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Newer houses are now well insulated; houses 10 years or older are likely to have minimal insulation. If designing a new house with ceiling or floor vents, you have the opportunity to really benefit.
Equally as important when building your new home is insulating it well to trap the heat in. The final step we can all do to greatly reduce our heat being lost is easy and possible in every home. February 25, 2016 by admin While temperatures in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are typically mild, even during winter, there are times it gets cool - or even cold, for some, depending on how cold-natured you are. The Spotlight will highlight topics spanning industry news, safety, product and equipment reviews, codes and much more! Water activities are great ways you can cool off and keep active during these next few months, which makes this is the perfect time to remind our fellow readers about the simple tips that we all easily forget on the long wait to summertime. A less common, but incredibly deadly danger when it comes to swimming, is electrical shock. Spring cleaning is a great time to pull down all of those dusty curtains and spare bedrooms sheets and toss them in the wash. There are many things you can do around your house to help those skyrocketing energy bills. A simple and free solution to get the most out of your heating, is to keep any unused room doors shut. Also, always remember to turn down the heat when you are out of town or away from the house. People are at a greater risk of electrical fires in the winter months, from the lights in and outside of your house, to the cooking in your home, and even unsafe heat sources.
Winter officially began on December 21, and you have probably been using your heater more often than the previous months. Since a house down the street from me busted into flames last week, it got me wondering what measures need to be taken in my home, to prevent that from happening. FEMA and states that heating equipment is involved in 1 in every 7 reported home fires and 1 in every 6 home fire deaths. If you are remodeling your house or buying a new home, you should have it inspected by an electrician as well. If you have a portable heater in your home, make sure to keep it in a secure place with nothing around it and never use an extension cord for the heater. It is important that you check your smoke alarm every month to make sure it is working condition.
Last month if you recall we highlighted sticky notes, porch swings, onion goggles… we continue right where we left off. This is a perfect remedy to the hard headboard while trying to read before bed debacle we all get ourselves into, is it not? Raise your hand if you make toast for breakfast in the morning… This product could save you the hassle of looking out the window to check the weather while toasting breakfast. Wind energy Sustainable integrated lighting energy efficiency Safety First North Coast Electric Building Codes Division Winter Vehicle Graphics customer appreciation Orange LED Christmas Lights stink bugs Central City Project Ground Fault portland Cold Weather Illnesses USB Charger Conference Lighting Wireless Sensors Sticky Notes Commercial Electrical Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Oregon Energy Chocolate Cake Project effectuate MaxLite fall Plug Share LONWorks Cable Residential Code adapt on site ICE Co seasonal Education ktvl 7 P's existing customers Electric Ideas dog Smoke Alarms Onion Goggles Dr.

Take Advantage of Window Coverings A?a‚¬a€? During the winter when the sun is out, keep your blinds and curtains open so that the sun can heat the home.A‚A  At night, close them to block out the cold.
These are just a few tips to help you save money on your winter utility bills and stay warm.A‚A  When the cold weather rolls in, know that with a few simple steps you will be able to preserve the heat in your home that you are ultimately paying for.
By cutting down on your energy useage you help to create a better environment for you and future generations.
This is the first in a series of energy saving articles and in this one we look at saving money on our heating bills without any impact on our lifestyle. 4.If your boiler is older than 5 years, and if finances allow, think about upgrading to a far more energy efficient boiler as this can save around 15% of energy used. Depending upon finances and the situation with grants you may also wish to seriously consider alternatives such as Ground or Air Source Heat Pumps, PV Solar Panels,Wood Burners or even Wind Turbines for light industrial or agricultural reasons. In future years as technology is refined the cost of these heating alternatives should drop to a far more affordable level so it is worth re-visiting these systems every few years if they are currently out of your budget range.
Either of which you find yourself in, the following will save you money on your heating bills. Yet if you have one unit heating your whole house, you will be heating bedrooms that are unused during the day, and if you heat bedrooms at night, you will be also heating empty living spaces.
Two separate smaller heating systems, one that heats bedrooms, and another that heats the living spaces, can be individually controlled. It is common to have an upstairs and separate downstairs heating unit, if not and the outlets are also in the ceiling, there is nothing you can do. Available in 31 languages the DVD - offers energy Energy Conservation - More Energy Conservation TipsEnergy Conservation tips - Energy conversation can save you money. It's a really good idea to start checking around your house now to make sure it's ready for the upcoming weather changes. Going by your list and checking it off will help you spread it out and complete everything necessary to get your house sparkly clean! It is important to check around your home to be sure it is not escaping under doors or through cracks.
The heater is great for keeping you warm, but it comes with consequences (if you don’t know what to do to ensure they are in fact safe).
The months that heating fires occur in half of the time are in December, January and February. Everyone in the home should know ways to escape if something unfortunate like this happens. Considering the young are going to be saddled with billions of debt after the global financial meltdown the least we can do is make sure they have a healthy and clean environment in which to live. Fit thermostatic valves to radiators in each individual room and minimize heating in under-used rooms to allow for different temperature settings. For every one degree you lower your heating thermostat you reduce your heating bill by 7% . Try reducing the temperature of the last hour at night down to 13 to 15 degrees as the built up heat will still keep the house warm at this lower setting. In summer reduce the time that the hot water is being heated as the ground temperature means you need less time to get the water up to temperature.

Insulate your walls with subsidized cavity injections or if you have solid walls consider insulating paints,insulating wallpapers,drylining or external wall insulation.
If having double glazing fitted invest in A rated frames and have argon gas filled glass units. The first step is to create two zones (spoken about in last week’s blog), in which you only heat what’s in use, with the rest closed off to heat later when needed. Closing these and the doors of those rooms not in use, stops heating to those unused spaces. With separate units for upstairs and down, the issue is when the downstairs unit alone is on, and how to prevent the heat being lost to upstairs. These gaps around their edges allows on average all the air in your house to be lost to outside every 3-4 hours!
If a person is not killed immediately from the shock, they can be rendered immobile and unable to call for help, resulting in drowning. On  your monthly bill you won’t notice much difference, but when you look  on an annual basis it adds up to a decent amount of money. Try keeping an eye on the next day’s weather and adjust the temperature settings accordingly as in the UK it is common to go from 5 degrees one day to 12 degrees the next and yet we leave the heating at the same temperature for the same amount of time.
With energy prices continuing to rise, and more critically global temperatures, we must all do our part to reduce our impact on the environment.
Alternatively if you plan on fitting just one heating unit, a motorised shutter within the ductwork, can be closed at the push of a button stopping supply to the bedrooms with the same effect. If you don’t have closing vents, pull the vents covers out and just below the outlet within the duct there is often a flap hinged in the middle, that can be rotated shut.
By simply closing all the doors to the rooms upstairs, you reduce the upstairs volume to just the corridor that the stairwell will supply, and with that the amount of hot air that will rise is drastically reduced.
Once that corridor is heated no more air will rise, leaving the downstairs to gain the heat it needs. Lastly a massive amount of heat is lost through glass, this is the weakest link in all homes. If building a new house be sure to have two units, or a motorised shut off to turn off upstairs or downstairs individually. Even better still a sliding door to close off the stairwell, perhaps at the bottom, means no heat loss to upstairs whatsoever. Pipe Insulation - Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaPipe Insulation is thermal or acoustic insulation used on pipework. In order to really save energy, you must consider the design of your home's lighting system.

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