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Alfalfa: Alleviates symptoms of diabetes and arthritis, purifies the blood, and acts as a mild stimulant. Garlic: Has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-parasitic properties.
To ensure success, it's usually best to start with healthy plants rather than seeds, especially at this time of year.
You'll need a bright space, such as a large sunny window, a sunroom or a room with skylights.
Most culinary herbs grow best with at least five to six hours of bright light; mint, parsley and chives do fine with four to five. Almost any pot or container at least 6 inches or larger can be used for growing herbs as long as it has drainage holes.
Use a fast-draining potting mix as garden soil will compact in containers and smother plant roots. Water needs will vary depending on the size and type of plant, the size and type of container, and the time of year. Once herbs start actively growing in spring, you'll need to feed them with a liquid fertilizer every four weeks.
Keep your indoor herb garden growing strong by checking plants each year and replacing those that are short-lived or have become woody.
13 culinary herbs worth growing indoors Herbs grown indoors are usually less productive than outdoor plants, but they'll still give you plenty of fabulous flavor for your favorite dishes. Giuseppe Nacci – Italian doctor is the author of the book in which on 640 pages he is using more than 2040 official medical evidence and more than 2150 various bibliographic references about the cancer treatment. This book describes in detail the species of herbs, cancers, diets, the pharmaceutical industry and the dangers of GMOs. In this book the name of the herbs are on Latin, and he combines all knowledge of medicine for the cancerous diseases. At the very beginning of the book the author emphasizes that copying and downloading of this book is free for everyone.
So Dear Readers and Friends you can read this book and use it or share it with everyone you can. Propagation of the herb: Seed - best sown in situ as soon as it is ripe in the late summer. Cultivation of Hemlock: Waste ground and in damp places, avoiding acid soils and heavy shade. Known hazards of Conium maculatum: A very poisonous plant, the toxins are especially concentrated in the seed.
China's traditional practice of herbal medicine goes back thousands of years and reportedly works by unlocking nature's ability to prevent disease and restore human health.
In the past, these herbs grew deep in the forest, in very particular soil conditions and picked at specific times. A field covered in black netting enclosures a pseudo-ginseng farm in Dehou Town, Wenshan County, Yunnan Province. To understand how this pesticide addiction impacts the Chinese traditional medicine sector, Greenpeace visited a handful of regions in China renowned for growing herbs. This is yet another symptom of a sick industrial agriculture system which produces 'unhealthy products' and fails to deliver healthy food to people. Chinese herbs have fallen sick due to pesticide-intensive agriculture and need our urgent help to get better. Whether you're plagued by rheumatism or seeking to improve blood circulation, my healing skills are unmatched! In busy metropolises everywhere, you will find people that love how I'm able to reduce inner heat and detoxify toxins.
However to truly end our chemical pesticide addiction once and for all, the global agricultural industry must undergo a paradigm shift towards Ecological Farming, which includes dedicating more financial support by the public authorities from all over the world.
Ecological farming ensures healthy food for today and tomorrow, protects soil, water and climate and promotes biodiversity.

