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Peter remarks that instead of watching the air show he'd rather watch the cursed video from the movie The Ring.
Lois thinks that helping Thelma Griffin can't any harder than the spider from Charlotte's Web overcoming Tourette syndrome.
Peter asks what would the grandchildren think about Thelma Griffin and Tom Tucker's relationship. Brian says that his show being a success makes him feel more important than a dwarf among midgets. Peter hasn't had as much fun hanging out with the guys since he was in that Broadway musical. Peter points out that getting the tank impounded isn't the worst thing he's ever done, like the favor he did for a park ranger. Stewie says that Brian hates all giant stores since he was petted too hard by a special boy outside of K-Mart. Peter says that Superstore USA is the worst thing to happen to town since the roving gang of Tom Brokaws. Peter says that losing his job at the brewery sucks worse than Easter ar Richard Gere's house.
Peter says Superstore USA's air conditioning makes him feel like he's standing at the top of a mountain.

Peter says that Chris needs to find something he's good at, like Peter when he was a horse whisperer. Stewie says that Brian will be as effective talking to the recruiter as the Wizard of Oz was at granting wishes. Stewie says Brian getting hit has to hurt worse than a birthday telegram from Zinedine Zidane. Stewie is surprised that there is no cutaway when talking about Peter going after a hockey coach. Lois says that Chris is acting worse than Peter when he tries to cover his farts by pretending to cough.
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And then one day, a housemate accused me of using her mayonaise on my chips, whereas clearly there was ketchup.. Ah but it doesn’t say anything about not walking around nekky after a shower letting all your Lever 2000 body parts air dry! And, Spinster, a recent house guest did indeed leave us a box of lovely note cards–and yes, I then had to write her. Houseguests are only allowed in my kitchen if they are opening booze or putting the kettle on the following morning. If the guests do bring monogrammed towels, you might want to take a moment to see if it is your monogram or their monogram on the towels. CrowGirl, All my kitchen knives are hand made by my father-in-law, who was a knife maker of mythic capabilities…And I know what you mean about the uninitiated touching the knives. We have another one of those serious etiquette columns that appear to be aimed at folks who were raised by neanderthals. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links.

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