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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or more properly ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is quite common in today’s children that makes them to forget things, pay no attention, get fidgety, etc. Although Ritalin and amphetamines are the most common treatment methods of ADD, natural alternatives are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Best Herbal Remedies For ADD Bacopa Better known as Bacopa Monnieri or Brahmi, this particular herb acts as a sedative for ADD patients and calms their nerves.
This herb modulates two important neurotransmitters in the brain  – serotonin and acetylcholine. Ginkgo Biloba This particular herb increases neurotransmitter levels in the brain and enhances the capacity of the brain to use available oxygen.
One of the major reasons for ADD is toxins released by environmental pollutants and transferred to the body through junk and processed food.
California Poppy This particular herb acts as a gentle sedative and alleviates emotional as well as psychological disturbances in children. Kava Kava This particular herb is very crucial for the treatment  of ADD and it does so without mental impairment. Kava kava is also important as a treatment herb for children because it relieves anxiety without causing any sort of mental impairment or sedation.
Lemon Balm This particular herb is essential for children with ADD as it is gentle as well as calm on their tender nerves. Absentmindedness, hyperactivity, disability to stay focused, inability to perform simple tasks, are some of the main characteristics of this condition. Exposure to harmful toxins, food additives, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and allergenic foods all impact the developing brain cells and interfere with the transmission of electric impulses from the neurotransmitters. It also increases the intellectual capacity, promotes coherent thinking and boosts the memory and concentration powers. Herbal Calm contains a combination of synergistic non-addictive herbs known for their calming sedating and supporting effects on the nervous system. Angular Cheilitis is a condition that is accompanied with cracks that are found to develop in the mouth corner. Hay fever affects about 50 million people in the United States making it one of the most common of allergies.
In the entire spectrum of health disorders, an upset stomach may appear to be a trivial issue. Ascites is a painful condition in which excess fluid gets accumulated in the abdominal cavity.
Your eyes can become swollen and red without any apparent reason such as crying or heavy drinking. Luscious lips not only enhance your beauty quotient, but also serve as an indicator of good health. If diagnosed with gonorrhea it is important to stop having sex with other people until the disease has been cured. Chlamydia is a Chlamydial infection that is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacteria that infects humans. The cause for this condition may be nervous system disorders, brain disorders, attention deficit disorder, hyperthyroidism or even emotional disorders. It has beneficial effects on the central nervous system, helps to calm down the patients, and eases anxiety. Valerian roots contain certain substances that increase the chemicals in the brain, which makes the patient to calm down. It interferes with the neurotransmitter norepinephrine and boosts its level in the body thus helping in treating ADHD.
There are number of caffeine free herbal remedies that are generally used to cure hyperactivity, especially in children and green oats is one of them. Besides working as a neutral antioxidant, these herbs enhance the flow of blood to the brain. Asperger syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder that is part of a group of conditions called autism spectrum disorders. While there are similarities with autism, people with Asperger syndrome have fewer problems with speaking and are often of average, or above average, intelligence. People with Asperger syndrome come from all nationalities, cultures, social backgrounds and religions. The disorder is named after Hans Asperger, a Viennese pediatrician who, in 1940, first described a set of behavior patterns apparent in some of his patients, mostly males. According to the Asperger Syndrome Coalition of the United States, the onset of AS is later than what is typical in autism — or at least it is recognized later. Overall, people with AS are capable of functioning in everyday life, but tend to be somewhat socially immature and may be seen by others as odd or eccentric. With the right support and encouragement, people with Asperger syndrome can lead full and independent lives.
They are often referred to as 'the triad of impairments' and are explained in more detail below. Because the symptoms of AS are often hard to differentiate from other behavioral problems, it's best to let a doctor or other health professional evaluate your child's symptoms. People with Asperger syndrome sometimes find it difficult to express themselves emotionally and socially. In order to help a person with Asperger syndrome understand you, keep your sentences short - be clear and concise.
Many people with Asperger syndrome want to be sociable but have difficulty with initiating and sustaining social relationships, which can make them very anxious.
Some children with Asperger syndrome may find it difficult to play 'let's pretend' games or prefer subjects rooted in logic and systems, such as mathematics.
Obsession with complex topics such as patterns or music - Sometimes these interests are lifelong; in other cases, one interest is replaced by an unconnected interest.
Love of routines - People with Asperger syndrome may have rules and rituals (ways of doing things) which they insist upon.
Sensory difficulties - These can occur in one or all of the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste).
Awkward movements - People with sensory sensitivity may also find it harder to use their body awareness system. Odd behaviors or mannerisms - Some people with Asperger syndrome may rock or spin to help with balance and posture or to help them deal with stress.
It's important to note that, unlike kids with autism, those with AS might show no delays in language development; they usually have good grammatical skills and an advanced vocabulary at an early age.
