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If you find yourself in the presence of horses, you may then realize how amazing these creatures are.
If you are a parent considering divorce, how it’s going to affect your children is a question of huge importance. Usk Veterinary Centre has all the facilities required to care for your horse.A  Horse owners are also welcome to bring their horse to our surgery by appointment or to Caerleon Veterinary Centre for routine vaccination. The laboratory at the Usk Surgery allows us to process blood samples, run analyses on urine and carry out worm egg counts on faecal sample to help advise you on the correct worming programme.
We regularly perform routine surgical procedures such as castration and cryptorchid operations, hernia reduction and wound repair.
Which enable us to provide veterinary services throughout Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen including Abergavenny, Gilwern, Goytre, Cwmbran, Chepstow, Blaenavon, Blackwood, Newbridge, Risca, Magor, Caldicot, Tintern and Trelleck. Do you require cover for your equine business activities, association or pony club operation?
Affinity specialises in Public Liability cover for the Equine Industry, providing cover for Coaches, Trainers, Riding Centres, Agistment Facilities, Assosciations, Pony Clubs and much more. Affinity also has a dedicated Risk Management department which specialises in supporting our clients with any risk management questions that they may have. If you would like us to arrange a quotation or for more information, please complete our Online Application below or contact us on 03 8587 7777. Affinity Insurance (Brokers) Pty Ltd trading as Affinity Insurance Brokers is acting under an authority given to it by the insurer and is acting as the insurer’s agent and not as your agent. Do you need insurance for your equine business activities, association or pony club operation?
To pay monthly for any Commercial policy including horse, equine, liability, business & office insurance, Premium Funding is avaliable. For Personal Insurance policies, Affinity offers a Monthly Instalment payment option via Direct Debit at NO cost. In addition to this, you should constantly update yourself on horse care news and guidelines to ensure that your animal lives his life to the fullest. The rule of thumb when it comes to feeding would be to always supply your horse with fresh water and salt or mineral licks.
Things get a bit more complicated when we take into account the different types of hay that a horse can consume. While sweet feeds and oats can be added to a horse’s diet, you should be aware that it can make him extremely excitable and also disrupt digestion. Horses must be groomed regularly in order to maintain their coat in good condition and to quickly spot problems such as ticks or cuts.
It should include a hoof pick (for cleaning dirt, debris and checking for lost nails or loose shoes), a body brush (for smoothing out the coat and removing dirt), a curry comb (for removing mud and preparing the coat for brushing –metal curry combs are arguably the best, but for sensitive areas of the body you may require rubber combs), a dandy brush (which should be used after the curry comb to straighten loose hair and remove mud that the curry comb couldn’t handle), towels and a mane comb (designed to remove tangles and snarls from the tail and mane). You can consider using color enhancing shampoos as they will accentuate your horse’s natural highlights and tones.
You will be happy to know that coat polish sprays can keep dirt off of your horse permanently. The grooming kit should include different sized sponges for different body part – dock, face, body etc. Protect hooves with a balanced diet: it is a well-known fact that some horses have better hooves than others.
Understand the summer cycle of soaking and drying hooves: most hooves suffer when the environment quickly changes from dry to warm or vice-versa.
Did you know that horses face severe dehydration and sunburn damage during summer (especially horses with light coats)?
If it’s too warm outside, or if the sun is too powerful you should consider putting the horse in the barn or providing him with shade (a tree or cover).
The first thing you need to do in the morning, after grooming the horse, is to apply fly repellent on her coat. If you are working a lot with your horse during summer you have to make sure that it rests enough. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about those oh-so-cold winter days is blankets. You can find a huge variety of horse blankets that provide additional protection for the horse during winter. Be warned that, even while using blankets, the horse is not impervious to cold temperatures, wind, rain or chilling. Lastly, if the horse is losing weight during winter you might want to consider increasing his food ratio.

