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The company recommends cooking in bulk and microwaving the meals for two nights a week as a€?the microwave is a far moreA  efficient way to heat food than the oven and cooking in bulk could save you A?20 a yeara€™.First Utility says customers should read or play board games rather than watch television,A  claiming the reduction in electricity could save A?12 a year. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
If you’re like most of the population, you’re wondering how to maximize comfort and minimize cost in the sweltering sun of the Nashville summer. One good place to start is the kitchen; though it may not be your intuitive first guess, the kitchen is the site of many small decisions that can have a big impact on your energy bill’s bottom line. A second convenient site for energy saving in summertime is the air conditioning system itself. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive all the new recipes, DIY projects, and tips straight to your inbox each week! 4. Wool dryer balls: Did you know that using the wool dryer balls can save you time on drying your clothes? Danielle is a mom of 4, Former Navy Wife, Homeschooling mom, frugalista and blogger at The Frugal Navy Wife. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. This is one of my best summer energy saving tips because fans can be a great way to stay cool. To keep from raising the temperature in the house consider other ways of cooking that don’t require the use of the oven or the stove. While regular fans don’t cool a room down, exhaust fans can keep your home from warming up.
One of the easiest ways to keep your home cool is by creating shade to keep the hot sunlight from heating up your home. Don’t run your dishwasher during the heat of the day since it gives off both heat and humidity. If you don’t have central air, or if you have certain rooms that you need to cool down differently, than window air conditioning units are a great option. We run our dishwasher only at night year round so I don’t have to deal with the noise. I think we get so used to using our different forms of technology that we don’t even think about how their uses could effect us.
Saving energy seems like it would be a difficult task, but with these easy tips you can make a huge impact on your energy usage, and your electric bill. About Glacial Energy- Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers selling electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated markets across the country. About the Author- One Stop Green, LLCA  facilitates environmentally friendly improvements to residential and commercial properties through distribution of green, energy efficient products and services. Individuals in the market for new appliances are often guided to purchase Energy Star rated units, but if you are not in the market for new appliances, or you dona€™t have the money to run out and buy something new, review these simple energy saving tips. In the country that invented the solar panel, solar energy still only produces less than 1 percent of U.S. The collection of thermal radiation from the sun is relatively easy, and involves the use of a fluid passing through a heat sink exposed to sunlight. Although solar energy is considered to be one of the cleanest and renewable sources of energy among the available sources but is has some environmental impacts too.
In recent years manufacturing costs of photovoltaic cells has dropped by 3-5% per year while government subsidies have increased. We can all help to conserve energy and save money at our workplaces by implementing some quick and easy changes in our work habits and becoming more conscious about our working environments. Maintain all electrical equipment in optimum condition by scheduling regular servicing to ensure it is kept running efficiently. Always turn off all electrical appliances and pull the plugs from the wall sockets at the end of the workday, including cell phone chargers, fans, coffeemakers, desktop printers, radios, etc. Turn off lights in all rooms and areas that are not in use such as the common areas, break room and conference rooms. Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for desk lamps and overhead lighting. During the summer months, pull the shades or close the window blinds during the midday to limit the amount of heat that enters the room in warmer weather and to limit the amount of heat that escapes during the winter months. In the winter months, open blinds on south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your workspace. Adjust and program the thermostat to shut off during the night and to turn on half an hour before the beginning of the workday. Encourage employees to dress according to the weather and time of the year, adjusting their layers of clothing before changing the thermostat settings. Whether clipping coupons or shopping the best deals online, smart shoppers understand the value of saving a buck. Appliances are major energy users, so your task should be to identify models that may be costing you a lot, and to find ways to trim waste.
When electronics, like TVs, DVD players and cell phone chargers, are plugged in but not on, they still draw power, resulting in about 8% of our annual electric bills. Although there has been some skepticism, Smart Meters are already starting to change the way people use and manage their electricity.
Fact: Smart meters do not identify electrical devices in the home or record when they are operated. Fact: Smart Meters do not emit any microwave radiation, but communicate using radio frequencies (RF), similar to common every day devices such as radios, cell phones, baby monitors, wireless networks, etc.
Myth: Installation of a smart meter will automatically cause an increase in customer bills.
Fact: Smart meters have been tested and proven to record energy usage accurately and do not cause higher bills.
There are many things you should know about Smart Meters, but the most important thing you should know is that Smart Meters give you the ability to have insights into how youa€™re using electricity in your home.a€?Through access to energy usage data, consumers will be able to better understand their own energy usage.
For additional information about smart meters please visit Wikipedia or view our blog article about smart meters. A About Glacial Energy- Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers selling electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated markets across the country.
Since the electricity market was deregulated several years ago, residents in cities participating in this emerging competitive market have enjoyed their power to choose retail electric providers.
