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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. While there may be no known cure for inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis, there are many natural strategies that can help you to control your symptoms, such as making dietary changes [1], taking probiotics, getting regular exercise, and addressing a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO [2]), to name a few.
Aloe vera is best known for treating sunburns, but helping to heal the skin is only one of the many health benefits of this plant. Boswellia is a potent anti-inflammatory herb that is useful in treating inflammatory conditions such as asthma [5]. Don’t let your ulcerative colitis get the better of you; these herbs can help you to feel better and keep your symptoms under control.
Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic disease that attacks mainly the inner side of the large intestine (colon) and the rectum. Rectum is affected severely, which leads into many problems like frequent diarrhea followed by bleeding. Ulcerative colitis can only be controlled by following a proper diet, having all the nutrients required.
Some mild exercises and breathing exercises can also be practiced to calm down the pressure and solve other physical problems like gastric problems, diarrhea, stomachache, etc.  These are entirely natural, safe and can be practiced by anybody.
Aloe Vera gel and evening prime rose oil is believed to heal this disease to a certain extent, as both of these oils have good anti-inflammatory action. Some other herbs that are used to rectify this disease are calendula extract, tea tree oil, marshmallow herb, sea buckthorn, etc.
From the IBD Recovery Capsules, we prescribed Herbal decoction, Herbal Enema Liquid and Intestine Appeasing Capsules. Tang Lie Kai, female, 38, pharmacist in a hospital located in ZhengZhou , Henan Province. First time admittance check results in our hospital were as follow: pus bloody diarrhea 7-9 times daily, manifest bellyache and tenesmus, extreme fatigue, lassitude, poor appetite, soreness all over body, edema of lower limbs, pain with shoulder, upper limbs, necks, inexpedient movement, muddled mind, sleepy.
One of the most common conditions where there occurs a chronic inflammation of the large intestine or the colon, seen mostly in United States of America, Europe etc, is termed as Ulcerative Colitis. Under this heading we will be studying the various types of home remedies available for ulcerative colitis which can actually help people treat the condition without any harmful effects on the body.
One saying from Errick McAdams goes like, "If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food".
Take enough of food rich in Vitamin C like berries, spinach, parsley, etc which are found effective in treating ulcerative colitis. It is also known that taking the low fat containing diet has proved beneficial in some patients.
Foods rich in fibre can also be beneficial in treating the irritating bowel condition in ulcerative colitis and also help in removing the toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Coming to the dietary home remedies involving the elimination or avoidance of food for treating ulcerative colitis comes as the eliminating alcohol, meat, gluten rich diet, etc. Now let us look below for the best herbal home remedies for ulcerative colitis which involve the use of certain essential herbs that can treat the condition naturally.
Boswellia For Treating Ulcerative Colitis: A naturally growing herb found from the resin part of the bark of the tree called Boswellia is known to be highly effective in treating ulcerative colitis. Psyllium Seeds For Treating Ulcerative Colitis: The seeds or the husk from this herb can be used as an effective home remedy for treating the symptoms like constipation in ulcerative colitis and help in eliminating the waste from body in an improved manner. Probiotics To Treat Ulcerative Colitis: These can be used for treating ulcerative colitis as they help in improving the healthy gut bacteria and can improve the condition by reducing the harmful inflammatory responses. Gingko Biloba: This is another herbal home remedy for ulcerative colitis which has been proved effective in rodents. Apart from the yoga and exercises; it is highly important for every person to know the ways of managing stress in life.
Research and studies show that stress management helps in treating various irritating bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis. A report published during the year 2013 in Systemic Reviews states that about 74% of the patients with irritating bowel diseases including ulcerative colitis, claim that stress actually worsen their symptoms drastically. Meditation, deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation actually help in managing stress and treating the condition of ulcerative colitis. By following the stress management ways one can aid the nervous system shift away from fights or flights to a rest or digest mode.
Seek help from family, friends and take the social support for having the best remedy to ease stress out of life and go for a counselling whenever required.
Now that we are aware of some essential home remedies for ulcerative colitis, it is time to quickly take a note on the same and stay alert and aware of the condition. When there is inflammation and sores in the bowel areas of intestine, the condition is known as ulcerative colitis. Supplementing with herbal remedies can also make a big difference; try these herbs for ulcerative colitis natural treatment and get started finding relief today.  [3]Do you want to improve your health with actions that really work?