Nutrition: The first thing you need to know about miniatures is the fact that they are prone to overeating. This concludes our guide to proper horse care. Horses are majestic creatures but they are high maintenance. Under Veterinary Referral, Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy provides a high quality assessment and treatment service, tailored to the individual needs of the client and owner. Topline Veterinary Physiotherapy carries out a full assessment on each individual client and then formulates an appropriate treatment plan.
A horse can be restricted, in pain or not performing to its optimal standard if its rider is suffering from symptoms such as stiffness, pain, and muscle imbalance.
Felicity regularly attends clinics with Lara Dennis, Great Britain Para-Dressage rider, providing rider and horse assessments and treatments. PTSD can occur after you have been through some form of trauma such as physical assault, sexual assault, combat, accidents or witnessing death. But being a parent to a teen with behavioral and emotional problems makes it even more challenging. It’s filled with social gatherings and festivities that gives you plenty of opportunities to catch up with family, friends and relatives.
We all know that everyone dies eventually, but a death that comes without warning can leave family and friends particularly vulnerable.
These consist of heated stabling with rubber matting, a turn out area if weather permits, intravenous fluid provision if needed and full supportive care. Click here to request a quote or for one of fully qualified consultants to contact you when it suits you! If you think that they are not yet ready to handle a horse on their own you should introduce them to horse care games. Online horse games have plenty of features like grooming, feeding and training, which will teach your little ones about the responsibilities of caring for a horse.
It is also about interacting with the animal, engaging in fun activities and strengthening the bond between you and him. Basic horse care involves regular medical attention, constant watering, the use of horse supplies, feeding and social activities. For example, hay with high protein content can be good, but if it is consumed in excess it can result in hoof problems. There are many supplements, like Purina, which are not as rich but have better nutritional value. You can also keep your brushes clean while grooming by brushing them against bristles or metal curries. Also, for gray or light colored horses it’s a good idea to keep some spray-on equine stain remover close. It is highly recommended to use an equine squeegee instead of a sweat scraper for removing water and mud. If your ranch is located in an area that heats up during summer you should consider several hot-weather horse care tips. You can also apply gooey medicine on the horse’s tummy to keep midges or gnats at bay. If the horse starts producing heavy sounds, if it has trouble breathing or it keeps slapping its tail it can only mean that she is overheated.
If the skin stays pinched for more than one or two seconds it means that the horse has to drink water as soon as possible. Add a fan in her stall during the day and walk around with it for 10 minutes after each workout session to cool it off. However, severe cold which can embrace certain parts of the country might affect the horse’s health.
You must include grooming rituals (which are basically the same as those for larger horses), in his daily activities.
Together you can determine a holistic approach that will ensure good health for many years to come. The main difference from larger horses is that miniature ones must have their feet trimmed from an early age.
Several specifics of horse care may have slipped our minds, but you definitely have the basics covered. With regular treatments Felicity keeps both myself and my mare in excellent condition and at the top of our game.
Everything is disrupted including your home, your work, your routine and even your relationship with friends and extended family.

Whether you are trying to sell your black stallion, showing under saddle or simply trying to impress the judges in a competition, you must make sure that the initial assessment of his appearance is a good one. These are things that should be done long before the ‘big day’, as part of your every-day routine. Analyze your child’s interest and dedication to his virtual horse before introducing him to a real-life one.
The best solution here is to mix different type of hay according to your veterinarian’s directions to achieve a more balanced diet. Additional treats include corn oil which can help your horse gain weight (must be mixed with grain) and supplement – vegetable oil, Omega-3 fatty acids- for joints, hooves and coat. You can minimize these effects by reducing the hours that your horse spends outside during dewy nighttime or by applying protective coats on the hooves. Keep in mind that if the horse already suffers from severe sunburn you will have to put fly mask on her that also protects from flies during the day. Most horses are capable of producing winter coats that insulate their organs from cold winds and temperatures. Interestingly enough, miniature horses are sturdier than large ones when it comes to harsh weather. Grooming isn’t only important for his health, but also for strengthening the bond between owner and animal. The program should include regular trips to the vet office for immunization, check-ups and testing. After you start properly caring for your horse you will be able to discover problems or additional steps that you can take to improve his health. Our results so far this season speak for themselves. Felicity is extremely thorough and really understands your horse’s needs. While horses may learn to adapt to an artificial environment, like a stable, they are designed to graze in open spaces. This means that you must determine how much your horse is supposed to eat (the amount of food for a horse depends on his size) and create a feeding schedule. Routine cleaning and care will help you spot cracks, cuts and injuries a lot faster than a trip to the vet.
Hooves should be checked before you go out for a ride (to remove stones or objects stuck in the hooves before adding your weight to the equation), before you put the horse to sleep, after untacking and every morning.
Alternatively, you can cut down on unnecessary baths and shorten the shoeing schedule during summer months.
Shivering or sweating under a blanket indicate how comfortable your companion is with different temperatures. Miniature horses should at least two times a day because of the size of their intestinal track. Her calm and relaxed approach around the horse is really beneficial, especially when dealing with a nervous or tense horse.
There may not be a prerequisite acreage for pastures; it is considered that one acre should be more than enough to satisfy a horse’s needs. This is why we have compiled a list of grooming and horse care tips that apply for the specific needs of regular and miniature horses.
You must provide the horse with proper shelter, a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and a clean environment. Once again, you should be mindful of the amount of grains as they may cause hoof problems, especially if your horse isn’t getting enough exercise. The more time you spend with your horse the easier it will be to see when something’s wrong. Obviously, you should also ensure that there is a fresh water supply available for them at all times. In addition to this horses require the constant attention and companionship of a human to maintain mental health. If the foot is warmer than normal, or than the others, this might mean that he is suffering from a badly placed shoeing nail.

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