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Medical assistance and cardiology concept: red heart, case with first aid kit and stethoscope isolated on white background. While getting into Cornell alone is an impressive accomplishment, there are a number of students who stand out at this Ivy League institution.
These 19 students are building schools, companies, and new technologies that are shaping the future. Whether it's in fashion, philanthropy, tech, or sports, students at "Big Red" are doing some really big things.Adarsh Jayakumar is an internationally-ranked competitive chess player.
Jayakumar had an untraditional gap year after high school, visiting 15 countries in pursuit of the International Chess Master title.
This summer he plans to travel to South India to install solar panels on top of village roofs, and compete in chess tournaments to bring him closer to the coveted title. Ahmed Elsamadisi develops algorithms to teach robots to navigate land and tell when someone's lying.
Elsamadisi is a project leader at Cornell's Autonomous Systems Laboratory, working to make robots smarter. In his second year, Elsamadisi created an algorithm to help a robot localize itself, essentially preventing it from bumping into things. Elsamadisi, a mechanical engineering major, wrote the data fusion algorithm, the controls, and the server that managed sending and receiving text messages. After graduation he will work with WeWork, a co-working space for startups, on an "Internet of things" endeavor: to make smart buildings. Ali Hamed went from sleeping in Starbucks to investing in more than a dozen new companies this year.
Hamed co-founded CoVenture, a firm that builds software for early-stage startups in exchange for equity.
CoVenture worked with six startups in 2013, all of which managed to raise additional capital. Hamed employs about 40 developers and designers (all of whom are full-time professionals, not students) to create solutions for companies with non-technical founders and big ideas.
For Hamed, who originally went to Cornell to play baseball, it was a bumpy ride to success.
Now in his last semester at Cornell, Hamed spends half the week in Ithaca and half the week at his New York City office. Amy Zhao manipulates the body's own cellular mechanisms to produce cancer-fighting treatments with fewer side effects. Amy Zhao started down a pre-veterinary track until the experience of working in a lab drew her from puppies to porphyrins, or chemical compounds in the body. Page 3 of 11 - Traditional chemotherapy and radiation can induce severe side effects such as anemia and hair loss, while photodynamic therapy, a new treatment type, only targets cancer cells. In her spare time Zhao takes salsa dance lessons and horseback riding lessons, and is president of the Cornell Pre-Veterinary Society. At the Sochi Olympics, the US women's hockey team looked to be cruising to a gold medal, leading Canada 2-0 late in the third period. Thanks to Jenner, Canada tied it up with a second goal and cinched the team's fourth Olympic win in overtime. Hailing from Oakville, Ontario, Jenner began training for the Olympics in the Great White North last May.