Often there are no obvious delays in cognitive development or in age-appropriate self-help skills such as feeding and dressing themselves.
Researchers and mental health experts are still investigating the causes of autism and AS.
Contrary to the incorrect assumptions some may make about people with the disorder, AS is not caused by emotional deprivation or by a person's upbringing, his social circumstances and is not the fault of the individual with the condition.. Because Asperger syndrome varies widely from person to person, making a diagnosis can be difficult.
If your child exhibits some of the symptoms and behaviors that are typical of AS, the typical route for getting a diagnosis is to visit a GP.
Particular emphasis is placed on social development, including past and present problems in social interaction and development of friendships. While there is no specific treatment or 'cure' for Asperger's Syndrome, there are many interventions that can significantly improve the functioning and quality of life of people and children with Asperger's.
Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be viable alternatives to synthetic drugs and may be just as effective, with far fewer risks and side effects.
It is important that you only use natural remedies from a reliable source, as the quality of herbs used as well as methods of preparation may affect the strength and effectiveness of the remedy.
To reduce routine impulsive, restless and erratic behavior, some of the most effective homeopathic remedies include Hyoscyamus (30C), Arsen iod (30C) and Verta alb.
To maintain emotional balance, a reasonable attitude and feelings of well-being in children, herbs such as Hypericum perforatum (St.
For nervous system support herbs such as Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender) and Passiflora incarnata (Passion Flower) have been proven to be quite effective. For their supportive function in maintaining brain, nervous system, circulatory health, and overall well-being, herbs such as Centella asiatica (Gotu cola), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), and Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng) are quite popularly used. To support emotional well-being and stability, lessen general feelings of the blues, support a healthy motivated attitude, a well-adjusted outlook and positive temperament, as well as support healthy sleep patterns, the two most effective herbs traditionally used are Hypericum perforatum (St.
For relaxing and calming properties to assist with occasional routine sleeplessness and to relax and wind down at night, herbal & homeopathic remedies such as Avena sativa, Scuttelaria laterifolia, Passiflora incarnatais, Coffea (30C), and Nux vomica (30C) are quite renowned. Although it has been found that most children with behavioral problems are not particularly affected by diet, some parents may notice that a particular drink or food does make their child’s behavior worse.
If you suspect that a particular food upsets your child (according to the National Autistic Society, apples, oranges and tomatoes are frequently cited by parents as causing marked behavior problems), keep a diary of your child’s diet.

Some studies show that children who have Asperger's benefit from antioxidants like vitamin C. Some researchers have added magnesium to vitamin B6, reporting that taking both nutrients may have better effects than taking B6 alone.
According to mental health experts, if your child has AS, early intervention is very important.
There are many approaches, therapies and interventions, which can improve an individual's quality of life. Remember that your child is part of a family unit and that his or her needs should be balanced with the those of other family members. Body language and nonverbal communication can be taught in much the same way as one would teach a foreign language.
In addition, recognizing that it is not Asperger's disease but rather a condition can go a long way in mentally accepting the characteristics associated with the syndrome. Because children with Asperger's Syndrome may differ widely in terms of IQ and ability levels, schools should learn to individualize educational programs for these children.
At home, use visual systems, such as calendars, checklists, and notes, to help define and organize schoolwork. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychiatric disorder that affects almost 3-5% of small children and can continue into adulthood. Homeopathic remedies can help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD without causing any side effects. Homeopathic Remedies For Children With ADHD Cina Cina is useful in calming children who show aggressive behavior whenever they are asked to behave themselves or if they are touched. This homeopathic remedy helps reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD and also cures the problem of inattentiveness.
Stramonium This is one of the most popularly used and effective homeopathic remedy for children with ADHD. Hyoscyamus This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the extracts of the leaves of a plant called nightshade. Hyoscyamus helps to cure restlessness in children with ADHD and helps make them less hyperactive. Tuberculinum If the child is very restless and seeks constant stimulation, this homeopathic remedy is very beneficial in treating such symptoms.
It helps remove the feeling of dissatisfaction and brings hyperactivity under control quite effectively.
Arsen Iod If the child shows emotional outbursts and temper tantrums, this homeopathic remedy can be very useful in treating such symptoms. But interestingly, ADD passes into adults silently chiefly because its signs and symptoms overlap with other physical disorders and diseases. This is because natural remedies such as herbs do not have adverse long-term side effects and they not only calm and relax the nervous system in the short run but also heal and detoxify the nervous system. It substantially improves memory, intellectual capacity, concentration power, mental acuity, clarity of thought, etc. While the former neurotransmitter is important for reducing anxiety and regulating mood, the latter is vital for cognitive functions.
