you place the order, we will produce the perfect curtains for you in the shortest time. Now professional physical shade cloth on the market is limited by craft which has fewer colors and most beautiful blackout fabrics are basically semi-shade. Therefore, if you want to buy window screening, you can choose window screening in the products details page. Although they are standard end products, in order to avoid the situation that customers are not sure how to measure size or details confirmation, our customer service will contact our customers to confirm the specific height, multiple pleating, and hook way. Generally speaking, it will takes 2 work days to deliver the goods, and will arrive in destination within 2—13 work days (which is determined by distance). So if you do forget your passwords, please log in register page, and click "Forget Password", the system will automatically send your passwords by emails. If the curtain has a header (the part above the rod pocket), this is not included in the length of the curtain.

You can find various exquisite curtains, comforters, pillows, sheets, and bath towels here.
Every vister that has seen them ask where i got them from and commit on how good they look.
I was expecting the pleats to be done by machine, not simply pleater tape and metal prongs that need to be applied. If the size we provide for the set is 84 inches wide x 84 inches long, then each panel measures 42 inches wide x 84 inches long.
I have a large bay window in my master bedroom and these panels create a beautiful mural when closed. The only problem was it took our local delivery company longer to delivery it than it took DHL to bring it to Malta from China, the product is excellent. I don,t have them up yet but hope to soon.The quality is great,the price and the service was too. We can significantly improve insulation values of our homes by using thermal insulated window curtains.
Let's take a look at heating bills of one family, which moved in a house with bare windows at Christmas time and by the end of January installed insulating curtains.
So in order to achieve the balance between beautiful color and good blackout feature we need to add environmental physics shade cloth in the back.
If you see a picture of nice curtains or other kinds of curtains somewhere, you can send the picture to us.
There maybe slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on screen. Swirling patterns of trees intertwined together with a serene lake cocooned amidst towering mountains, anything that brings you closer to nature.
The curtains do not have an energy saving backing however, they do seem to keep the room warmer even on windy days.
Making grommets is our work and the one thing you need do is that put the decorative rod on.

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