Fact: Electricity rates have been rising throughout the country, not only in deregulated states.
Fact: Legislators in some states who are not eager proponents of energy deregulation are blaming this policy for the increase in electric prices.
Myth: Rates may be increasing across the country, but the worst increases have been in deregulated states. Fact: In most of the states that deregulated to increase competition, political agreements were made to cap rates for a certain period of time and, in some cases, actually roll them back. Fact: Electricity can be compared with an analogy to food, another vital commodity that consumers simply could not live without.
Beginning with the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act, the United States started eliminating many layers of economic regulation that had placed industries under strict government overseers. For most of the 20th century, one company generated the electricity, transported it to the local retailer and distributed it to homes and businesses. Residential and Commercial customers purchase electricity service from a REP that purchases power from a power plant and takes care of billing and customer service.
Similar to mobile phone providers, electricity deregulation allows multiple companies to compete for business in an electricity market.
Saving money on your electric bill can be as easy as changing a few of your habits around the home.
Cutting the size of your electric bill can be that simple and, with just a few small changes in your habits and some of the products that you use, not only will you save pounds but you will also be helping the environment as well. Mostly, it’s just common sense that will save us money; installing energy saving LED lights, reducing temperature settings and not leaving appliances on standby but we all take our energy for granted and often forget that even the little red standby light on the TV is telling us that we are spending money unnecessarily! Well thought out plantings can cut your summer cooling and winter heating costs dramatically. Replacing your old central air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model can reduce your cooling costs by 20%. Modern washing machines use less water to get clothes just as clean, and spin faster, squeezing more water out and reducing drying time. ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances use 10% to 50% less energy and water than standard models.

Recycling two aluminum cans saves the amount of energy it takes to power a PC for one workday. Holiday lights using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use one-tenth the energy of typical mini-lights and are cooler, which reduces fire risk.
If you replace 25% of your lights in high-use areas with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can save about 50% of your lighting energy bill. The clothes dryer uses more electricity than every appliance after the refrigerator, and costs about $85 to operate annually. Water heating is the third largest energy expense in your home (after space heating and cooling). It suggested that customers should follow the a€?5:2 energy dieta€™ a€“ to mirror the weight-loss regime that many try at this time of year. It can save you A?34 a year a€“ just ask permission from the other person first!a€™ The firm also proposes thatA  customers a€?opt for an early nighta€™. Setting the thermostat to an ideal target range of 78 degrees when you’re in the house and relying on it, and then turning it up to 85 degrees when the house is empty, can keep you in the range that is both comfortable and affordable. There are several ways you can save money on this with these 10 Simple Tips for Saving Money on Drying Your Clothes. Use the spin cycle twice: This will get out any extra water and the less water in your clothes when they go into the dryer the less time they will need to be in the dryer .
Hang clothes to dry: As said before, the simplest way to save on the dryer is to not use it. Use a drying rack: When the weather isn’t so nice outside you can use an indoor drying rack to save money.
Put in a dry towel: Yes, putting in a dry towel seems counterproductive but the dry towel works like the wool dryer balls.
Don’t use the drier to get out wrinkles: Don’t toss clothes back into the dryer to get out wrinkles. Check the vent hose: You should do a regular check on the vent hose in the back of the dryer to make sure it isn’t kinked and it is clear so the air is flowing freely. She and her family of 6 are currently setting out on their lifelong dream to travel via RV around the United States. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
I grew up in the country so a bunch of bright lights on at night time is, in my opinion, bright and obnoxious. If you open most of your windows up then you can truly get a nice breeze going in the house. It’s amazing how much cooler the house can be if we close all the windows early on a hot day. In fact, according to DTE Energy, for every degree above 72 degrees that you set your thermostat, you could reduce your energy bill by as much as 3 percent. Both can add a lot of unnecessary heat to your home, and it often comes at the hottest time of the day.
If you do have to use the stove or the oven than turn on the exhaust fan to help drive the hot air outside. The replacement will not only save you money because these types of bulbs use less electricity, but these types of bulbs give off less heat. Glacial Energy has the resources and market knowledge to provide customized quotes for your business or cost saving opportunities for your home. Their goal is to provide practical, long-term, and economical solutions for existing and non-existing facilities while remaining dedicated to the principles of sustainability. By using your home appliances efficiently, you can lower your electricity usage without adding more work for yourself or others. The temperature in your refrigerator should be at 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Easily perform this test by leaving a lit flashlight inside a closed appliance and if you see light around the gasket, replace the gasket.
Washing one large load will take less energy than washing two loads on a low or medium setting. Take clothes out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp to reduce the need for ironinga€”another big energy user.