Gingko biloba, being rich in antioxidants, helps the brain fight these toxins and free radicals. It reduces restlessness, insomnia and nervousness, all of which are prominent symptoms of ADD. People who take lemon balm tea regularly will be generally good at solving picture or word puzzles. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. There is an imbalance in the brain chemistry which impairs the function of the nervous system which causes poor impulse control and learning disabilities.
Herbs are gentle, cause no harmful side effects and are successful in calming the brain and improving its function. Eat fresh brahmi leaves with salads and massage your head with brahmi oil every night before going to bed. It is especially very good for ADHD as its potent antioxidant properties prevent damage to the brain cells, regenerate the damaged cells, stimulate blood circulation, increase the neurotransmitters and enhance the brain’s ability to use oxygen.
It improves the function of the nervous system considerably without impairing the brain cells. Studies show that deficiencies of the B-vitamin complex prolonged periods of stress and anxiety have detrimental effects on regular sleep patterns leading to nervous conditions. Here, the muscle activity is too high, for example, jumpiness, excess movements, nervousness, etc. Chamomile tea is capable of calming down children and adults during daytime and enables them to get a deep sleep. The leaves of Ginkgo contain substances that can improve the tone of the muscles in the blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow particularly to the brain.
It enhances the neuronal transmission and boosts the levels of neurotransmitters present in the brain. It is a lifelong disability that affects how a person makes sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people. They are known as spectrum disorders because the symptoms of each can appear in different combinations and in varying degrees of severity, e.g.
However, the condition appears to be more common in males than females; the reason for which is unknown. Asperger noticed that although these boys had normal intelligence and language development, they had severely impaired social skills, were unable to communicate effectively with others, and had poor coordination. Many kids are diagnosed after age 3, with most diagnosed between the ages of 5 and 9. This means that you can't tell that someone has the condition from their outward appearance.
It's not uncommon for a child to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) before a diagnosis of AS is made later. For example, a person with Asperger syndrome may focus on learning all there is to know about trains or computers.
This system tells us where our bodies are, so for those with reduced body awareness, it can be harder to navigate rooms avoiding obstructions, stand at an appropriate distance from other people and carry out 'fine motor' tasks such as tying shoelaces. However, they typically do exhibit a language disorder — they might be very literal and have trouble using language in a social context. Because some of the behaviors exhibited by someone with AS may be seen by others as intentionally rude, many people wrongly assume that AS is the result of bad parenting — it isn't.
But many lead full and happy lives, and the likelihood of achieving this is enhanced with appropriate education, support, and resources.
He or she can refer you to a mental health professional or other specialist who can make a formal diagnosis. This includes a careful history of when symptoms were first recognized, the child's development of motor skills and language patterns, and other aspects of personality and behavior (including favorite activities, unusual habits, preoccupations, etc.). A psychological evaluation and assessment of communication skills are usually conducted to determine your child's strengths and skills that may be deficient. It is important to properly classify the condition and remember that it is not Asperger's disease, but rather a syndrome.
A holistic treatment plan aims to address the underlying cause of the problem and does not just treat the symptoms in isolation. Make a note of whether he or she has had any of the suspect food, and then remove it from the diet, checking ingredient lists to see whether it is included in any processed foods. Vitamin C may play a positive role because of its known effects on a hormone pathway typically disturbed in children with autism. Supplemental amounts are widely considered to have potential toxicity that can damage the nervous system; hence, a doctor should only administer these amounts. Intervention involving educational and social training, performed while a child's brain is still developing, is highly recommended. These may include communication-based interventions, behavioural therapy and dietary changes. Parents know their children best, and are aware of what sets them off as well as what comforts them. Choose special programs or treatments that focus on long-term outcomes and that take the developmental level of your child into consideration. You can't help your child if you are not meeting your own emotional and physical needs. Children with Asperger's Syndrome can be helped to learn social skills by an experienced psychologist.

Provide clear explanations of why certain behaviors are expected, and teach rules for those behaviors. Encourage your child to learn how to interact with people and what to do when spoken to, and explain why it is important. Some of them may cope well in a mainstream class with additional support, while others may need to receive specialized education. In low doses, this medicine helps to reduce violent behaviour in children and makes them less hostile towards others.
Stramonium is also prescribed for children suffering from post-traumatic disorder and those who are afraid of darkness. Children who take this homeopathic remedy regularly are known to become less fidgety and show lower outbursts.
Children with ADHD show better behaviour and less irritability on regular use of this remedy. Children with ADHD benefit a lot by having Arsen iod regularly as it helps control tantrums and also encourages balance in the child. Besides, by inhibiting lipid peroxidation bacopa prevents atherosclerosis and hence is crucial for heart health. While it relieves symptoms of ADD in children such as insomnia, bedwetting, nervous tension, etc, it improves memory, concentration and intellectual capacity in adults.
