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ACL International are a leading European supplier of high quality, innovative Energy Saving Lighting Solutions for a wide range of applications.
Through key locations in the UK & Portugal, we are able to offer our clients numerous services including product design, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and comprehensive technical support. The return on investment (ROI) on each and every one of our products is excellent and they provide customers with substantial savings in costs and energy. ACL International now have well over 15 years’ experience under our belt of offering project specific solutions to the lighting industry. Our extensive range of Innovative, Green Lighting Solutions can be used for a multitude of applications which include interior lighting, exterior lighting, architectural lighting and street lighting. We have developed strong relationships with each of our suppliers and all of our products have been carefully selected and then meticulously tested by us to ensure that all items supplied are of optimum quality, long lasting and energy efficient.
ACL international also design & assemble a range of intelligent LED products in the UK that can be designed to the clients desired specifications. Since 1st September 2009, all energy inefficient lighting, including incandescent light bulbs, tungsten halogen spot lights and some forms of sodium lamps are gradually being phased out throughout Europe.
As well as supplying energy efficient lighting we are also able to source various other types of energy saving products such as solar panels, wind turbines and water recycling units. Bellacor, the largest online retailer of lighting products and home furnishings, is featuring their selection of energy-efficient, decorative light fixtures for the month of October.
Energy use is a hot topic these days, with an endless stream of stories and reports on the rise and fall of gas prices, the environmental impact of greenhouse-gas emissions, the new focus on conserving energy and fuel independence for the United States. Bellacor, the largest online retailer of lighting products and home furnishings, is featuring their selection of energy-efficient, decorative light fixtures for the month of October, designated Energy Month by the U.S. Josephine Lowry, Senior Product Specialist for Bellacor, hopes customers will learn that the decorative options for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are almost limitless. Bellacor stocks a wide selection of fluorescent lighting fixtures and Energy Star products, and Lowry hopes promoting Energy Month will encourage customers to give them a try. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Geometric round energy-saving ceiling lighting(China manufacturer)Our Main products   Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of lamps, including the ceiling lights, spot lights , table lights , crystal chandeliers , wall lights , floor lights etc. I am extremely impressed by Jojo's willingness to many attentions to ensure customer satisfaction and her perfessional phone call. It is quite suitable for decorative lighting, coffee house , bar, art galleries, museums, jewelry counter, fashion store, notebook computer store, hotels, Exhibition and meeting rooms, offices building and any other place which need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting, etc.
These light bulbs are arguably the best thing created since the light globe was first made.

The halogen, in my opinion, gives the most consistent, brightest light of the 3, and it has a warm gold colour which suits any decor. However, the problem with this globe is that it can really blow electrical bills out of the water as it has the potential to draw between 35W and 50W per globe. So a room with 6 to 8 halogen downlights totals a maximum of 300W to 400W, that’s a fair bit of power for just one room especially when considering electricity is going up in price. The second problem with these lights is that they require a heat shield under Australian standards as they can emit a fair bit of heat so have to be a certain distance away from timbers and insulation in the roof to prevent fires.
The fairly new GU10 type compact fluorescent globe is pretty good overall, but also has a few issues. The problem with these globes is that they can cost between $5 to $8 depending on the brand and quality, while halogens only cost between $2 and $4. However, they are a very consistent light and very impressive in the amount of light produced for such a low running cost. The difference is that you’re getting a unit that produces great light, looks really modern and pleasant, and the globe will probably never need changing for the life of the light.
All the options are there regarding colours, dimmable and non-dimmable preferences, and they look impressively modern.
Moe is Director of Electrotech Cabling Systems, a Sydney based company, and has many years of experience as an electrical contractor.
In most cases customers are able to recoup their initial outlay within 18 – 24 months. It’s the knowledge that comes with this experience that has enabled us to become the preferred supplier of lighting to projects worldwide.
The light the bulbs cast was dim, they didn’t always fit standard sockets and they didn’t seem worth the expense. Warm-tone CFLs are comparable to a “soft white” incandescent bulb, shedding flattering light for skin tones, wood and furnishings.
While the up-front cost of a CFL is more than an incandescent bulb, their increased efficiency reduces electricity use by 75-80%, which means they pay for themselves in just few months. Early CFLs cost around $25 per bulb, and while they still paid for themselves in electricity savings, they weren’t attractive to most people looking to replace a burned-out incandescent. Moe from Electrotech discusses the various types available and their advantages and disadvantages. The standard convectional 100W incandescent lamp has now been transformed into 20W equivalent energy-saving fluorescent globes. The other problem with these globes is that when you turn them on they actually take about 1–2 minutes for the gas in the globe to warm up and for them to get to maximum brightness.

Like the GU10, they vary between 10W to 15W a downlight which can really help the pocket when it comes to electricity bills.
Depending on the brand used, the better brand fittings come complete with the head so if the light goes out (which it probably won’t) they whole head needs changing. It all depends on what suits your budget and what you find an appealing light, but if you ask me I think the better brand LED lights are the way to go. He is committed to providing the best quality of workmanship and excellence -safely and responsibly.
Her extensive knowledge and understanding of the Australian renovation market and the costs involved has provided her with valuable insight into how homeowners can maximise the value of their properties. The reason for this phase out is to encourage households and businesses to switch to more efficient forms of lighting in order for them to save energy and help the EU achieve its climate protection targets. Cool white tones have a bluish cast, giving a clear, bright light for garages, kitchens or workshops.
Plus, those first few months are just a start – compact fluorescents are rated to run for 8,000-12,000 hours. Modern innovations and new technology have streamlined CFL design and have also brought down the cost to a fraction of the price, and a single bulb can now be under $3.00. They generally fit into most of your common light fittings in the bayonet and Edison screw types. The LED downlight comes in various colours like cool white and warm white just to name a few. But, these babies can set you back a whopping $80-$100 a unit which is a huge difference to the typical a $10-$20 a unit. They now give off strong, unwavering light, come in shapes to fit most lamp and fixture designs and offer a variety of color tones for different applications.
Daylight CFLs are the brightest of the three, and are often used in retail stores and art galleries.
This means that even with hours of daily use, they can last five, seven and even 10 years or more. The light is said to be equivalent to that of a halogen 50W globe as that is considered the benchmark of the downlight design.
12V and GU10 types you can probably get LED replacement globes, but I don’t believe they are as effective.

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