The gel from the aloe vera plant has remarkable anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Native to India and Sri Lanka, this herb has been traditionally used to treat conditions like the common cold [4]. Laboratory studies have shown that boswellia can protect against colitis in animals.[4] In humans, boswellia has been compared to sulfasalazine, a conventional drug treatment for ulcerative colitis.

To read about natural remedies for Crohn’s disease, such as fish oil and probiotic therapy, learn more in 4 Natural Options for Crohn’s Treatment [6].To get started, choose one herb and take it for several weeks to see if it works for you. You should go for a diet comprising of alkaline foods, as too much of acid only produces toxins in the system. Acupuncture is a great natural process, which reduces the abdominal pain and relaxes our mind. Consuming the juice of their extracts gives great relief from the pain caused by this infection.
For example, Coconut is one such fruit, which has lots of vitamins and minerals and can reduce the symptoms effectively.
It is a type of protein digestive enzyme, extracted from pineapple stem, that helps cure ulcer and gives relief from acute pain.
There are many essential herbs available in the herbal medicine shops, which can cure this disease.
It is a type of resin extracted from the bark of the tree and controls the reaction of the chemicals responsible for the pain and inflammation. It is effectively used for treating this painful infection, as it has a huge aggregate of mucilage. Natural remedies can be very efficient for the treatment of Ulcerative colitis, but you should always consult a doctor before consuming any medicine. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
From 1991 to July 9, 1995 he experienced frequent diarrhea, pus bloody stool, bellyache, tenesmus, every day. The patient reported the effective control of pus bloody stool, and less diarrhea after 3 weeks.
Bellyache, pus bloody stool for almost 8 years, diarrhea 6-7 times daily, someday 11 times, accompanied with belly distention, rugitus, restlessness, irritability, wasting. She had 3 years history of ulcerative colitis before being admitted into our hospital on June 15, 2001.
Due to uncareful food intake she experienced continuous diarrhea, with large amount of pus and blood, bellyache, fever and tenesmus. Intermitten fever, in company with bellyache and diarrhea for over 1 year and a half before coming to our hospital.
With such a condition the affected person suffers from symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding and the symptoms can remain for years in men & women leading to other serious health issues like colon cancer and might require surgery if not treated with medication. Let us categorize the section into three major categories namely the dietary home remedies for ulcerative colitis, treating ulcerative colitis at home with exercises and stress management, and herbal home remedies for ulcerative colitis. The herb produces certain inhibitory mediators which assist in inhibiting the inflammatory chemicals in ulcerative colitis. It is about being better than you used to be!" This wonderful quote explains all about exercising and keeping self fit for life.
This actually help in easing the condition of ulcerative colitis as these techniques of stress management helps the blood and nutrients reach the core of digestive system and thus promote the functioning.
The results of the study favored boswellia over pharmaceutical treatment, as it was better at reducing symptoms and inducing remission. Improvement was seen in 65% of the curcumin group, compared to only 12% of the placebo group. People suffering from this disease, face severe pain in their abdomen, have unnecessary weight loss and mood swings. Certain foods are very efficient in cooling the inflammation, repairing the wounds and enhancing the immunity system. It is a mystical exercise, where some needles are inserted within your body, and your pain reduces like magic.
These days, Folic acid tablets have come in the markets, which can be consumed in order to reduce the risk effectively.
It forms a layer over the ulcer throughout the intestine and prevents further damage of the layers.
Both of them act as a very good natural antiseptic for repairing the damaged cells of the intestine or rectum. During this period he mostly took prednisone, sometimes at the dosage of 60mg daily, to sustain a relative stable state.
TCM diagnosed as vacuity and decline of kidney Yang, spleen failure to control blood, pyretic toxicity persistence, deficiency syndrome mingling with excess syndrome, coldness mingling with heat.
It is fitful bellyache and diarrhea, 2-3 times daily, no pus and blood, repeated dental ulceration. Herbal medicine was prescribed for clearing heat, neutralizing toxin, transforming stasis and dredging channel network. I remember filling in an information sheet with my symptoms, I would like to do that again or something similar to make sre I am taking the right things before ordering etc.
