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We have a full line of herbal remedies to treat many common ailments like arthritis, urinary incontinence, impacted anal sacs, skin allergies, separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobia, elevated liver enzymes, upper respiratory disease, and many more!Treating your pets with herbal medicine to complement pharmaceutical treatment or to replace drug therapy offers a balanced, natural option for treatment or a cure.  Any time a natural treatment is available for your pet, we will let you know your options. Improving your pet’s diet may help treat or cure many chronic diseases, like dermatitis, allergies, occasional soft stool, obesity, periodontal disease and may help improve other disease conditions. If you have a healthy pet between the ages of 1 and 15 years, you may enjoy the $25 online interactive tool to design a balanced natural diet for your pet. Pheromones are an emerging area of research.  Made naturally by the body and undetectable to humans, dogs and cats have pheromones that have been found to be relaxing and potentially curative for problems like thunderstorm phobia, separation anxiety, and feline urine marking in the house.  These pheromones are often more effective than medications! Goldenseal presents a tragic story of what can happen when an herb is misunderstood, unethically marketed, and subsequently overused. Researchers have mostly bypassed goldenseal as a whole plant and instead have focused on its alkaloidal constituents such as berberine and hydrastine.
One especially interesting study showed that while the root contains higher levels of alkaloids than the aerial portions, the aerial portions synergize with berberine better. Goldenseal, and another berberine-containing plant, Coptis, were famously used by the Eclectic Physicians during cholera and dysentery outbreaks. One might think that this dramatic action against dysentery is proof that goldenseal is an antibiotic or that it might potentially have a negative effect on bowel flora. Many people like to use goldenseal at the beginning of a cold or flu, citing its antibiotic qualities for its effectiveness. In another study, chemical isolates from goldenseal were shown to be effective in vitro against common pathogens found in the mouth. The Eclectic Physicians continued with the use of goldenseal, specifically using it for digestion and as a mucous membrane tonic. Goldenseal may interact with drugs that are CYP3A substrates.15It is generally recommended to avoid goldenseal during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Goldenseal is an understory plant that thrives in the rich soils of wet shady forests in eastern North America.
The monograph on Goldenseal from Frostburg University also contains a lot of great information.
What's Your Herbal Constitution?Take my quiz to find out.It's part of my free Herbal Energetics course.Sign up on my newsletter to get started! Information found on this website is meant for educational purposes only.It is not meant to diagnose medical conditions, to treat any medical conditions or to prescribe medicine.
Cellulite could be one of the most embarassing things for a number of people, especially women. This problem increases with weight gain as the gaps expand between the groups of cells, causing dimpled skin.
Coffee sugar scrub is yet another effective home remedies for curing cellulite on the body. Before you apply the scrub, rub some olive oil on your cellulite and then gently massage the coffee sugar scrub on the area.
Make it a habit of massaging the area in the circular motions where you have cellulite problems while being in the shower.
Besides making holistic dog pink eye herbal treatments, Pet Wellbeing also makes a full line of all natural herbal dog remedies.
You can find an all natural treatment formula for the most common dog diseases and problems. The very popular dog pink eye treatment I highly recommend, and a highly effective dog diarrhea herbal treatment called BM Tone-Up Gold.
If your dog has kidney disease, Kidney Support Gold will help with kidney stones and kidney failure. For dog heart disease Young at Heart will Guard against canine heart parasites, is great for overall health and more. Dog cough medicine helps your dog with kennel cough, helps ease breathing, especially with short nose breeds and has natural anti-inflammatory action. Thyroid Silver supports healthy thyroid function in dogs, helps improve your dogs coat quality, encourages thyroid hormone production in your dog. Pet Wellbeing has been making all natural dog remedies for years and has perfected just the right herbal ingredients in all these great treatments. So check out these great holistic dog treatment remedies for your pooch and see how well they work. Vetericyn dog pink eye spray Made by the folks at Healthy Pets, this dog conjunctivitis spray has powerful ingredients to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses in the eye. Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Dog Pink Eye Treatment • Pink eye in dogs, otherwise known as Conjunctivitis in dogs can be serious.

