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Take the pain away from opening that dreaded Electricity Bill by implementing these simple energy saving tips in your home to save you money.
Adjust your fridge thermostat temperature to between 2-5 degrees celsius and freezer to between -15 to-18 degrees celsius. Fridges and freezers work more efficiently when full, so size accordingly next time you purchase.
You can save up to 45% on your heating and cooling costs by making sure your home is well insulated. Make sure your air conditioner is regularly maintained to remove dust and ensure adequate air flow. By replacing your existing 50w low voltage halogen downlights with an LED or fluorescent equivalent, you could save up to 90% on your next power bill. Studies prove that the average household has around 70 plug in appliances, with most of these consuming power when not functioning. Electrical Contractor in Marathon Florida Keys services all your electrical needs - electrical wiring, repairs, remodel, new installation, energy saving tips - Florida Keys - A. Call our friendly office manager to schedule a service call for any electrical repairs needed to your home or business. In order to save energy and money well at home, we need to start with some of the simple things we do. You should always turn off your thermostat in the rooms you are not using.Turning your thermostat a degree lower saves around five percent of the energy it normally consumes. KVAR, the kilo-volt ampere reduction device is another device that can help you save up to 10% on your electricity bill. They say it only helps industries where much power is required, but does not work in a home environment. Our company was founded to help you save energy and help the planet, while saving money in the process.
I love being outdoors, spending time with my family and helping others improve their lives by conserving energy. Homeowner, are you aware that by making just a few simple, inexpensive, improvements around your home, you can save money and help keep our environment clean and green? By adding extra insulation in your attic — up to a thickness of 16 inches (R50) instead of just the typical 9-inch (R30) recommendations that are given by most contractors — you can save big time. Go digital and invest in a programmable thermostat that adjusts the temperature automatically.
If beautifying the outside of your home is on your to-do list, then consider planting some trees throughout your yard. If you’re trying to beat the summer heat without beating up your electric bill or the environment, we have a great list of summer energy efficient cooling tips for you. Tighten all of your electrical connections and measure the voltage and current on your motors. Check your thermostat settings on your heating and cooling systems to make sure it’s turning off and on at the proper temperature. Before you head out to get the supplies to begin your first energy efficient heating and cooling projects, we believe it's important to do research. Effects on the Earth: If radioactive waste and spent fuel are not disposed of properly they can potentially be an environmental hazard. Effects on the Earth: These plants have potential to add to air pollution releasing toxins, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide into the air.
Effects on the Earth: These forms do not combust gases so air emissions are not compromised.
We have compiled over 30 energy-saving tips to help you lower your energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint. If you set your thermostat a little higher during summer months, you'll reduce your cooling costs 3-4% for each degree of adjustment. A whole house fan is a simple and inexpensive method of cooling a house, particularly during times when the humidity levels are not too high. If you buy a new air conditioner, buy an efficient model that is sized and installed properly. A properly ventilated home can significantly improve overall comfort levels and also reduce energy costs.
Use kitchen, bath, and other ventilating fans wisely; in just 1 hour, these fans can pull out a houseful of warmed or cooled air. It is important to follow appropriate safety precautions when using space heaters in your home. If you set your thermostat a little lower during winter months, you'll reduce your heating costs 2-3% for each degree of adjustment. Weather-resistive barriers need to be integrated with other wall system components, including structure, insulation, vapor retarder, air retarder (if separate), and flashing systems. Slab-on-grade foundations have extensive energy at the perimeter, but can be inexpensively insulated to reduce energy loss. Install exterior or interior storm windows; storm windows can reduce your heat loss through the windows by 25% to 50%, particularly if you have single pane windows. Crawl spaces can be a significant source of energy loss during both summer and winter, and should be properly insulated.
One of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy costs is to reduce the air leakage within your home as much as possible. Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades on windows that feel drafty after weatherizing. When properly selected and installed, windows can help minimize a home's heating, cooling, and lighting costs.
The refrigerator is the largest energy consuming appliance in the average home, in large part because it runs continuously. Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same amount of light. With such a variety of lighting choices on the market today, how do you decide which light is right for your home?
Trees that lose their leaves in the fall are the most effective at reducing heating and cooling energy cost.

