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So what do you think?  What are some tips that are left off?  How are you making an impact? You may remember a post I wrote back in January about saving energy when you live with teens. I particularly like their idea to get children thinking about where energy comes from and how it is made in the first place. To celebrate this, British Gas and NetMums are helping families take more control over their energy with Hive Active Heating™, a heating device which allows you to control your heating and hot water on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, wherever you are in the world and they have five to giveaway, fully installed by a British Gas engineer and worth ?199! Here are my top tips for a perfect Mother’s Day encouraging energy saving habits in children!
Once they have finished watching early morning TV or playing on the Wii so that you can have a nice long lie in, tell them not to leave gadgets on standby but to switch them off completely.
While they are making you that early morning cup of tea for your breakfast in bed (with Dad’s help if necessary) explain that they only need boil the amount needed for the number of cups they will be filling. When they are cooking you a delicious lunch tell them that it is a very good idea to pop the lid on the pan.
Bonus Boy loves a reward chart so he can point out to us how utterly marvellous he’s being and NetMums and British Gas have handily put together these energy saver reward charts just for this! What would be your top energy saving tip and how would you encourage energy saving in your children (other than asking them to sit still for 5 minutes!)?
My OH took the lightbuld out of eldest daughters room as she kept leaving the light on …. Brilliant tips and advice – oooh I am really looking forward to this lie in and tea in bed now. Some very good tips, I am always telling Isabelle to switch off her gadgets, and turn off lights.
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Clean the oven doorA top tip given in a recent This is Money energy-saving article was to clean your oven door. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cross-channel train operators Eurostar will expand their existing fleet later this year with the addition of the Siemens e320.  Named for its top speed of 320kmph (around 200mph), this new train signifies another step forward in connecting the UK with the rest of the continent. So what does this mean for small businesses with a keen eye on expansion?  We take a look at a few of the features of Eurostar’s latest new train, and offer some tips for enterprises looking at international expansion. Siemens even included energy-saving solutions into the design itself: roof-mounted equipment, such as air-conditioning units and pantographs (the mechanism that collects electricity from overhead lines) is now integrated, reducing how much energy they need.
If you want to give yourself the best chances, it probably does.  Again, the UKTI study showed that 25% of firms had trouble ‘making the right contacts’ when they started to export. Katie Jackson is a former journalist and writer with a strong interest in environmental and social issues, primarily youth engagement and developments in green technology. The views, opinions and positions expressed within the British Gas Business Blog are those of the author alone and do not represent those of British Gas.
If you're wondering about the cost savings between keeping your incandescent bulbs or switching to CFLs, here you go.  LEDs will be the future, but they still are a little pricey.  Either way, you are better to swtich from incandescents! While I have tried to cut down on meat just for health reasons, I don't think the majority of Americans who eat meat would be open to this suggestion.  While eating animals does require much more energy than vegetables, it's a tough habit to break for most people. For a chance to win one enter the competition here and fill in your details before 6th April 2014.
A full kettle takes longer to boil, uses more energy and that lovely left over hot water goes to waste. I’m thinking of challenging them all to see who gets the most rewards – I suspect it will be my smallest! They constantly leave our front door wide open as they go out and play – so we lose so much heat.

The early morning hours, when temperatures are the lowest, are the best time to do this.There are now apps that let you control your heating even from outside the house and abroad. At the same time, scrape dishes before they go in, to limit blockages.Also dona€™t just put the dishwasher on for the sake of it. While a UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) study found that SMEs that export are 35% more productive.  These studies suggest that when local markets become saturated or competition becomes too fierce, limiting your trading to UK borders could limit your business growth.
Understanding markets and forging real networks is incredibly difficult to do properly without being present and active in the area you’re aiming for.
She now specialises in writing news and information articles about developments in the energy field and creating content for the not-for-profit sector. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this blog are not guaranteed. Pretty straightforward.  As an addition, when you do replace your gadgets, take them to an electronics recycle location. Children were challenged to come up with their own ideas about energy now and imagine what it might be like in the future, I think this would be a terrific thing to do with children over the Easter holidays!
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This means you can use less energy to cook the same amount of food.The way you cookOvens and microwaves use a lot of energy. The copyright in the content within the British Gas Business Blog belongs to the authors of such content and any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.

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