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Most people get acne when they're teenagers and young adults in their early 20s -- the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality places the annual acne incidence rate at 85 percent among those ages 15 to 24. Acne Free created four acne treatment systems, each of which is aimed at a specific segment of people with acne. Acne Free systems use either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to treat your acne; the Sensitive Skin kit and the Sport kit each contain salicylic acid, while the Clear Skin and the Severe to Clear kits contain benzoyl peroxide. If you suffer from acne then chances are you have tried numerous methods to try to treat this condition only to find that your acne reappears within days or weeks of each treatment. The real reason no pimple treatment is completely effective at curing your acne is that these treatments simply don't get at the root of the problem.
This means that any treatment that is treating your acne from the outside is only treating the symptom and not the cause of your acne.
So while those washes, medicines and creams may relieve one acne breakout the next breakout may be even worse than the one before and the more you use these treatments the worse your acne may become. These would include what you should and shouldn't eat, the type of exercise you need to re-balance your body, how to properly clean your skin and a multiple of other things that all go into regaining proper health and resolving that acne problem once and for all. While there isn't one simple approach to curing acne there is one simple to follow system that has been proven to work to help re balance your body and rid you of acne once and for all. This system is called Acne No More and comes in a simple down loadable e book that explains what really causes your acne and what you can do to cure yourself without expensive washes, medications or ointments.

This system has proven effective at curing thousands of people of their acne problems for good.
In many cases, people who have acne suffer from oily skin, but it's also possible to get acne with dry skin and sensitive skin.
When you have these two factors, bacteria often begin to grow too fast on your skin, causing inflammation and raised pimples. The four treatment systems are Acne Free Sensitive Skin, Acne Free Clear Skin, Acne Free Severe to Clear and Acne Free Sport. Salicylic acid, considered less irritating to the skin than benzoyl peroxide, treats acne by causing your skin to peel, which removes clogs from your pores. Potential side effects of both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide include skin irritation, excessive peeling, chapping, burning and stinging. In more severe cases, especially if your acne has spread across most of your face or if you've developed painful cysts, you'll likely need to see a dermatologist, who can prescribe stronger medications. In many cases, you find that your acne has actually gotten worse the more treatments you try. That's right many of the acne washes and creams tend to dry out your skin robbing it of essential oils needed to maintain your skins health. To really cure this problem, you need to make some simple changes in lifestyle that incorporate a number of approaches.

In many cases, your acne will appear in just one spot on your skin, such as your chin, but in severe cases, you can have pimples across most of your face. Each of these systems contains three products, including a cleanser and two treatment products. Benzoyl peroxide, meanwhile, fights the bacterial infection in acne and also helps dry your skin. In addition, people who have very dry skin shouldn't use benzoyl peroxide, since it can dry their skin even more. A problem that does not start or end with your skin but rather begins inside your body compromises your immune system and other bodily systems.
So, while they may help one small symptom at a time they are really doing nothing to treat or cure the underlying problem.
While oral medications used to treat acne may have side effects that further compromise your immune system and your health and even cause other even more serious problems.

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