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Clary Sage Herbarium is a purveyor of the finest quality organic & ethically sourced wild harvested dried herbs, teas and herbal extracts in town! Clary Sage Herbarium’s mission is to promote local awareness and offer a sacred place of physical & emotional healing that reduces the dependence on conventional medicine. Join Rewild Portland and Seed & Thistle Apothecary for another 6 week afterschool series of learning how to cultivate the wild with home + heart grown medicine and crafts. Kate first developed a passion for nature at a young age when she pondered the extreme efforts of people in her community to eradicate the dandelion. WHO WE ARERewild Portland is an environmental education focused non-profit organization serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding wild and rural communities. In Thai Herbal Medicine, Nephyr has drawn from years of research and field work in Thailand to build Pierce's foundational book into the most comprehensive reference on Thai herbs in the English language.
We use bio-degradable cellophane for packaging our bulk herbs, our paper bags are from recycled pulp.

We want herbs and education to inspire motivation for preemptive self care, which in return will reduce our dependence on conventional medicine. Local herbal students (NCNM, OCOM, Arctos, Traditional School of Western Herbalism, Elderberry, Forest Medicine, etc.) get an everyday 10% discount on 1oz plus bulk single dried herbs. However, we would love to ship to you!  Please email or call us with your lists of herbal goods with a $20 minimum plus shipping, we will then email you an invoice. While studying Cultural Anthropology in Montana she became fascinated with traditional healing practices of the region and around the world. Our mission is to create cultural and environmental resilience through the education of earth-based arts, traditions, and technologies. Pierce will be the first to tell you, "This is Nephyr's book." If you practice Thai massage or herbalism, this book will have you grinning from ear to ear. After traveling she decided to settle in the Pacific Northwest. Many great teachers and opportunities arrived including  a Permaculture design certification course,  the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine and the School of Forest Medicine Immersion program.

This mission comes to life in the form of educational workshops and programs, community-building events, and ecological restoration. And under one of the shelves, there sit gallons of concoctions, oils, and alcohols busy extracting the vital medicinal essence of the chopped and ground herbs that they are thick with. Some of these tinctures take as long as six months before they are ready for use, and I like to visit them as they quietly come into being.

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