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In this blog, 123 Dentist Member Clinics want to help you understand oral cancer and what you can do about it, to make sure you live a long and healthy life. Oral Cancer will kill over 8,000 people in the US this year, or 1 person every minute of every day. Celebrities who have suffered from oral cancer include Roger Ebert, Aaron Spelling, Michael Douglas and Rod Stewart.
Around 75% of all oral cancer is caused by avoidable human behaviour like smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption. Oral Cancer, as with several other types of cancer, have been linked to the HPV-16 virus, or Human Papillomavirus.
If you are already a carrier of HPV, please remember it is not always a sign of cancer, but does make you more susceptible to certain cancers like cervical (most common in women) and oropharyngeal (more common for men). Most doctors recommend annual cancer screenings for carriers of HPV, because early detection is key to combatting any cancer, including oral cancer.
Oral Cancer often manifests much the same way other cancers do, with a lump that feels abnormal.
Because Oral Cancer is confined to the oral cavity, your 123 Dentist is your first line of defence to diagnose and treat it.
A new technology, called VELscope, allows dentists to use a blue laser to identify signs of cancer more thoroughly.
If you find yourself diagnosed with oral cancer, your dentist and doctor will work with you to discuss your options, specific to your needs and the progression of the cancer. When detected early by your dentist, an oral cancer diagnoses can have a minimal impact on your life, but because so many people avoid regular visits to the dentist, they are putting themselves at increased risk. For two years, 123 Dentist Member Clinics have participated in a program to raise money for oral cancer awareness by offering free VELscope Oral Cancer Screenings at select clinics by donation.
Due to the rise of HPV and other possible environmental factors, oral cancer is on the rise and is affecting younger men and women than ever before. APPOINTMENT CONCIERGEWith one call we help you find the right dentist for you and schedule and schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. The ADA Seal of Acceptance was started in 1930 to help consumers find out what products actually are effective at doing what they claim to do. In order for a product to receive the ADA Seal of Acceptance, it has to undergo lots of testing to make sure that it actually does what it says it will do.
The company that makes the product must submit the product information insert, ingredient lists, results of the research supporting the products effectiveness, provide evidence of good manufacturing processes, submit all packaging and advertising information about the product to the American Dental Association. More than 125 consultants, including members of the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs and ADA staff scientists, review and declare oral care products safe, effective and worthy of the ADA Seal. You can view a complete list of the ADA Seal of Acceptance testing criteria on the ADA’s website. The ADA Seal of Acceptance on the other hand is much more comprehensive than the FDA seal of approval and actually tests the product to ensure that it does what it claims to do.
There is a simple search form that you can use on the American Dental Association’s website to search for ADA-accepted products.

Here is a version of the ADA Seal that has been used as recently as 2006.  You may still see it around, so I figured that I would keep it here for informational purposes. Note that this is simply to illustrate what the ADA Seal of Acceptance looks like, so you can make more informed choices as a consumer. How many consumers do you believe when shopping actually check a dental product for the ADA seal? Hi Jessica – To be honest, I doubt many people do check for the ADA seal on dental products.
Also, I would imagine that consumers check for the ADA seal a lot more often when they are in dollar stores, due to the questionable quality of the toothpaste there a few years ago.
I remember a news article about toothpaste, such as Crest, Colgate etc, being made somewhere and did NOT have the ADA seal.
Maybe someone searching for this same thing will find this page eventually and leave a comment for us with the answer.
A theory on this may be that since getting the ADA seal costs money, certain brands may introduce new types of toothpaste to the market without the seal, then if they end up selling a lot the companies decide to invest in getting the ADA seal.
Thanks again for the correction – I updated the article to simply say that the blue logo is a version that has been used in the past. Do you know how long amalgam manufacturers were allowed to carry the ADA seal of acceptance ? Does it seem odd that if the seal has such strict requirements of safety and testing that the ADA would produce the documentation from amalgam manufacturers showing safety (that they were supposed to submit in order to get the seal). After reading the amalgam MSDS, I’m confused as to how amalgam manufacturers ever had the seal in the first place.
I know that the ADA stopped offering the seal to dentist-dispensed teeth whitening kits a few years ago. As far as the safety and effectiveness of amalgam fillings, they are safe and they last much longer than tooth-colored fillings.
Due to the mercury, I do doubt that amalgam would be approved by the FDA if it tried to come onto the market today. Hi Helene – As far as toothpastes go, many of them have pretty much the same formulations.
I started this site to help you have a better understanding of dentistry so that you can make informed decisions regarding your dental treatment.
Pulpitis: What’s the Difference Between Reversible Pulpitis and Irreversible Pulpitis? Oral cancer is on the rise and according to the BC Cancer Agency, in 2011 an estimated 531 people in British Columbia alone were diagnosed with some form of oral cancer..
While oral cancer diagnoses are on the rise, it is one of the most treatable cancers, meaning that for those who catch it early, it is highly survivable.
Oral cancer is a form of head or neck cancer and refers to tumours found inside the oral cavity.

It’s also one of the most common cancers to contract and has been gaining increasing attention in the world wide community.
Ebert and Spelling both lost their battle to oral cancer, but Michael Douglas and Rod Stewart are survivors.
The condition is also genetic, but oral health, including regular flossing and brushing with visits to your local 123 Dentist member clinic can help lower your risk. Men can look for genital warts as a symptom of HPV, and should always use protection to avoid transferring the virus, particularly with women who have not been vaccinated. Practice excellent oral hygiene and visit your dentist every 6 months for a routine cleaning. The technology was created with support by the BC Cancer Agency and is used around the world for early oral cancer detection. In advanced cases, this can lead to severe quality of life changes and removal of the tongue, jaw and cheek can remove a patient’s ability to speak, eat normally or even smile. The consultants represent all fields relevant to evaluating dental products, including dental materials, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology and chemistry. Perhaps the most famous faces associated with oral cancer are Sigmund Freud and Humphrey Bogart, both of whom lost their battles before early detection and modern dentistry would have given them a fighting chance. Cancer cells can become active when your immune system is weakened; so don’t allow bacteria and viruses to take hold in your oral cavity.
Males transfer the virus to females through sex and while it is statistically less harmful to men, it has been shown to raise the risk of cancer  in women. Oral cancer can sometimes be caused on lips by prolonged exposure to the sun, so be sure to pack that UV protective lip balm next time you sunbathe or go for a tan.
If you have such a sore, you should visit your local 123 Dentist member clinic as soon as possible.
Finally, a blue laser is used inside your mouth to highlight tissue that could be cancerous. Dentists and early stage detection make oral cancer a compatible, treatable disease, but only if you practice good dental hygiene.
Flossing is the very important because it removes bacteria that can cause other dental problems, weakening your immune system and making it easier for cancer cells to grow. Visit a 123 Dentist Member Clinic today and tell your friends and family to get their annual VELscope Cancer Screening the next time they visit their dentists.
Only after a product has demonstrated its safety and effectiveness will the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs award the Seal to that product.
Once a dentist receives the lab results confirming oral cancer, they can start to treat the cancer before it progresses any further.

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