Greenpeace is urging governments to implement more stringent controls and monitoring systems for pesticides residues in food products, carry out clear pesticides reduction programs and divert financial funding towards more ecological farming practices, in particular; non-chemical alternatives to control pests. Also, Greenpeace is calling on the Chinese herbs companies to publicly disclose all pesticides used in the production of their products and to provide a timeline aimed at reducing their usage. Cook your own meals at home using real food, grown ecologically (fresh, organic, local or seasonal), rather than ready meals or processed food. Buy organic food that is grown locally by farmers in the area, and that you know and trust. Only buy the food you really need, when you need it and food you know will actually be eaten. Established plants put you months ahead (sometimes even a year) compared with plants started from seeds, plus they offer you a wide range of varieties for growing indoors. Choose the largest pot possible to provide more room for growing roots, which will give you a bigger plant to harvest from. Look for a premium mix that includes lightweight ingredients such as perlite or vermiculite to help loosen and aerate the final mix. Plants are dormant or growing less actively during winter when light levels are lower and therefore require less water. Or, oganic fertilizer granules that you scratch into the soil surface every other month can be used instead of a liquid fertilizer. Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium): Also known as French parsley, this annual is similar in appearance and taste, with delicate overtones of anise. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): This perennial comes in both trailing and upright forms.
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From 50 people who have cancer and decide to try chemotherapy, only 1 will be alive 5 years from the first cycle of treatment – states the author. Although toxic, plants found in the south of England are comparatively harmless and the leaves are used as a pot-herb. Their healing properties have led to their use in daily food and beverages like soups, stir-fry's and teas by millions of people around the world.
Wenshan, is the origin and the main production area for pseudo-ginseng and accounts for almost 98 percent of China's total pseudo-ginseng yield. We also purchased samples of herbal medicine for pesticide testing from nine different cities (including Hong Kong) and from nine companies' stores in China. Many of these pesticides are illegal in China or classified as 'highly hazardous' or 'extremely hazardous' by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Like my namesake, I'm an angel that enters the homes of the sick and tired, and revives life. Chemical intensive agricultural is a global problem affecting many countries and requires the immediate address of public authorities around the world.
Healing Chinese herbs will require facing the deep, systemic failure of chemical intensive agriculture, not simply treating the symptoms.
Unlike industrial agriculture, it does not contaminate the environment with genetic engineering, chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Greenpeace campaigns to raise global awareness and strive towards a pesticide-free future for all.
At your next meal, write "[Name of your city] wants to heal Chinese Herbs" on a napkin or piece of paper. Not only will you reduce your dependency on agribusiness, you'll also learn a lot about how food is grown and appreciate better the challenging work of farmers. Other factors to consider when choosing your location are nearby trees that cast shade, a roof overhang or a patio roof.
Allow the soil to dry slightly for most herbs; keep the soil slightly moist for basil, chives, mint and parsley. To harvest, snip the outer leaves and stems, or gather a bunch of sprigs together and cut off an inch or two above the soil.

The plant contains coniine, an extremely toxic substance that can also cause congenital defects.
The toxins, however, are very volatile and decompose readily, especially when the plant is dried or cooked. We also tested samples of herbal products imported from China and collected from stores in London, Virginia (near Washington DC), Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Milan, Toronto and Vancouver. Exposure to pesticides via food consumption poses a significant risk to health, namely the possibility of bioaccumulation within the body. But in the face of pesticide contamination I myself am now getting sick and soon won’t be able to heal people any more. But every time I'm showered in pesticides my nutrients change and my healing properties are muted. And equally as important, it is for the people, siding with small-scale farmers and local communities.
In doing so, we can heal Chinese herbs and free global agriculture from chemical addiction. If plants start to look leggy you may need to move them to a location with more light or supplement with grow or fluorescent lights. The best way to tell when a plant needs water is to stick your finger one inch into the soil. For best flavor, choose a more compact upright variety such as 'Taylor's Blue' or 'Salem.' Even though rosemary enjoys drier conditions, it's imperative that the soil is never allowed to dry out completely or the plant may die. Chronic pesticide poisoning can lead to learning difficulties, hormone disruption and reproductive abnormalities. But the invasion of pesticides in my field has seen the soil, air and water change dramatically. I'm no longer sure if I have kept my former healing abilities: warm bodies, improve eyesight, and give pain relief. Extend your harvest by growing three pots at different stages (seeded, intermediate growth and ready to harvest).
Bay (Laurus nobilis): Grows slowly at first but will eventually form a bush or small tree that can be easily trained into formal shapes or a topiary.
Oregano remains productive for up to two years and should be replaced when plants become woody. It is still used externally, usually in ointments and oils, in the treatment of mastitis, malignant tumours (especially breast cancer) anal fissure and haemorrhoids. The poisonous nature of the plant varies considerably, with many people believing that the plant is less toxic when grown in cooler climates. The leaves and stems should be harvested when the first fruits are forming, since they are then at their most active medicinally. The fruits are gathered either when fully ripe, or before they turn from green to yellow, and are then dried. Cut small bunches of leaves back to the soil level when harvesting to keep new ones coming.
It is used for treating complaints such as dizziness, coughs, insomnia, exhaustion, arteriosclerosis and prostate problems. This will spur new growth from the center and keep parsley remaining productive for several months or more. Change it up with creeping 'Oregano' thyme, with its great thyme flavor and oregano undertones.

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