Pets with any medical oddities, or under 1 or over 15 years old need the specialist calculations in order to provide a balanced, healthy diet to their pet. Springer can give you that understanding and personal customization you can only get from your own veterinarian! This understory native plant used to cover the floor of the eastern forests, but it has been severely over-harvested, leaving the future of this important medicinal herb in question.
People with these infections end up dying from severe dehydration due to copious fluid loss through diarrhea.
This is probably due to both its tonifying effect on the mucous membranes and due to its antifungal properties. This tells us that using goldenseal extract in a mouth wash may be a way to reduce pathogens known to cause gum disease, with the added beneficial effects on the mucus membranes of the mouth. A brief walk through the medicinal forest soon brought me to an area carpeted with goldenseal. Leta€™s vow to keep this national treasure in the wild and rely on cultivated sources or other herbal alternatives. The cellulites are common in the thighs, buttocks and hips that occur due to the accumulation of the fat cells and separation from the fibrous strands. Though it is not a medical condition, it could bring about a lot of embarrassment to you if left untreated.
It helps in treating cellulite naturally at your home by just taking a homemade tonic internally.
Try to move your hands in the circular motion while applying the scrub and then rinse off the solution.
Try to include a diet that is rich in vegetables and fresh fruits along with lean proteins and dietary fiber. Though the results are considered to be short lived, it can still give fruitful results upon regular use. They have high contents of lycopene that prevents the breaking down of collagen in our skin. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In fact all of their pet treatments are Doctor of Veterinary Medicine formulated using the highest grades of herbs and nothing more. They have a very loyal customer following and are so sure you will be happy, they have a 90 day money back guarantee!
Like pink eye, dog diarrhea, dog heart disease, dog liver disease, kidney disease and many more.
Besides helping to maintain liver health in dogs, Milk Thistle will help your dogs health if on drugs for chemotherapy, heart worm prevention or pain medication. Nu-Pet wafers are full of grass greens high in vitamin C, iron, B12 and many more vitamins your dog needs. Echo Gold soothes the itch and pain, reduces the inflammation and guards against future ear infections. They don’t have any chemicals or additives that can hurt your pet or cause harsh side effects. Give your best friend safe, effective herbal treatments and leave all the harsh chemicals and side effects behind!
In Chinese Medicine these qualities are used to clear heat and drain dampness (both of which indicate possible infection).As an astringent herb, it tones and tightens mucous membranes. However, several studies have shown that using the whole plant is more effective than using the isolated constituents. This topical application of goldenseal on the mucosal membranes is in line with our current understanding of how best to use this mucus membrane herb.10Goldenseal could be a good choice for the later stages of a cold or flu, if a secondary bacterial or fungal infection of mucus membranes sets in, such as a sinus infection. While some of these studies are interesting, we should always keep in mind that what happens in a petri dish may or may not be what happens in the human body.
Cultivated Goldenseal root is admittedly expensive, but it is worth supporting a sustainable source for this important herb. It was cooler in the shade and I was easily tempted to spend time with the ripe red berries that were cozily nestled in the green leaves.
It is believed that drinking this mixture increases metabolism thus burning calories and helping you lose weight.
Drink a lot of water every day to stay hydrated to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body.
They are always happy to answer any questions you have; make sure you check out the user reviews!

Blood Sugar Gold for dog diabetes Helps manage blood sugar levels, eye health, aids circulation and eases symptoms of dog diabetes. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, Life Gold helps promote better quality of life, supports the healing process and eases the pain.
Agile Joints is an all-natural herbal tonic that calms join inflammation and other maladies of dog arthritis. If your dog suffers separation anxiety, is hyperactive or for new puppies coping to a new home, Lesstress will calm them.
Eye easy for dog pink eye from Pet Wellbeing is a holistic and all natural treatment for dog Conjunctivitis.
This is one of our most important herbal actions for addressing infections located in our mucous membranes. Second, our cultural overuse of antibiotics has programmed people to believe they need an antibiotic for their cold or flu, when these viral infections really are not effected by drugs that kill bacteria. However, some of these studies may be pointing the way for unique applications and uses of this plant. Did you know that bacterial cells can communicate with each other? Other herbs such as Oregon Grape and Coptis may be a better choice if the action of berberine is the main requirement.
This abundance of goldenseal was carefully propagated in a shady grove in our dry high desert climate, providing a sustainable alternative to wild harvested goldenseal.I adore goldenseal and often opt to use the expensive cultivated goldenseal root in place of other berberine-containing plants.
Some of the time tested home remedies include the use of apple cider vinegar, honey massage, coffee and sugar scrub, tomato paste and exercises.
Also, add little bit of honey to get a sweet taste unless you want a blank taste otherwise. Also try Terramycin for infections and Vetericyn pink eye spray, both from healthy pets and great dog Conjunctivitis treatments.
Most herbalists today use only the root; however, scientific studies have shown that goldenseal leaf may work in similar ways to the root, which may give us an effective and sustainable way to use this plant. Termed quorum sensing, this complex system of communication helps bacteria to invest their energies to multiply at moments when they know they can thrive. Its effects on the mucous membranes are pronounced and specific, and ita€™s the first thing I reach for when working with people who have chronic sinus infections, peptic ulcers, or inflammatory bowel disease. It can both increase mucosal secretions and inhibit mucosal secretions, depending on the need of the individual. This habit of using the root probably came about because roots were easier to dry and keep and transport in the early days of Western Herbalism.
Science has begun to validate this use by showing goldenseal's effectiveness (in vitro) against Helicobacter pylori (H.
An in vitro study showed that goldenseal leaf was more effective than the isolated constituent berberine in combatting staph infections. Isolated berberine has been found to be effective in a number of health conditions, and it is fortunately available from plants that are much more common than goldenseal.
The Physio-medical Dispensatory: A Treatise on Therapeutics, Materia Medica, and Pharmacy, in Accordance with the Principles of Physiological Medication. Samuel Thompson recommended it for a€?correction of the bile,a€? hinting at its effect on the liver. I learned to use large doses of goldenseal root powder for sinus infections and ulcers from my mentor, KP Khalsa.
Cincinnati, 1869.Ettefagh, Keivan A, Johnna T Burns, Hiyas A Junio, Glenn W Kaatz, and Nadja B Cech. Under CA Prop 65 it is required to include an additional labeled warning for the CA public.*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Ia€™ve also used large doses for people with acute attacks of inflammatory bowel disease; however, large doses are best for short-term use. Not only is short-term use a good match for the cold energetics of goldenseal, Ia€™ve also seen people develop an aversion to it when taken long-term. Accessed August 6, 2015.Cech, Nadja B, Hiyas A Junio, Laynez W Ackermann, Jeffrey S Kavanaugh, and Alexander R Horswill.
270.Gurley, B J, A Swain, M A Hubbard, F Hartsfield, J Thaden, D K Williams, W B Gentry, and Y Tong.

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