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STD testing for chlamydia is ideally performed using a nucleic acid amplification (NAA) test on a urine sample. STD testing for gonorrhoeae is performed using the same nucleic acid amplification urine test used to detect chlamydia.
The material on this page is educational and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

I thought about giving Activate Xtreme or BPI test booster a shot but don't know much about either. Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination. Cortisol is a necessary hormone, but sometimes life can stress us to much and cortisol levels get to high and start having negative effects on our bodies.

I'm hitting the core stuff (vitamin, fish oil, bcaa, creatine, protein etc.) but I'm debating on a good thermogenic or a good test booster to help get me started again and get some momentum in my favor so to speak.

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