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Subscribe to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Fortunately, the purpose of the Skull Key is much easier to discover than finding it in the first place. There are occasional roadblocks that will kill your little dude - but only if you hit them from the front.
Because the tracks are randomly generated you may get put into impossible situations from time to time.
Head to Calico Desert between 10 am and 5 pm, then head northwest, past a small oasis, until you find a cave.
Just when I had decided to commit to Leah, Abigail asked me to practice sword fighting with her by moonlight and fuuuu I'm in love with her nowwwwwww. She's crushing on me hard though, but I'm going with Leah, but her life sucks and I want to help her, but I can't. After talking with a friend of mine tonight, I found myself super hyped up about Stardew Valley and took the plunge.
Day 2: Okay, let's just go straight into town and find everyone who I missed yesterday, I have the whole day ahea-OH NO, IT'S WHAT TIME?!
I sort of quit my playthrough during year 2 summer after Harvey moved in with me and I then didn't have any other goals. Probably I'll accomplish all those things through the end of Year 2, but I think for most days going forward I'm going to be hitting the sack by 6:00 PM or so, except for the occasional mine or fishing expedition. I started orchard (in my third year) but then I decided I have kinda enough of those trees in the greenhouse. Oh man, Winter downtime was so boring that I accidentally found the secret forest from wandering Cindersap. Kotaku UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Filled with baddies of all sorts, not to mention way too many freaking rocks you need to bust open, the Mines in and of themselves represent a significant - if profitable - challenge. You can risk more than that in a single day, but the chances of dying and losing a bunch of progress rises the more time you spend in the Mines.
There are no crops to tend to during this season, leaving you more time to explore before bed each night. Opening the chest containing the Key will trigger this quest - now you just have to figure out what to do with it.
The Governor and mayor seemed hella disappointed when I (and yes, it's all on me) made the potluck average.
There's some pent up anger there and deep resentment towards her mother, and I don't want to deal with it.
I think she's the only single who shows such obvious infatuation with the player before you're formally a couple. I planted the seeds I need to, learned how to fish, if I can just meet the rest of the then, then I'll be all set.
I have more-or-less infinite dollars now, enormous brewing and wine-making operations, a full deluxe barn and coop, a goodly number of sprinklers, and enough beehives to keep me in generic-good gifts.
Seeing as I'm mostly playing to tie loose ends, I'd like to spend on farming as little time as possible and fruit trees have to be harvested every three days and they give only three fruits and none of those are even worth the effort for their low price.
There’s a lot about Stardew Valley that the game doesn’t really explain, which makes jumping in a bit daunting.
Clearing rocks from your field to make room for crops is intuitive to those who have done it before, and a good way to ease in newcomers. If you can do this without risking your neck, I highly advise simply falling from a higher track to a lower track.

In addition to unlocking Junimo Kart, the Skull Key also allows you to access a new dungeon, this in Calico Desert. You can open the door with the Skull Key, unlocking the Skull Cavern and completing the quest. Heck, after playing dozens of hours myself, I still feel like I’m finding out new things about how the game works every day.
But there are other parts of Stardew Valley's controls and gameplay that don't come quite as naturally—including a few things that are downright perplexing. The orange one contains a game you can play at any time; the blue one is, normally, locked.
In order to unlock Calico Desert you need to either complete the Vault golden scroll at the Community Center or purchase the Bus development at Joja Mart, assuming you've purchased a Membership.
After toiling away in the hot sun for hours, here are some tips I wish I had known before starting Stardew Valley.Activate "Always Show Tool Hit Location" immediatelyI really like Stardew Valley, but the controls were incredibly confusing for me at first. Both require 40,000+ gold to complete, and they will both repair the bus at the Bus Stop to the east of your farm. And then I suppose I could seek out Iridium to upgrade my tools, even tho I barely even need tools any more. Watch Your Energy Levels   When you first arrive at Stardew Valley, what you can do is pretty limited. I put an absurd amount of money into my outdoor orchard, and I'm still psyched for how it'll look all grown, but damn the dollar efficiency of planting trees inside compared to outside is bonkers. Then I discovered the "Always Show Tool Hit Location" option in the settings menu, which shows a red outline around the tile you are targeting, and immediately understood what was happening.
If your mouse is pointed at one of the eight squares adjacent to your character, that's where you'll hit.
But if it's farther away in any direction, you'll hit the square directly in front of the direction your character is facing.It doesn't behave as you'd expect if you are used to playing twin-stick shooters or Terraria, which follows your mouse more accurately.
If You’re Not Using Tools, Unequip Them Any time you accidentally use a tool, you use up energy. Initially I assumed that if my mouse was in the top-left corner of the screen, I would be aiming at the top-left block adjacent to my character.
I make this mistake often while trying to talk to villagers, so it’s worth getting in the habit of unequipping tools. Activating "Always Show Tool Hit Location" was pretty much the only way I could tell where I was going wrong, and it goes a long way in teaching you how to more accurately control your farmer.You probably won't need the feature once you get comfortable with the controls, but it's vital at the game's start.
Alternatively, you can have a weapon as your active item, because swinging those doesn’t use up energy.
And who knows, maybe developer ConcernedApe will change it to be on by default, the same way he did with auto run.Watch TV every morningIt's easy to pass right by your TV in the mornings, but it's worth clicking through the various channels each time you wake up, especially since the game pauses while you read. Turn On Tool Hit Location   This option will let you see exactly where a tool will land when you use it, which is also useful for not wasting needless energy while accidentally missing your target. While it's not immediately useful information, it can potentially change what you might want to do that day if you know it will be raining the next.The Fortune Teller is another one that can seem unimportant, but can genuinely shape what you plan for the day is.
Going from one end of the map to the other can sometimes take hours, and that’s time you don’t want to waste. How "lucky" the Fortune Teller says your day will be directly influences certain RNG events within the game. Before you start a new day, hash out a general idea of what you want to accomplish before you go out there. Picking crops or doing similar activities on lucky days increases the likelihood of those items being higher quality, thus selling for more.And finally the irregular shows, Queen of Sauce and Livin' Off The Land, can be incredibly important. It’s good to stick to a couple of activities at most, especially since part of your day will always involve tending to your crops and livestock. Queen of Sauce will teach you a new cooking recipe once a week, which becomes more relevant once you have a kitchen to cook in.

