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Like other systems of our body, the female reproductive system tends to get ignored unless something goes wrong. The following article gives you seven tips for maintaining the health of your reproductive system, including my favorite herbs for female reproductive system.You can also review the basic anatomy and physiology of the human female reproductive system here.
Because of monthly blood loss women can be more susceptible to anemia or, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Blood Deficiency. Shatavari, sometimes called the female ginseng, is an important herb from India that is considered a female tonic. To track your cycle you can use a notebook or a calendar to mark your first day of menstruation, your last day of menstruation and then your first day of bleeding the next month.
These simple steps help you know when you are ovulating and when you are about to menstruate. Like most of the anatomical systems, ita€™s hard to separate the female reproductive system from other systems in the body. Mayan abdominal massage is a simple massage that promotes circulation and health in the uterus and abdominals. Your liver filters blood, which is full of hormones that interact with the female reproductive system.
There are several different ways a liver issue may need to be addressed and ita€™s always best to know which particular pattern you are experiencing before applying solutions. Unfortunately, very few women actually practice this simple and life-saving method regularly.

Start by using the hand opposite the breast you massage (right hand, left breast, left hand, right breast). Again, with the opposite hand, use the flat part of your fingers to gently lift the tissue beginning at the underarm toward the nipple.
Not only is this disposable waste horrible for the environment, ita€™s also not healthy for women. Ia€™ll admit that the first time I heard of alternative reusable menstrual products I thought it was pretty gross.
There are many varieties of alternative menstrual products, from reusable latex or silicon cups to soft cloth pads.
With the huge rise in female reproductive system disease you can no longer afford to sit around and wait to see if you will fall prey to the statistics. Using herbs for the female reproductive system is one powerful way to promote overall health.
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Dong quai is often used in formulas for women to build blood and support healthy hormone function. Practitioners across North America have been trained extensively to both give this massage as well as teach people how to perform it on themselves at home.

Using your fingers, gently follow the grooves of your ribs and move all the way up from your breastbone to collar bone. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can even sew your own cloth pads.Glad Rags and Lunapads also both make cloth pads. Instead, you need to take pro-active steps to support the health of your reproductive system.
For symptoms of a congested pelvis (cysts, fibroids, cramping, etc), pelvic decongestants are often used. Gentle massaging of the lymphatic system supports lymphatic health, which is great news for avoiding cancer.
Then move your fingers back to your breastbone and gently follow the grooves of your ribs all the way to the bottom of your rib cage. Because breast examination is a tactile skill that depends on trained fingers, MammaCare produced an affordable NEW Personal Learning System to train the sense of touch on a lifelike breast model.

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