Jenner has also played for the Big Red since her freshman year, leading the team with 35 goals and 35 assists in her junior season. A government major, Jenner wants to continue her athletic career, although there is no professional women's hockey league in the U.S.
Page 4 of 11 - Georgia Crowther leads the Cornell Mars Rover team and co-founded Cornell's first lab space for 3D printing and laser-cutting.
Crowther oversees an interdisciplinary team of 40 engineering, science, and business undergraduate students, working together to build a mock rover for the University Rover Challenge. The event brings students from across the country to The Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. Crowther keeps the team on schedule, evaluates the overall design, and tries to bring different sub-systems together to build a more cohesive rover. This semester Crowther also helped launch the Rapid Prototyping Lab, Cornell's first open space for 3-D printing and laser-cutting. After graduation, Crowther plans to join Social Bicycles, a New York City-based startup that's developing smart-bikes for bike-sharing systems. Last summer in Arizona, while interning at the American Museum of Natural History's Southwestern Research Station, Montgomery was sweep-netting through grasses in an oak forest when he snatched up an unfamiliar bug.
Montgomery holds about 12 records, the industry's name for documenting a species' existence for the first time.
Page 5 of 11 - Montgomery, who has worked for the Lab of Ornithology and the Cornell University Insect Collection in the past, plans to focus on ecology and conservation research after graduation and pursue graduate studies. Batcheller collects footage and vocalizations of birds — stocking Cornell's Macaulay Library with recordings of 12 species from Chile, Canada, Ecuador, and Peru. Documenting these key attributes of the birds' life history allows us to learn about species identification, understand regional differences within species, and begin to know how they communicate with other members of their species.
The daughter of wildlife biologists, Batcheller has pursued every ornithological opportunity that has come her way: she's the co-captain of Cornell's World Series of Birding team and the co-founder of the Young Birders Network, a website that allows young birders to connect and learn while giving their adult advocates resources to encourage and support. The highlight of her ornithology career has been spending two field seasons in Ecuador, studying the Reddish-winged Bare-eye and the Bicolored Antbird. After graduation, Batcheller plans to research the effects of different agricultural systems on bird communities in Guatemala. Jana Wilbricht makes it easier for Native Americans to get access to health information and other resources.
People who live on Indian reservations sometimes lack access to electricity, cell service, and the Internet, making it difficult to get access to information. Remember that you can download your licenses whenever you want in the Downloads section of your profile. 5 in his age group, Jayakumar maintains a FIDE rating (the chess world’s mathematical system for ranking tournament players) of roughly 2300, only 100 points shy of gaining International Master status.
While he still analyzes top games and researches new opening trends, Jayakumar primarily teaches the game to others in and outside the Cornell community — a strategy that has cemented his own knowledge of chess fundamentals. Later, he applied it to the design of a robotic system that gives campus tours by using a rolling Segway that can read QR code-like tags around campus to navigate and play auditory recordings along the way. The robot is tasked with finding a unique object on campus by playing "20 Questions" with humans. After sealing $500,000 of its own funding in a jaw-dropping six weeks, CoVenture plans to partner with and invest in 15 companies this year.

They also collectively gained revenues of around $10 million after working with Hamed and his team. Her research involves manipulating one of the best-known porphyrins, heme, to allow for novel cancer treatments. It works by providing the patient with a drug that causes the tumor to become sensitive to light.
Zhao spends five to eight hours a day in the lab, researching how to use existing mechanisms in the body, like porphyrins, to fine-tune the method of treating skin and colon cancers. Her post-graduation plans keep her in Cornell’s Department of Animal Science as a doctoral candidate continuing her undergraduate work. As the Games approached, coaches slashed the team from 27 to 21, a grueling elimination process. Last year, she rallied Cornell's young team to win the ECAC Women's Hockey Championship, edging rival Harvard 2-1 in front of a home crowd.
She has her sights set on the Canadian post-college team and graduate school for business or law.
This year, the rover must complete a certain number of tasks, such as traversing rough terrain with steep slopes and cliffs, and manipulating a complicated control panel by flipping switches, rotating levers, and screwing in pipe section. She's also worked closely on the rover's robotic claw and arm (which must deliver items to astronauts designated by GPS coordinates), its package storage system, and electronics core. She set up a variety of printers for student use and provides counsel to project teams, research labs, and individuals on the best way to prototype their projects. New records are published in a reference book when the find is significant enough to warrant updating literature on the species. The latter is a bird that stalks nomadic ants as they form armies and forage on the forest floor. Jana Wilbricht is on a mission to correct that disparity and make it easy for Native Americans to get access to important health information.
Since entering Cornell, where he studies environmental engineering, he has put tournaments on hold. The system can also adjust its behavior depending on what it encounters, like a group of students walking by. He moved nearly full-time to New York City to launch CoVenture, and for seven months was basically homeless as he alternated between couch-surfing with friends and living and sleeping in Starbucks or Union Square Park. Then, by exposing the area to light, the cancer cells die without damaging the normal tissue.
But Jenner says the months of training were worth the experience of walking through the tunnel at Opening Ceremonies and seeing so many Canadian flags in the stands.
His records include a sap-feeding beetle, a pea-leaf weevil, and an invasive rove beetle, among others. Juniors circuit, he solidified his status as a global threat when he defeated former World Championship candidate and Grand Master, Ivan Sokolov.

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