Set the hot water temperature to 50 degrees celsius and install water saving showerheads in your home to reduce the amount of energy used. With a shower you can use low flow low shower heads and also take the shower for a shorter period of time.
In spite of this, KVAR reviews show that most people are not finding it helpful towards their bills.
Sign up for our exclusive e-mail newsletters and get money-saving tips right to your inbox! The fiberglass insulation can range from 50 cents to $1 per square foot, but be careful because if you go with the blown-in variety, your costs could double. In order to check your air infiltration, hold a lighted candle near your window frames, baseboards, doors, pipes, or vents. Although average digital thermostats range between $60-$120, you can get high-tech “smart” thermostats from $275-$400. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) averages most families spend roughly $1,900 a year on electricity.
A good rule of thumb when using your AC in the summer is to try to keep it at 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees when you leave your home.
If a room in your home gets direct exposure to sunlight you’re going to want to keep that heat from entering your home.
Find the areas of your home that get the most sun exposure in the summer time and plant your favorite types of trees there. Energy Star ceiling fans use the latest technology to save energy, and manufacturers like Quorum offer a wide variety of Energy Star ceiling fans.
If installing a ceiling fan in your home is not an option for you, consider buying portable desk fans or floor fans. This is a big one and we know many homes do not get a choice in the matter, but if you do get to choose your AC unit we recommend picking a Energy Star qualified product with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). If you live in a cold area try to keep your heater at 68 degrees when you are home and at 55 degrees when you leave the house, this will save you up to 20 percent on your heating costs. Exhaust fans are great for clearing nasty odors and smoke from your bathroom or kitchen but they also push out your warm air. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or to be able to build a fireplace extension in your home, use it. This article has a chart that shows the recommended amount of insulation based on the location of your home and gives a lot of tips for installing insulation. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature to your individual needs for each day of he week.
Look up the rates for each product you're considering, especially large fixtures like air conditioners (AC) or heaters. Energy Star is an EPA sponsored organization set out to help businesses and individuals save money and the Earth's natural resources through superior energy efficiency. Every bit of energy we make has an impact on our environment, especially when finding unique ways to keep the huge turbines moving that make electricity. These are all considered non-renewable resources that cannot be replenished in your lifetime.
Ninety-nine accidents have been reported from nuclear power plants across the world, only a handful have been major.
Hydropower is considered a renewable energy source because although water evaporates it eventually rains back down. The tips cover a range of topics including cooling and heating strategies, insulation, and lighting.
You will be surprised about the amount of energy lost through the cracks and openings in a home. In addition to reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gains in the summer, ceiling insulation improves comfort by bringing ceiling temperatures closer to room temperatures and providing an even temperature distribution throughout the house.
Recommended temperatures are 37° to 40°F for the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator and 5°F for the freezer section. Replacing a 10 year-old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR® model can cut your refrigerator energy use in half. The difference in energy cost between two loads per week and four loads per week can amount to $30–$40 per year.
When selectively placed around a house, they provide excellent protection from the summer sun, but permit winter sunlight to reach and warm your house. By turning off unused appliances at the power point you can save up to 800 kWh of electricity per year. If you own an Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water Service, switch off the electric boost (HWS circuit breaker in your switchboard) when you leave for holidays or in the summer months to save costs. Electric located in Marathon, Florida services the Middle Florida Keys from Big Pine Key, Marathon, Sombrero, Tingler Isle, Key Colony Beach, Duck Key, Long Key, Islamorada, Florida. Electric's professional staff handles all types of electrical work such as adding and repairing existing electrical wiring systems. Electric, you will have peace of mind knowing that the project will be done by someone who has taken the time to acquire the appropriate education, the proper workers' compensation and liability insurance and possesses the necessary experience. So if yours stands at 40 degrees, then turning it a little bit lower to 39 degrees is all you need to do! With your dish washer, instead of drying your dishes using your drying cycle, you can air dry them. When you drive at uniform speed and avoid speeding, you will save a lot on your fuel consumption. It is a device that is made to aid your existing motors work more efficiently and consume less energy.