This is the only way to find the lost books from the library, which can fill you in with hints and secrets when read. But be on the lookout for movement among the dirt and you’ll start seeing worms more often than you would have guessed.
Staying up past 1 AM isn't much of a problem as long as you don't run entirely out of energy, but you will wake up with slightly less energy the next day. But once the clock strikes 2 AM, your Cinderella dress fades away as you hit the dirt and pass out on the ground, which is a whole lot worse than just going to sleep tired.You'll have less energy the next day and be charged for a percentage of your total gold for the expense of whoever dragged you home that night. Additionally, and I may be crazy and wrong about this as I couldn't find anyone else who mentioned it, but I'm pretty sure I once lost a whole day after passing out in the woods. Now, 300 wood is a whole lot, especially early in the game when it may take you a full day or two of chopping trees to get that amount, but it's definitely worth it in the long run. Repairing the bridge gives you access to the tide pools, a small extension to the beach area without much to do. You make money slowly for your first few seasons, and the tide pools area offers a reliable (and, once opened, free) source of income. But the ability to regenerate energy and health can be vital, especially when you’re trying to get the most out of each trip into the mines. Some of the community bundles can let you jump ahead a bit by giving you small quantities of high-end foods like chocolate cake, but even just crafting a handful of field snacks (unlocked from getting level one in foraging) can make the difference between passing out breaking rocks and making it to the next elevator.Plan ahead for Community Center bundlesI'm going to do my best not to spoil anything in this section, as the Community Center begins the game as a bit of a mystery. But pretty early on in the story, the Community Center begins giving you little quest-like challenges, asking you to assemble bundles of items in exchange for rewards. These can range from monster-drops and minerals to crops and fish, and even cold hard cash. And from my experience so far, it could take anywhere from 30-45 hours of playing the game for spring to roll back around just so you can grow those high quality parsnips.
They definitely aren’t an early-game item as you have to have level three fishing to craft or buy them, and they are either take three iron bars to craft or 1,500 gold to buy. Basically, crab pots start out looking expensive and slow, but if properly maintained are essentially an infinite source of free money. Nice, right?Upgrade your watering can strategicallyIt’s a natural impulse to want to upgrade your tools as soon as you can, and the watering can should be high on the list of which to upgrade first. Watch the weather report everyday (do you believe that watching TV is important yet?) and wait until the forecast for the next day is rain.
Then you can water your plants in the morning, give your watering can to Clint to be upgraded, let the rain water your crops the next day, and finally pick up your watering can at 9am the day after. It will probably take a little while after getting the quest to complete it, but there's a big reason not to rush. You will absolutely want to build a Silo first, and maybe even before you are ready for the Coop at all. Chickens start out by producing one normal-sized egg per day, which sell for 25 gold each, but they require one piece of hay per day to eat which, if purchased from Marnie's store, costs 50 gold each. So if you buy a Coop and some chickens as soon as you can, you'll be losing money every day for a long time.That's where the Silo comes in, and why you want it before the chickens. Simply having a Silo on your farm makes it so whenever you use your sickle to cut down the wild fields of grass occupying your property, hay is automatically collected and put in the Silo. It essentially turns what is otherwise a nuisance into free money, so you should also wait to clear out the patches of grass around your field until you either have a Silo or just need the space. The quicker you are collecting hay, the better.There are lots more tricks you'll pick up as you play Stardew Valley, but these were the ones that jumped out to me as vital to a new player.

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