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This is a product guide from Ethical Consumer, the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation. We've got everything you need to keep your garden picture perfect all year through, from hand tools to mowers and everything in between - where there's a Wilko there's a way to make your outdoor space amazing.
Our great range of pet & animal care products has everything you need to keep your furry & feathered friends happy! This entry was posted in HD Picture and tagged HD pictures, leaves, Green, green leaves, environmental protection, bulbs, lamps, energy-saving light bulbs. Naphthalene is used in the production of mothballs, insecticides, resins, and in other chemicals.
What’s especially concerning is that some European countries have already started to phase out traditional incandescent bulbs in favor of these energy-saving options, leaving people fewer choices.
Using energy saving light bulbs offer many advantages, and they are more earth friendly as well. They are needed to make the tools work, help us to see how the site is being used and improve our marketing.
Since 1989 we've been researching and recording the social and environmental records of companies, and making the results available to you in a simple format.
You?ll find a huge range of garden furniture, lighting, decorative paving, ornaments and planters ? all designed to keep your garden looking great all year round. One of the easiest adjustments has been to buy energy-saving light bulbs—those twisty shaped alternatives that use less electricity and last longer, all in the name of saving our planet’s valuable resources. According to recent scientific studies conducted in Berlin, these same energy-saving bulbs emit poisonous materials when switched on. Chronic exposure in humans creates headaches, fatigue, weakness, depression, and hearing loss.

They contain mercury, a concern if the glass is broken—though is not a hazard in an intact bulb. These light bulbs may cost three of four bucks each, while traditional light bulbs may only cost one dollar each, but this is before replacement costs are factored into the equation. One of the best things you can do to make your home ecologically friendly is to assess the energy use of your home and determine ways to reduce this amount. It’s highly irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, and animal studies have linked phenol with developmental abnormalities. Several epidemiologic studies suggest a connection between styrene exposure and an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma. The Migraine Action Association stated a couple years ago that the links between the bulbs and severe migraine headaches made them a poor choice for people who suffer from headaches. On this one, my advice is this—these bulbs may still work well in large, open rooms, but avoid them in the main areas of the house where you spend most of your time, and forget them altogether if you have other health concerns such as headaches, skin conditions, epilepsy, or if you’re a cancer survivor. When you compare the average lifespan for both bulbs, energy saving bulbs will come out far ahead. These bulbs last up to ten times longer than normal bulbs, which also saves you money on purchasing light bulbs, not to mention ten trips to the store and all the time and hassle involved. Energy saving bulbs can help you do this by cutting out a substantial amount of energy needed to light your home. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies it as possibly carcinogenic to humans. There are a lot of ways we can pitch in to help save our planet—we don’t need to put our health at risk. Traditional light bulbs may need to be replaced as often a once a month, which is around twelve dollars a year, while energy saving bulbs usually will only need to be replaced about once a year, for a cost of three or four dollars.

Around five percent of your energy bill is due to the lights in your home, and this percentage may be higher if you have a large number of lights or a very large home.
You will see terrific cost savings with these bills, because your electricity bill will usually go down by about ten percent.
Scientific studies in Israel conducted by professor Abraham Haim suggest the lights—when left on at night—interfere with the body’s production of melatonin, possibly increasing cancer risk since melatonin is thought to protect against some breast and prostate cancers. That is still only six to eight dollars a year if you replace energy saving bulbs every six months, and that is better than twelve dollars a year.
If energy saving bulbs lower your home electricity costs by just twenty dollars a month, that is a savings of two hundred and forty dollars a year, a nice chunk of change.Because energy saving bulbs do not need to be replaced as frequently, they are also more environmentally friendly because less refuse ends up in the landfills and fewer resources are used to make bulbs, because energy saving bulbs last between eight and ten times as long as traditional bulbs do. They require less energy to use, and this means less of a demand for electricity, which may be created using fossil fuels and be a big source of pollution. Replacing a single bulb in every American home with energy saving bulbs would reduce pollution by the equivalent of one million cars operating on US roads. This is a lot of pollution, and energy saving bulbs can help prevent it.Energy saving bulbs offer many benefits, and they are one way that you can significantly reduce the energy your home uses. These bulbs are friendly to the environment, they cost less than traditional bulbs when all the factors are considered, they reduce pollution by reducing the need for energy, and they last a lot longer, so you do not have to replace them as often.
Energy savings bulbs may cost a little more when you buy them at the store, but the long term savings, and advantages to the earth, that these bulbs provide make this cost well worth it.

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