Though there are advanced medical treatments and drugs available for ulcerative colitis, there are people who love to follow the natural home remedies to their best. There are certain foods which must be avoided and there are certain foods which must be entertained so as to treat ulcerative colitis in a natural way at home.

Symptoms of this problem vary in different patients according to the level and degree of inflammation. Laboratory studies show that aloe vera has antioxidant effects, and it inhibits the production of prostaglanins and interleukins, compounds associated with colitis symptoms.[1] In one study, patients with active ulcerative colitis who took 100 mL of aloe vera gel twice daily for four weeks found significant improvements in symptoms. In one study, patients with active ulcerative colitis were given either 1,200 mg or 1,800 mg of andrographis or placebo.
The study found that 43% of the curcumin group experience remission, while none of the placebo-treated patients went into remission.[7] Try 2 to 3 g daily.
It is always a safe solution to choose herbal or natural treatments in order to get relief from this disorder.
It is recommended to always go to a very professional and knowledgeable person for this treatment. Phyllium seed extract is very effective for lubricating the inner layer of the intestine and also reduces swelling. Another 2 months of after treatment continued till the enteroscope check found ulceration and congestion disappears, serum protein returns to be in normal range, and haemproteins increase to 13.9g . The patient narrated the symptom as diarrhea 7-8 times daily, mucosa and pus bloody stool, bellyache, pain to the left lower quadrant pressure, temperature 38.2 C , blood sedimentation accelerates. After 5-day administration of Intestine Appeasing Pill the times of diarrhea decrease to 10 times daily, bellyache improved a lot.
IBD Recovery Series Type 4, 6 7, in company with Intestine Appeasing Capsules were prescribed for him to take 25 days which resulted in the disappearance of pus bloody stool, fatigue and poor appetite. First diagnosis conclusion is appendicitis, and large amount of antibiotics was administrated, yet without any effect. This current article on home remedies for ulcerative colitis will surely be beneficial to read for those who prefer natural treatments over the medical treatments. Conditions associated with ulcerative colitis like reduced bone density, excessive weight gain, weak immunity, emotional stress etc can be treated in a well managed way with regular exercises. Let us know about some of the facts on stress management as a home remedy for ulcerative colitis. It has digestive fibers which are supposed to give best results for curing frequent diarrhea. During the past three months before going to our hospital his bellyache and pus blood problem aggravated, diarrhea more than 10 times daily, severe tenesmus. IBD Recovery Series # 1 & # 2, Intestines Appeasing Capsules and Herbal Enema Liquid were prescribed. Hospitalized for 2 months locally without the improvement after tried many kinds of medicine such as hexadecadrol, single-antibody solidphase, etc. 7 days later there was diarrhea 6 times daily and blood decrease in quantity in the stool. Prednisone dosage lowered to 15mg daily and one month more administration was prescribed and all symptom disappeared completely.
It was about 70 days before he saw doctor in another hospital and enteroscope check found there were irregular fissuring ulceration in the terminal ileum, some parts of the membrana mucosa experienced pebble-like alteration, there were mass accumulation of lymphocyte in submucosa and muscular coat, some fissuring even reaching deep into muscular coat. Continue the treatment for 1 month more and all checking results falled into the normal range.
Yoga, that promotes mental level and helps in digestion has been proved real effective for ulcerative colitis.
You can also extract the juice of these herbs; mix with honey and drink early in the morning. During the two months of treatment, there was failure to make her conditions under control, continuous and unlimited diarrhea and bloody stool continued to afflict her without end. After treatment continued 2 months more and enteroscope check concluded that all ulceration disappeared. Then in company with Intestine Appeasing Pill other kind of herbal decoction was prescribed for him to take for the succeeding two months till enteroscope check showed the pebble-like alteration and fissuring ulceration disappeared completely. She lost 45 kilogram of weight and many times the hospital issued Critical Condition Notification to her relatives. After treatment continued for another 2 months and the enteroscope check showed the ulcer close.
2 months later, the enteroscope check concluded the colon ulceration disappeared, yet mild inflammation remained. After administration of Intestine Appeasing Pill two months, all symptom disappeared, fibercoloscopy check shows the complete close of ulcer and disappearance of inflammation. She continued taking the Intestine Appeasing Capsule for 3 months more till at last the polypus disappeared completely.

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