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Energy and pregnancy just don’t seem to be words that mix naturally for me; especially as a mum of a very hectic toddler already! Mentally I try and tick through my to-do list of house chores and work and make time for some reading before bedtime, just to keep that mind ticking and stop me turning into a potato! Well those are my top tips for gaining energy during pregnancy, I find them really useful for keeping up my energy but would LOVE to hear more from you guys if you have any to add! This entry was posted in The Pregnancy Diary and tagged energy, energy during pregnancy, how to get energy, pregnancy, pregnancy advice, pregnancy supplements, pregnancy tips, pregnancy tiredness, sleep.
As much fun as it is to have a lazy Sunday after snoozing until late afternoon, your weekend habit of sleeping in isn't doing you any favors. Even making sure you're waking up a few hours within when you usually wake up during the week would be a lot better than waking up at 2 p.m. Like our ancestors, our bodies evolved to be awake when it's light out and asleep when it's dark.
Leaving for work before the sun has risen and you coming home after it sets can make you feel as if you're nocturnal. As much fun as it is to scroll through social media before snoozing, the light our smartphones and computer screens emit confuses our body clocks because they wans to keep running as if it's still day time. Instead of powering your body down, the light causes you to be more alert and ready to keep on going a€” even if it's way past your designated bedtime. What all this boils down to keeping an eye on how you time your exposure to sunlight and sticking with a regular schedule. It's hard not to feel nocturnal when you leave for work before the sun has risen and you comeA home after it sets. What this boils down to isA sticking with to a schedule and making sure you're getting enough sunlight during the day.
Don’t forget that food that you eat between meals is also extremely important for your health and body’s energy. One more important recommendation for you how to save your energy in winter is to eat substantial meals. It’s impossible to live without communication, especially without communication with our family members and close friends. When you work hard at home, in the office or any other place never forget that you should find a few minutes and make a pause. Yes I do go through boosts of energy at different stages of pregnancy but for the most part it can be a very tiring time, made slightly worse with added symptoms such as sickness, SPD and backache! They’re only small things, not very time consuming or expensive but really really effective!
It works just like regular old jetlag, only it happens when our body clocks get thrown off by the gap between our weekend and weekday sleep schedules.

Think about it this way: The jet lag from a New York-to-Chicago flight isn't nearly as bad as a flight from New York to San Francisco.
Dim offices with artificial light can mess up that cycle and trick our bodies into thinking it's later than it is. The more sunlight you get in the morning, the earlier your central clock will want to get up. So while those late-night Netflix binge sessions seem like a great idea for a relaxing Friday, it's best to switch off screens at least an hour you plan to go to sleep. The more sunlight you get during a€?naturala€? waking hours, the earlier your body clock will be set.
It works just like theA jet lag you get from crossing multiple time zones, only it happens when our body clocks get thrown off by the gap between our weekend and weekday sleep schedules. I’m sure many of us suffer from the lack of energy so I want to suggest you some useful tips to increase the capacity of your body in winter. I know that it’s not an easy thing to do some sport in winter, because the weather is cold, your body is tired and week and very often you feel sleepy. I think that everyone has noticed that after speaking with a friend his mood usually improves greatly.
My advice to you is to change your eating habits, stay active and remember about positive emotions. I’ve been taking Pregnacare but there are so many own-brand ones that do the exact same job for a fraction of the price. I find that some mornings I can’t stomach a full breakfast (others I can wolf down 5 slices of toast in one go) and when I feel like this these bars are wonderful. To fix this, find a way to get as much natural light as possible during the day by sitting by a window or taking walks outside throughout the day.
Having a regular wake-up and bedtime should help you avoid as much social jetlag as possible. Only several minutes of meditation during the day will wake up your body and give more energy. When we keep in touch with friends not only our emotional state is good but also our body’s potentials rise up. Let your eyes rest from computer, walk around the office, drink some water or a cup of tea and you will feel how your energy is renewed.
I usually try to keep these rules and they really help me not to lose my energy in the cold season. It comes in a liquid or tablet form; I use the liquid as it takes like orange and honey and is actually quite nice! It’s an iron formula that includes folate, reducing tiredness and fatigue! They provide a fab alternative to pregnancy supplements, containing all of the key nutrients including folic acid, vitamin D, Iron, Iodine and Omega 3.

The days where we stay in and get nothing done I feel so tired and end up not functioning properly from around 4pm. If you know that your other children will have you up early or even through the night then try and get to bed a little earlier if you can. Frank Scheer, a professor at Harvard Medical School told Science News he has virtually no social jet lag thanks to early morning wake-ups from his kids. Sometimes our bad feeling, fatigue is directly connected with the deficit of water in our body.
After a short break it will be easier to continue your work without any damage to your health. When you consume food which has a high level of carbs, there is a big risk that you can feel tired, exhausted and not enough energy. Pregnacare do a variety and the ones I have are Pregnacare Max which include Omega 3 capsules but you can browse the range to find which suits you best. Every day I try to get out and about with Jasper for some fresh air, even if the weather is bad I try and take him to soft play, the shops or even for some puddle jumping! If not try to nap in the day time, but restrict it to a set nap time, lounging about and drifting in handout of sleep will just make you feel sleepy all day. For many of us it’s difficult to drink enough water cause every time we are busy with something at work or at home and simply we forget about that important rule in our life. Try the following foods that are rich in carbs – hamburgers, sandwiches and other heavy or junk dished. If you really can’t get out of the house then try some light yoga at home or plan lots of fun crafting activities with your little one to keep your body moving. Moreover, having massage is a big pleasure after which you will feel relaxed and even a bit sleepy. For example, rice crackers, pumpkin seeds or other food rich in proteins can be a very good choice. While meditating you forget about your problems and just penetrate deeply into your soul and mind.
I am convinced if you try any of these ways you will meet the New Year in your best mood and look. During the massage you will enjoy delicious aroma of various essential oil such as rosemary, grapefruit, mandarin and others.

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