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Aya first gains her ability to use Parasite Energy during her first encounter with Eve on the stage. In Parasite Eve II Aya has lost all her powers from the first game but still has the ability to use parasite energy. All fire-based parasite energies are for attacking the enemy directly, each one is different compared to how many enemies they attack and how close they are. Effect: Aya shoots a flash of heat towards the enemy that causes burn damage not only to the target, but an area near the target as well. Effect: Aya sweeps a cone like area in front of here with immense heat for a moment that catch and causes burns on any enemies whether behind an object or not. All water-based parasite energies concern Aya's statuses, they'll mostly provide as buffs to help Aya.
Effect: Aya attempts to purify and immunize herself to status ailments for a short time, however it doesn't always work with 100% efficiency unless at level three. Effect: Aya fires of a blast of electricity directly affecting some vital point on the target's body depending on its current stage. All earth-based parasite energies help protect Aya, they'll give her small protections like short-time shields or will increase the rate of her attacks and defense. Effect: Aya creates a small barrier that controls a small orb used for both attacks and defense. Aya Brea - Eve Brea - Kyle MadiganRupert Broderick - Eric Baldwin - Gary Douglas - Flint - Pierce Carradine - No.
When used, Aya becomes a powerful blue-green mitochondrial creature with wing-like appendages sprouting from her arms.

During the events of the game she gains a new set of abilities that now focus on the elements. Actives mitochondria in the cells of the hands, causing the outburst of a high-temperature shot. Increases blood white cells production against the action of the bacilli, but still needs time.
Indirectly controls mitochondria of nearby organisms, thanks to which it produces energy that Aya's mitochondria uses to heal her wounds.
Uses mitochondria to draw on the earth's magnetic field, creating a protective shield against the enemy's attacks. Sucks up the Earth's magnetism, creating a covering which practically neutralizes the enemy's attack.
Uses mitochondria to propel bullets faster due to the added magnetic force backing the bullet. Creates a magnetic field in which rotates a superconductor, which hits the enemy it collides with.
Each Parasite Energy costs its own amount to cast; the stronger the ability, the higher the cost. Also, instead of Aya receiving them as she gains a certain level, she's giving experience points to distribute among her powers and make their levels grow. Directly controls mitochondria of nearby organisms, producing energy that that Aya's mitochondria uses to heal her wounds.
Fully controls mitochondria of nearby enemies, forcing them to produce energy that Aya's mitochondria uses to heal her wounds..

Sucks up the Earth's magnetism, creating a covering capable of severely reducing the enemy's attack power. Every shot fired carries a package of cancerous mitochondria increasing damage dramatically. Creates three superconductors which rotate elliptically in a magnetic field, hitting the target.
Gradually during battle the spent portion of the PE meter will refill, however the more Aya keeps using the her powers the longer the points take to return (if for example, she uses her PE up to seven times in one battle, the meter recovery will slow to a snail's pace). Although the damage varies, Aya will always at least do 1200+ worth of damage (this is split between targets if there is more than one enemy present).
Boost accelerationBoost Mobile Means Improve Efficiency And PerformanceSearch to boost traffic. While Aya's points can be refilled easily during normal battles, it's best to use it wisely during boss or extended battles. Its only drawback other than completely emptying her PE meter is that it leaves her dizzy after she reverts to human form (this isn't a issue during regular battles, where most enemies will not likely survive it, but it can leave her in a defenseless position during boss battles). However, a specific trick can be used to refill the spent portion of the gauge more quickly: PE recovery is dependent on Aya's armor so if the meter is recovering very slowly (after several castings), switching to a spare piece of armor resets the recovery of the gauge.

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