It helps the ADD patients get rid of violent emotions and anger and sets in a feeling of tranquility. It has powerful antioxidant properties which relieve stress, relax the brain and improve the function of the nervous system. It soothes and relaxes the agitated brain, restores the chemical balance and eliminates any violent or angry feelings.
Herbal Calm is indicated for insomnia hyperactivity attention deficit disorder prolonged stress mental overexertion anxiety and fatigue and for preventing recurring nightmares.
It regulates psychosomatic disorders and alleviates restlessness, sleepiness and nervousness. It inhibits norepinephrine reuptake thus resulting in increased focus, better mood and memory. It acts as a neuroprotector and accelerates the development of neurons from the stem cells. However, symptoms can wax and wane over time, and early intervention services can be helpful. On the positive side, with encouragement, interests and skills can be developed so that people with Asperger syndrome can study or work in their favourite subjects. Most commonly, an individual's senses are either intensified (over-sensitive) or underdeveloped (under-sensitive). However, research suggests that a combination of factors - genetic and environmental - may account for changes in brain development. Most frequently they will be psychiatrists or clinical psychologists and, in the case of children, pediatricians. For example, caffeine, found in tea, coffee and certain cold drinks, has an effect upon the behavior of many children, and tends to worsen irritability and restlessness. Vitamin C is richly found in citrus fruits (watch out for orange and tomato, possible allergens), blackcurrant, vegetables (broccoli, potatoes), red capsicums and chillies, strawberry, kiwifruit and rockmelon. Good dietary sources include chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, shrimp, beef liver, lentils, soybeans, nuts, avocados, bananas, carrots, brown rice, bran, pulses, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and whole-grain flour. However, as our understanding of the condition improves and services continue to develop, people with Asperger syndrome have more opportunity than ever of reaching their full potential. You're your child's first teacher and you'll continue to be the cornerstone in supporting his or her development. Inform educators and professionals of these things so that their time spent with your child is more productive and personal. Respond to your child’s sensory needs by providing appropriate amounts of stimulation without overwhelming them.
Help your child develop these into constructive passions by providing reading and learning material in this area. Ask your child's teacher to seat your child next to classmates who are sensitive to your child's special needs. Children with ADHD are known to be poor learners and can be impulsive, inattentive, and uncontrollable. Homeopathy is said to be very effective for children, and it can be considered as an alternative treatment for ADHD in children.
If trying to learn a new skill causes frustration in the child, this remedy is very beneficial. Recent studies prove that bacopa speeds early information processing, improves memory consolidation and enhances verbal learning rate.
Bruise some fresh catnip leaves and steep them into a cup of boiling water for ten minutes.
For example, bright lights, loud noises, overpowering smells, particular food textures and the feeling of certain materials can be a cause of anxiety and pain for people with Asperger syndrome. AS may be associated with other mental health disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder. Be aware, however, that restricting the intake of certain foods can also exacerbate the condition. The more you know about your child’s problems and differences, the more you can do to help them. Because it's not always obvious that a child has AS, alert others to the fact that your child has special needs. Small things such as buying soft fabrics, cutting scratchy labels off clothes, or dimming bright lights in the house can go a long way in helping a sensory-sensitive child. Children with Asperger's can learn to interpret nonverbal expressions of emotion and social interaction.
You should also practice activities, such as games or question-and-answer sessions, that call for taking turns or putting yourself in the other person's place. You can also use pictures to make your child familiar with the new settings before school starts.
The medications that are generally used to treat ADHD cause many side-effects that can be quite harmful to a small child. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed as per the symptoms observed in the child and have to be taken in dosages as prescribed by the homeopath.
Put one teaspoon of kava kava root powder into a glass of water and steep for fifteen minutes.
Valerian root extract or infusion can be taken directly or mixed with any other fruit juice and taken. Researchers are also looking into whether environmental factors that affect brain development might play a role. As a parent, you may have to take on the role of educator when dealing with teachers, medical personnel, and other caregivers. If your child struggles with other learning difficulties such as math or spelling, it may be helpful to use their passions when teaching these other subjects.
This can assist them with social interaction, peer relationships, and prevent the isolation and depression that often occurs as they enter adolescence. Encourage your child's teacher to include your child in classroom activities that emphasize his or her best academic skills, such as reading, vocabulary, and art. Set up homework routines for your child by doing homework at a specific time and place every day. The child becomes less irritable and throws fewer temper tantrums with the use of this remedy on a regular basis. Help your child understand others' feelings by role-playing and watching and discussing human behaviors seen in movies or on television. In all cases, teachers should be aware of the special needs of Asperger's children, who often need a great deal more support than first appears necessary. Provide a model for your child by telling him or her about your own feelings and reactions to those feelings. Talk to your child's teacher or school counselor about educating classmates about Asperger's syndrome.
Using computers can also help children improve fine motor skills and organize information.

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