And if the manufacturer’s instructions permit, open the door of the dishwasher at the end of the last rinse cycle, rather than using the drying cycle. If you use a lot of hot water, you may need to set the temperature higher to provide enough hot water for your needs.
The circulated fluid can be used as a heat source, or if concentrated, be used to turn a wheel or turbine to generate electricity; however, the materials needed to produce solar cells can be rather expensive.
While to some such facts about solar energy seem trivial, this makes solar energy an ever-more affordable energy source.
MIT Engineering Professor Jeffrey Grossman, inspired by the ways trees spread their leaves to capture sunlight, developed a 3D solar panel.
Use dimmers, motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use to reduce energy use and costs. Using CFLs instead of comparable incandescent bulbs can save about 50% on your lighting costs and last up to 10 times longer. Overhangs or exterior window covers are most effective to block sunlight on south-facing windows. One of the easiest ways to save is by upgrading to a new Energy Star certified, high-efficiency model. It’s simple to stop the drain by looking around your house, and unplugging any unused devices you find. In most cases, higher bills can be attributed to changes in weather, timing of rates, older equipment malfunctions and human error. Beyond that, the Smart Meters will also enable cutting-edge technology, like smart thermostats, smart appliances and smart homes.
Electricity deregulation has been a success despite the abundance of several detractors, most of which are coming from areas and states where the implementation of energy deregulation has failed. These increases are largely a result of rising costs for the fuel used by generators to produce electricity. Higher prices due to dramatic increases in the prices for natural gas and petroleum products are an occurrence not only in deregulated states but on a nationwide scale as well. As a result, many customers in deregulated states have been paying below market rates in recent years despite increases in the input costs for generating electricity. In a country like the United States, the food market has considerably very intense market competition all along its supply chain: starting from the production and raw materials, to the final product packaging and form that is served on every Americana€™s dining table. These companies became mini monopolies, operating in prescribed geographic areas subject to state and federal regulations. The power itself is still transferred over the same power lines from the local TDSP, making the switch painless for consumers. REPs compete on price, service and renewable energy options, giving consumers more choices and lower prices. Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois and several other states are leading the way in providing consumers more competitive options in energy providers.A  Glacial Energy is a retail electricity and natural gas provider that serves over 20 states. For example, did you know that the average US household spends between $200-250 every year just by leaving appliances switched on or in standby mode? Reducing the temperature by just 1°C could cut your heating bills by 10%; a saving of around ?65 a year for most homes. They can last up to twenty times longer than a conventional light bulb and use less than 85% of the energy.
It says: a€?It is up to you what you do, but putting out the lights and turning off the box can save you A?18 a year a€“ and it could be lots of fun!a€™ Customers should also consider giving up hot drinks to save the energy used to boil a kettle. It just doesna€™t make sense.a€™ Ed Kamm, First Utilitya€™s chief customer officer, last night denied it was trivialising the issue of high energy bills. Relying on central AC doesn’t condemn you automatically to an expensive slew of energy bills, though. Another counter intuitive means of energy saving is using your dishwasher rather than putting in the sweat equity of washing the dishes yourself. Paying attention the air conditioner filters as well can ensure that the system is operating as efficiently as possible without wasting energy pushing past debris that has accumulated.
You don’t have to hang up everything either, I would suggest handing up the bigger items that would take longer to dry.
If the clothes can’t move freely inside the drum of your dryer they will take forever to dry or won’t dry at all.

If you utilize fans than you can keep your thermostat at a higher temperature which we already said can save a lot of money.
Also, make sure that everyone in your home uses the bathroom exhaust fan while showering or bathing.
Some ways to do it are with window film, solar screens, awnings, blinds, planting trees, etc. As an extra tip chose to let your dishes air dry instead of using the drying feature to save on electricity. I really never thought about changing the times that I clean the dishes or even the lights I use. Microwave ovens use significantly less energy to heat food than conventional stovetops and ovens. Vampire devices, like televisions, DVD players, stereos, and computers, still use energy even when turned off. We often forget that a large part of our home’s energy usage can be attributed to heating water.
One Stop Greena€™s mission is to help consumers take control of their energy options so they can reduce their carbon footprint and do their part for the environment while protecting themselves against rising energy costs and taking advantage of valuable Federal tax credits and deductions. But as the price of solar power continues to fall and as states, such as California, mandate that a third of all power come from renewables by 2020, solar energy could become a major player in electricity production. Solar energy has been used by people since ancient times by using simple magnifying glasses to concentrate the light of the sun into beams so hot they would cause wood to catch fire. However, manufacturing the photovoltaic cells to produces that energy requires silicon and produces some waste products. In the next few years it is expected that millions of households in the world will be using solar energy. Unlike with flat solar panels, these new 3D panels can actually pick up almost as much electricity on a cloudy day as it can when it’s sunny out. Your electric bill can be a source of savings, if you know what to look for and how to make small changes at home.
