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Healing qualities: A crystal with many healing aspects, amethyst offers an overall protection while striking a balance in your physical, emotional and mental state.
Physical qualities: Amethyst works by tackling the root causes of diseases such as bacterial and viral infections and aids in providing relief for headaches and migraines, while guarding against insomnia and nightmares.
Magical and mystical qualities: Protects against paranormal harm and malice while attracting good luck.

Healing qualities: A programmable crystal, the clear quartz channels any energy, thus helping any conditions.
Also called Ema Eggs, Window Quartz, or Dreamer's Crystal, these naturally tumbled river stones have a frosted white crust on the outside. Ideal to place on desk or table if you wish to attract new opportunities, new projects, new ventures! Also known as the "feel better" stone, it improves the quality of life, lifts your spirits, and re-energizes you whenever.

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