My Mission is to live life full of adventure knowing that when it's my time, the world will be a better place because I was here and I did what I could to help others too. There are tons of ways to make your home more energy-efficient so that you can reduce your carbon footprint.
Remember, though, to make sure your air conditioner or heating systems and any fans are turned off first. Smart thermostats allow you to remotely manage the temperature of your house anywhere you may have an internet connection.

Amazingly enough, this can reduce the air temperature surrounding your home by nearly nine degrees.
Opening the windows and doors in the early mornings or evenings, when the temperature is still low outside, will allow cool air to move through, letting your home cool itself naturally before the summer heat kicks in. A wide selection of energy efficient sun blocking curtains are now available at many stores and online. This is not an instant fix, but in a few years shady trees could help save you big time on your home cooling costs. No installation necessary and these fans can move from room to room while still saving you up to 65 percent on your heating and cooling costs.
Here are some of our top tips for stopping your energy usage from creeping up during the winter months. Most have a built in switch that allows you to turn your fan clockwise in the winter months. This is a general energy saving tip that is especially important for winter because the fan will slowly circulate the warm air out of your home. These easy to install devices help you use anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less energy on your home lighting. These windows reduce UV damage to interior fabrics and help control the climate based on your locations climate zone. Each of these fixtures must pass a rigorous set of requirements to assure they are saving electricity every time you used them. The water to cool the turbines is sometimes removed from rivers and lakes which can disturb the living environments for aquatic life and animals living near the water source.
The programmable thermostat will help you manage your cooling and heating systems well with care. The best choice of trees if you live in a four season area would be the deciduous trees, since they shed their leaves in the winter, thus allowing sunlight to enter through your windows to warm up the house during those cold winter days. Adjusting a handful of factors, such as choosing the right light bulbs, will save your wallet and the environment big time. You will be saving one to three percent of your energy bill for every degree higher you set it.
Pair this technique with high-end ceiling fans, desk fans or floor fans and you will not even need your AC on during the first part of the day.
Solar screens, window tinting or shutters are the most efficient way to block the suns heat. Utilizing these techniques in your home have energy packed savings of 15 percent in the winter and up to 50 percent in the summer.
Sizing and proper installation are key when installing a new AC so pick a high quality technician to help you. You can save one to three percent on your electric bill for every degree you lower you go on the thermostat.
Using your fireplace will not only create a calming atmosphere in your home and smell great, but it will also help you save significantly on your heating costs and save our precious non-renewable resources. If you’re in a colder climate consider hiring a contractor to add insulation to your exterior walls. Dimmers can be used with most devices including ceiling fans, floor lamps, desk lamps and various light fixtures.
Look to repair or replace damaged, disconnected or undersized ducts in your home immediately.
The energy savings of these products range from 15 percent all the way to 80 percent depending on the product you choose.
The waste is taken to the energy plant and ripped into smaller, more manageable pieces before it’s burned to produce steam to turn the turbines.
Our trucks are kept well-stocked so that we can provide a quick and efficient service call to minimize your inconvenience. Electric is a licensed and insured Florida Keys electrical contractor and owned by Armand Messina, Master Electrician.
You will need to grab yourself a caulk gun and begin sealing around the gaps in the walls or windows. We will break these energy efficient heating and cooling tips into winter, summer and anytime categories. Having ceiling fans in different parts of your home can significantly save you on your energy bill. Make sure enough room is left for serving your new AC and making sure it’s charged correctly. When your fan is running clockwise it pushes all the warmer air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, back down to the floor. Update your weather stripping if it’s torn or no longer filling the space between your wall and door. Energy Star has a large list of lighting fixtures and home appliances that will help you save on your heating and cooling usage.
We live in a corrosive saltwater environment - hence, the need to upgrade your interior or exterior wiring. If you have a draft around a vent, your vent might be the wrong size and this could mean you need to replace that vent or add some foam insulation around it. Although the return on investment may not be immediate, if you are in for the long haul in your current home, this may be worth the time, money and effort. Another way to beat the heat is to replace some of the light fixtures in a room with a ceiling fan with lights.
Even the most expensive ceiling fan versus the cheapest AC unit saves you almost $900 a year. Controllable ceiling fans with lights will cool you down while providing ample lighting for a room.

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