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Feline herpes virus is one of the more common causes of upper respiratory symptoms in cats of all ages.
Many veterinarians will often treat with oral or injectable antibiotics to prevent these secondary bacterial infections, as well as topical antibiotics. In my experience and opinion, I have not found the vaccination for feline herpes viral infection helpful in preventing disease.
HI Nancy; Try immune supplement called liquid immuno from Rx Vitamins(that has lysine and other nutrients) , which may now be carried by 1800petmeds or you can get on line.
Hi doctor it’s me Jim again ,about my cat Murphy am considering using DMG liquid on him for his watery left eye he was diagnosed with feline herpes .
Feline Rhinotracheitis typically manifests in cats as an upper respiratory disease, usually accompanied by ocular signs and is caused by a herpes virus (Feline herpes virus-1). Differential diagnoses in the absence of respiratory signs include mosquito bite hypersensitivity, eosinophilic plaques, calici virus dermatitis, squamous cell carcinoma, drug reaction, erythema multiforme, pemphigus foliaceus and lupus erythematosus.
Northeast Veterinary Dermatology Specialists is a full-service dermatology practice, with a dedicated team of veterinary staff treating diseases involving the skin, hair, ears, and nails. There are two influenza viruses that can cause a disease in cats, the Swine Influenza virus and the Avian Influenza virus.
Cat flu remedies include antibiotic eye ointment, support with intravenous fluids, antiviral drugs, L-Lysine, and discharge removal. Just to put minds at ease, there has been no documented case of humans getting the flu from their cat. If you answer yes to both these questions, then join Infobarrel for FREE now and start earning a passive income.
Cat World > Cat Health > Feline Herpes Virus (Cat Flu)-Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Cat Herpes. Also known as feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR),  feline herpes is an acute upper respiratory disease of cats caused by the feline herpesvirus type 1 or FHV-1.
An upper respiratory disease refers to infections in the area of the eyes, nose, throat and sinus areas.
The virus infects and grows in nose, eyes, sinus, throat, mouth and tonsils of a cat which causes inflammation and fever. Due to the damage caused to tissues, it is possible for a secondary bacterial infection to take hold. In the nonreplicant or "latent" phase, the virus is still in the host cells but it is not causing disease at that time. During the "active" phase, the virus interferes with the cell's normal metabolism, causing the symptoms associated with the disease. In Utero: It is possible for feline herpesvirus to be passed onto unborn kittens via the mother.
Direct Contact: Feline herpesvirus is transmitted by oral and respiratory secretions of a cat who is actively shedding the virus.

Your veterinarian may take a swap which will be sent to a laboratory for PCR (polymerase chain reaction), which amplifies the virus greatly.
Antibiotics may be prescribed, these are ineffective against the herpes virus, but may be used to treat secondary infections that can occur. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid which has been shown to suppress viral replication and inhibit cytopathogenicity.
It is especially common in young cats and kittens in cattery or shelter situations, as well as in those outdoor and often stressed stray cats. However, because of the viral nature of this disease, topical antiviral eye drops such as Idoxuridine drops are often indicated, as well as oral viral immune stimulants such as Vetri-DMG liquid and Transfer Factor, which I have found helpful in many cases. At best, it may help lessen the severity, but even then I have not found this vaccination that helpful in clinical practice. I just received a kitten from a rescue and I’m almost positive it is the one you posted above here. We also have another cat at our house and I was wondering if it was safe for them to be together.
However, infection can manifest with skin lesions in the absence of respiratory signs and ocular lesions. Diagnosis is via history, clinical signs, viral isolation from oropharyngeal swabs, fluorescent antibody or PCR techniques from conjunctival smears that detect the rhinotracheitis viral antigen and dermatohistopathology. Treatment involves any secondary bacterial infection, good hygiene, ophthalmic drops as indicated (trifluridine, idoxuridine) and systemic antiviral medications (lysine, famciclovir, alpha-interferon).
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Although it is possible for cats to get sick by these viruses, it is not a commonplace occurrence. Generally speaking, respiratory viruses are transmitted by secretions or droplets when the cat sneezes or coughs.
There are certain feline flu vaccinations for some of the causes of "cat flu" and your veterinarian or local animal hospital is the best place to get more information.
Feeding commercial cat foods is a good idea because the high temperatures used to make it kills the virus.
Felinesare capable of contracting the flu, although cat flu is different from the human flu.
Once recovered, in the healthy cat the immune system usually manages to keep the virus in check, but there may be the occasional outbreak at times of stress (pregnancy, lactation, overcrowding, while boarding etc.) or sickness.
Due to the nasal discharge, the cat's sense of smell is severely diminished, causing it's appetite to wane.
This means that while they are displaying no symptoms they are actively shedding the virus and other cats can become infected. There are other diseases with similar symptoms to feline herpesvirus although there are some slight differences.

However, you should always speak to your veterinarian before you supplement your cat's diet. There are several types of herpes virus to infect humans but they are not the same as feline herpes.
Symptoms of feline herpes virus include varying degrees of eye discharge, sneezing and coughing. Other immune boosting herbs such as echinacea and goldenseal may also be helpful in some cases as well. While most cats will overcome this infection on their own with supportive care, other cats may remain chronic carriers for life, and may be at risk for relapsing or persistent infections of the eyes or airways, particularly under periods of immune or emotional stress. I was told she was not tested for herpes and I’m currently having problems with her eyes.
Currently they’re isolated because the kitten is sick, however, I was wondering if in the future it would be okay to put them together.
Skin lesions usually follow the path of the trigeminal nerve on the haired skin of the face and nasal planum. Histology shows an ulcerative and necrotic dermatitis with mixed inflammation often containing numerous eosinophils. Instead the cat flu is more of a syndrome with a set of symptoms that are surprisingly similar to the human flu.
Similar to human flu, though, you just have to wait out the cat flu and make the cat as comfortable as possible. While loss of appetite is  dangerous in all cats, it is especially so in kittens where anorexia and dehydration can quickly take hold.
For example calicivirus (which is also responsible for upper respiratory infections in cats) typically causes ulcers in the mouth, whereas feline herpesvirus causes ulcers in the eye. In severe cases, inflammation of the cornea may occur with sometimes severe ulceration of the cornea with eye spasms and pain being very prominent. Some more common viruses that cause diseases that are called cat flu are feline herpes virus, feline calcivirus, Bordetella bronchiseptica and Chlamydophila felis. Multivitamins, heating food, hand-feeding, and strong smelling foods like sardines are all techniques that can help keep cats eating. In many cases, other viruses including feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus may also occur at the same time, as well as the common development of secondary bacterial infections.

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