To make it even easier, plug your electronics into a power strip, and switch that off when you are finished watching your favorite TV marathon or charging your mobile devices. Furthermore, Smart Meters do not have the capability to operate appliances inside a home or business, including turning appliances on or off.A  In the future, companies may offer voluntary programs in the future that include Home Area Network Devices for inside the home that give customers the ability to control certain appliances. A The advantage of smart meters is that companies will no longer have to send an employee to the house or business to read the meter, which actually equates to more privacy for the customer.
Each transmission is only a fraction of a second, resulting in an average daily transmission of about 5 seconds. For consumers, no matter how electricity is marketed a€“ through a deregulated competitive market, cooperatives or through municipalities a€“ the price is still dictated by the cost of the raw materials used for generation.
As these rate caps expire, rates are catching up and starting to reflect current market prices that are being driven by significantly higher fuel prices.
This competition resulted in greater abundance for food that can later be translated to very cheap retail prices. Similar to choosing which company you use for your cell phone, residential and commercial consumers now may choose their electricity supplier. Closing your curtains will help too; it keeps out drafts and keeps in the heat and don’t forget to install draft excludes round doors and windows.
He said: a€?First Utility is committed to offering a low-price alternative to an energy market dominated by the Big Six. There is a plethora of convenient ways in which you can minimize your expenditures without sprouting embarrassing sweat stains as soon as you wake up. You actually save water with a one-time wash for all the dishes at once compared to an individual manual wash.
Speaking of filters, checking the filters in your washing machine and swimming pool (if you have one) are two more easy ways to make sure you’re trimming unnecessary costs and saving all your money for the pure cost of temperate comfort. The main unit is attached to one part of my house and then a hook is mounted onto my garage. If you do need to use the air conditioning during the day then see if you can at least open your windows up at night.
This will help blow the humid air outside so it won’t add heat and humidity to the rest of your house.
The most important areas to do this are on the western and southern facing sides of your home. Certainly there are some things that require more lighting, but sitting around watching TV and a lot of other activities don’t. We still need to replace our bedroom one with a more energy efficient (and quieter) one as my daughter’s room already has a good one. Leaving just one 100-watt light bulb turned on all day, every day, would cost over $87 in a year. Blinds and curtains add an extra layer of insulation, which can really add up to big savings over the course of a year.
Microwaves also do not put off extra heat, resulting in less strain on your air conditioner during those hot summer months. For the equipment’s protection, they should always be plugged into a surge protector. Inappropriate handling of these materials may lead to hazardous exposure to humans and the environment. To save money, make sure vents are open in rooms you want conditioned, but close the ones in rooms you hardly use. Also be aware that rapid on and off switching decreases the life of CFLs, so it may not be worth it to install the pricier bulbs in places like closets, where you rarely have the lights on. Consider going back through the steps above, looking for any appliances or areas you missed before. Despite this pressure, if one takes into account price increases over the same timeframe in other consumer goods like food, housing and health care, electricity price increases are mostly modest by comparison.
The same would be true for electricity, wherein competition among retail electric providers not only placed the prices of electricity in check but have also resulted in higher levels of customer service never been enjoyed by consumers in a regulated and monopoly-controlled power market.
But we also want to help our customers use less energy where they can by shedding some light on whatA  different activities cost.a€?These tips are meant to provide some advice as to how we might reduce our energy usage and absolutely not intended to trivialise the issue of fuel poverty, something we take very seriously. The important thing to remember is that you have to shut all of the windows before it starts to get hot. You’ll save yourself quite a chunk of change by leaving the lights off as long as you can. Also, make sure to seal the sides of the unit around the window frame to keep any hot air from coming in and to keep the cold air from going out. You can then save energy by simply getting into the habit of turning off those surge protectors before bed.
Furthermore, installing solar power plants may require large piece of land, which may impact existing ecosystems. Finally, the fridge operates on a lower energy consumption level when it’s fuller, because it does less work to return to its equilibrium temperature after being opened when there is less room for warm air to enter. Doing this can save you money by not running the air at night, and the next day the house can start off at a low temperature so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard.
I boil the eggs in the morning and then I can quickly cook a few chicken nuggets without adding much heat to the house. Usually you want to do it by 7:30, but it does depend on how cool the start of the morning is.
I live in a northern state, so it’s not often hot enough for me to need to turn on the air conditioning, but keeping the air off is far from the only way I keep my energy bill down. I know it seems pretty old fashioned to dry your clothes outside, but take a look around some time and I bet you’ll see a lot of people are actually doing it. In fact I’ve gotten my bill so low this summer that my bill was almost too low for them to send me a bill!
To help you save a little money on those high energy bills I’ve put together a list of 13 summer energy saving tips.

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