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Andy mentioned business plans in a comment on the last post and I really should have included a section about business plans in that post. Most people think of business plans as these formal documents you take to a bank for a loan or to investor for financing in your company. What this did for me was to get me thinking in more detail about my business than I had to that point and it helped me set the direction for my business.
In the beginning it’s easy to think that you should take on everyone who contacts you as a client. I mentioned at the start that your revenue comes down to a simple formula of hours worked x hourly rate.
When a client approaches me for a project I do my best to learn as much as I can about the details of the project and then break out the different tasks and estimate how long each will take to complete. Especially early on you won’t really know how long it takes to complete certain tasks. It costs more to attract a new client than it does to attract new business from existing clients.
As you work with the same client again and again it usually becomes easier to work on their site.
If that client was providing you with 50% of your income then it’s possible you can lose 50% of your income overnight. The way to do this is by finding new clients and new types of clients so you’re not so reliant on one or two. Learn to say no to draining clients and track your time so you can better estimate future projects. I have one more set of ideas about scaling your freelance business to share, which I’ll save for next week. Each can only be taken so far when you work for yourself, since it’s all based on the idea that your revenue is tied to hours worked. By the way an article you wrote for Freelance Folder inspired this short series of posts on running a freelance business. Learning to say no to the wrong project, the wrong client is hard, but sometimes it’s the smart thing. I am just getting started on how to better get my freelance business going and these tips are very helpful. O EFT ou Tapping nos ajuda a liberarmos as emocoes bloqueadas no nosso subconsciente, facilitando a nossa busca pela paz interior.
Se voce e novo nesta maravilhosa tecnica de cura das emocoes, o Tapping, ou EFT, nao se preocupe, pois basta seguir os pontos no desenho abaixo, juntamente com esta fantastica sequencia do Brad Yates. Se voce nao conseguir ver as legendas no video, clique no quadradinho abaixo e a direita do mesmo, e escolha legendas em Portugues.
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Today I want to talk a little about growing your business once you’ve managed to get things running. We get paid for putting time into a project and how much we get paid all comes back to a simple formula.
We’ll get to pricing in a bit, but first I want to share something I should have mentioned in the last post, on writing a business plan. From that point on I learned to spend more time investigating potential clients before deciding to take them on.
Base this rate on your experience, where you live, how much money you need to pay your expenses.
The estimate is then multiplied by my hourly rate and we have a quote to send off to the client.
It was designed to be 4 times as strong as the calculations at the time thought it should be. Ideally if you do a good job and treat your clients well they’ll keep coming back to you with more work. When business is slow you can reach out to clients and offer them a discount on your usual price if they send you a project. If a client is going to pay you for 5 hours of your time each month, I wouldn’t design and develop a new site for them in that time.
The more you get to know your client and their business, the better you can serve your client. No matter how good your relationship with a client the work could stop coming for any number of reasons. The point is to not get satisfied and think everything is great, because you have one great client. Naturally there are limits to how many clients you can serve, but don’t be so reliant on any one or two.
There’s plenty of room to grow within the above 3 concepts, but if you want more there are other things you need to do. Unfortunately it took me some time to realize I should be adding extra into my estimate, but it has saved my butt since I finally figured it out. It mainly inspired the 3rd one which I had originally planned for Thursday, but I think I’ll be publishing it next week instead.
Mas, o mais importante e sabermos que temos a Luz no nosso interior, nao importa como a queiram chamar.
Ele vai ajudar a crianca a sentir-se poderosa e autoconfiante, usando as pontas dos seus dedinhos como instrumento (varinha magica) de transformacao para melhor e para sua maior felicidade. Two main things we’ll talk about are cultivating a client list and how to price your services. I focused on who my clients would be, the services I would offer, and my unique selling proposition.
It was hard turning away paying work while staring at rent or the phone bill, but it really was the best thing I ever did.
The time factor idea is actually something I learned from being a structural engineer many years ago. In the beginning you won’t have a good idea how long something will realistically take.

One year I sent every client a personal email wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. Make the offer for a limited time and try not to make this offer at the same times each year or your clients might hold off sending you work until you offer another discount. Sometimes I’ll come across information I think will be beneficial to a client so I send it to them. You can figure out how much this averages over the year and offer the option of a monthly fee based on that average.
The client may not have work for you or your contact at the company has moved on and the new person brings in his or her own contacts. Things happen and clients do move on or simply don’t have work for you for periods of time.
I think we all naturally estimate on the low side since we’re optimistic about how long it will take to finish a project. The idea is a time sheet network where freelancers and people who do staffing can track time and get any approvals or do submissions of time sheets by project right on the network.
Preocupar-nos com conceitos nao compreendidos, devido ao nosso nivel de consciencia, e perda de tempo. Remember to turn off entertainment appliances, such as televisions, stereos, and DVD players, when no one is in the room.
He’d haggle over everything down to a few dollars and before even beginning a project I was working at a loss given all the time spent estimating costs and coming to an agreement with him, if we came to an agreement.
When I was setting mine I looked at other web designers in Boulder and Denver who offered similar services and seemed to have a similar experience to myself. If one or two clients stop sending work it could easily take a way a significant portion of your revenue. Developing strategies to find and win clients that are a great match for you and your business is, in my view, the pathway to peace and happiness!! I realized how much some clients and projects were really costing me in time and aggravation. Trabalhar em nos mesmos esta paz, atraves do perdao, que cura e traz felicidade, e onde temos que focar a nossa atencao.
The moment I started turning bad business away was the moment my business started to grow. Walk into their place of business, grab some items off the shelf and tell your friend thanks for the free stuff.
Others I called or emailed with some quickie questions that gave me a feel for their rates.
With even a small discount your client will likely save money over the year so it’s a win-win.
Devices with a remote control are also phantom loads because they sit there waiting for the on signal from the remote.
That's the small box at the end of the AC power cord that plugs into the wall - it consumes up to 50% of the device's rated power supply even when the appliance is off!

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