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With the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test, you can take the first step toward learning your HIV status.
AccuPlex DNA The most accurate, most advanced type of DNA test available for cases where an alleged father is deceased or otherwise not available for sample analysis. The Evra patch contains two hormones, norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol, and thereby prevents pregnancy in the same way as a contraceptive pill. Make sure to list any other physical problems or illnesses on the questionnaire so it can be determined whether you can use Evra patch.

Please consult the patient information leaflet for a full list of known side effects of the Evra patch.
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You use 3 patches for 3 weeks (you change the patch every week) and subsequently add a patch-free week to allow menstruation. You have to remember however to take the pill daily, whereas you only have to change the patch once a week.

The hormones in the Evra patch are transferred through the skin, therefore it is not negatively influenced by vomitting or diarrhoea whereas the pill is.

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