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For the ultimate in energy efficiency and homeowner comfort, geothermal is the only way to go! Geo units are also environmentally friendly; they create no emissions because they dona€™t burn any gas.
Your own backyard has the potential to be an energy source for heating and cooling comfort.
During the heating cycle, the fluid circulates through the loop extracting heat from the ground. Geothermal systems use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat to and from the ground to your home.
Installing a geothermal system is equivalent to planting 750 trees or taking 2 cars off the road. Geothermal systems use the same principles that operate a refrigerator or freezer, and the units are just as quiet.
Home heat and cool evenly thus eliminating the hot and cold blasts of air found with conventional systems.
A simple connection can be made so the geothermal system can deliver hot water to be stored in your hot water heater. Live Green and Save Money on Energy Bills Maximize the savings with a specialist installation designed to improve the efficiency of your new system – saving you both your pocket and the environment. Total home comfort An ACE Heating & Cooling-designed installation can provide your home with even-cooling throughout your rooms and total home comfort.
Industry-leading warranties We can provide you with industry-leading warranties, and advice on choosing the most reliable new system. Fully licensed and insured ACE Heating & Cooling are fully licensed, insured and bonded.
System upgrades and indoor air quality options Choose from a variety of system upgrades and indoor air quality solutions including easy-to-read digital or NEST thermostats, all-of-home zoning so that different family members can set their own perfect comfort, ultraviolet lamps, and air filtration. FREE estimates Call today for an absolutely FREE no obligation estimate for your new or replacement air conditioning system. For the perfect air conditioning solution for your Tampa Bay home, contact us for a free estimate for a new air conditioning system today! At High Performance Energy Solutions, we are ductless split system air conditioner and heat pump experts.
Split-zoning systems allow each room (or space) to use an individual indoor air-handler to be controlled independently from other rooms, thus providing individualized comfort control within each room of a home. Energy Efficient INVERTER-driven compressor systems use only the amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area.
Zone Control lets you to control the temperature within any space that has an indoor unit installed. Air Filtration in each room, Hybrid Catechin and blue-enzyme filters contained in each indoor unit remove allergens. Hot-Start™ technology regulates the fan so that it does not blow any air until the unit has reached the desired temperature. Cross air conditioning install Toshiba VRF systems are the perfect answer to all these requirements: and are increasingly used as an alternative to traditional water based heating and cooling systems. The wide range of indoor units makes VRF the most flexible choice to satisfy any building requirement. There are many factors that will influence the decision on what system and products are right for you; from the size and use of the building to the degree of control you need over the climate.

Our experienced engineers and system designers will guide you through the process to ensure the recommended system is absolutely fit for purpose and gives you the control and peace of mind you need. Home Energy Group is a Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor which provides a wide range of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services – including installation, service, repair, and maintenance.
Whether you have a new home with a high efficiency air system, an existing home with worn out equipment and duct work, or no system at all, Home Energy Group’s courteous, knowledgeable technicians can provide you with options to reach your comfort level. If you are looking for a professional heating and cooling company in Southwest Washington, please call us today at 360-944-8616 or complete our online service request. As you might expect, most geothermal systems are installed in new construction and on good-sized lots. The water heat exchange Will have to be installed and replace the current Central heat and air System. While the cost savings is enough reason to purchase a geo system, the comfort you get is second to none. Please call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a comfort specialist! Because the earth is much cooler than the air temperatures on a hot day, the geothermal system removes heat from the home and deposits it into the ground. In fact, it can produce three to four units of energy for every unit of electricity used to power the system. In fact, the heat removed from your home during the cooling cycle is deposited directly to the water heater instead of the ground. Ground water is pulled from one location, ran through the geothermal unit, and discharged into another location.
Developed by the leading experts of the geothermal industry and produced by the world's largest manufacturer of water source heat pumps.
We take great pride in finding the perfect air conditioning unit and matching it to your family’s budget.
A new energy efficient system with an expert installation can provide substantial energy savings.
It is a revolutionary way to heat and cool homes and offices because they provide the ultimate in comfort control while reducing energy consumption. This gives you energy savings because you have the ability to heat or cool the spaces you use and not have to keep unoccupied spaces conditioned. It scans the lower portions of the room to detect hot or cold spots and adjusts temperature and airflow to maintain consistent comfort.
Select Mode, Temperature, Fan Speed, Airflow, timer functions and more with just the touch of a button. If you’re interested in ductless heating, just give us a call and one of our technicians will explain how it works and give you an idea of how much money you can save by using this type of heating and cooling technology. Not only do they expect zone heating and cooling, but also demand a range of services that optimise's room comfort and reduces energy and maintenance costs, combined with maximised simplicity and operating flexibility. Variable refrigerant flow benefits from the advantages of direct expansion linked to inverter control and the most sophisticated electronic control. Toshiba has two VRF system ranges, SMMS heat pumps providing cooling and heating, and SHRM units providing simultaneous heating and cooling - both unique, energy-efficient and versatile.
Serving Southwest Washington for over 15 years, Home Energy Group has experience with New Construction, Remodeling, and Additions. This may include fixing your current system or replacing it with a new, energy efficient system.

Our technicians can also solve indoor air quality problems you may have, leaving you with cleaner and healthier air inside your home. Either from the ground into your home, or from your home into the ground by utilizing buried pipe, geothermal units are the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home available.
In contrast, ground temperatures about four to six feet below the Earth's surface remain relatively moderate and constant all year. The fluid is cooled by the ground temperatures and returned to the unit for cooling your home.
They go by many names including mini-splits, multi-split, split-ductless, split-zoning, and variable refrigerant flow. The system must be energy-efficient, versatile in installation and functionality, flexible in programming and use, reliable and easy to use. This technology has many advantages, from the system design to the installation and operation phase. Of course, lower soil temperatures will reduce heating efficiencies and warmer soil will cut into air-conditioning savings.
In every nook and cranny, geo units run longer to ensure all the heat makes it to where it needs to go. That's because the Earth absorbs 47% of all the heat energy that reaches it's surface from the sun. The unit compresses the extracted heat to a high temperature and delivers it to your home through a normal duct system or radiant heat system.
It is designed with the installer in mind to improve reliability and reduce installed costs. These systems are air conditioners or heat pumps that do not use ductwork to distribute air.
There are more and more requests for central and precise management of the system, permitting accurate and personalised calculation of the energy consumption.
On average, however, ground-source heat pumps deliver three to four times the energy they consume.
A geothermal system circulates a water-based solution through a buried loop system to take advantage of these constant temperatures. The system is closed loop meaning that the same solution placed in the system is continuously re-circulated through the system.
The second is that a proper discharge site such as a ditch, field tile, stream, or pond must also be present. The availability of unit sizes, configurations and applications make the Genesis line the perfect match for nearly every installation. The problem is that most furnaces and air conditioners are replaced when they fail or when a real estate transaction requires it. A single piece of equipment has the ability to heat and cool your home, while providing some or all of your home's hot water as well. They are a great option for older homes that do not have ductwork to accommodate a conventional ducted system or homes or businesses that have hot or cold spots.

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