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For too long, Justin Bieber has crapped on the general public with his music and douchey attitude.
Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, Bieber argued with security, saying there was no way he could stand in a big crowd because he’d get bombarded by fans. We’re told Bieber persisted and said he was personally invited by Drake and had been waiting all weekend to see him perform.
At that point a Coachella staffer came up to Bieber and said she would escort him inside the artist’s area.
Sources close to Bieber say he voluntarily left, and they’re considering taking legal action against the security guards. Want more stories like this in your inbox?Sign up for our weekly email and find out what everyone is talking about. Note: This post initially was published a couple of years ago on the comedy blog Pointless Banter, which Bobby Finstock sold for a tube sock full of lube.
Now there’s that guy, you all know him: he’s constantly bragging about the chick he’s banging.
A longtime blog reader once confessed to me that he didn’t get all that excited about the thought of having sex with his wife. Maybe there’s some sort of Secret Santa Fetish that I was previously unaware of, but I’m pretty sure that no one wants to sit on Santa Boner’s lap. We’ve only been married nineteen months, so I’m sure this will eventually harden into a crust of resentment and rage. During my tenure on Lizzie McGuire, I discovered that the late-night airings were almost always our highest-rated shows.
One could make an argument for a Swayze revival – now that we know he’s suffering from pancreatic cancer, he’s suddenly everyone’s new best friend (Christopher Reeve flashbacks, anyone?) and not the guy who did “Father Hood.” (Sigh.
I don't want my husband asking me to be his Wingman, I want him to want to have sex with someone who has breasts. If you’re someone who buys stock in the once-a-year-blowjob economy, then you know that this Monday is Valentine’s Day.
Don’t get me wrong – I love presents, and I even love days that people are obligated to buy me presents (my birthday is October 8, for anyone who’s wondering.) But Valentine’s Day is the fire sale of holidays, where unoriginality is rewarded.

Are Bravo's the Real Housewives of Orange County the Worst People in the History of the Universe?
Are Bravo's the Real Housewives of Orange County the Worst People in the History of the Universe? Sure, they have huge (probably mortgaged to the hilt) houses, they drive expensive (probably leased with an inch of their life) cars, they have huge bling (probably charged on a maxed-out credit card) on their fingers. I watch The Real Housewives because it’s the chick’s version of Tool Academy: one hour out of my week where I am certain to feel morally superior.
Which got me to thinking:  how do they rack up to some of the worst people in the History of the Universe? Hitler: Those of you born in the 1990s may know Hitler as the head of the bad guys in Call of Duty. During the course of World War II, Hitler slaughtered nearly 12 million people in concentration camps, mostly Jews, but also Russians, Gypsies, Homosexuals…anyone that didn’t fit into his German Nationalist World View.
The Real Housewives of Orange County: The Housewives exercise a reign of terror over their section of Orange County, casting a critical eye at anything that doesn’t fit into their Miracle Whip worldview. During the course of a single Bravo television season, repeated viewings of The Real Housewives of Orange County will kill twelve million brain cells.
Cowell’s best known for his biting criticism on Idol, usually starting with “I don’t want to be rude, but…”  I don’t mean to be rude, but the guy is a douchebag. The Housewives: Celebrating the least talented among us is what the Housewives are all about.
I'm at Pointless Banter today with Dell Unveils a New Site Even My Dumb Vagina Can Understand.
She grabbed Bieber by the arm and began walking him and his security team inside, when Coachella security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold. And if Viagra was around when the King was alive, I bet he’d take it.  Add in the idea that Lisa Marie’s “Church” probably wanted a slice of that Fat Elvis money cake and we’ve got Viva Viagra!
She’s always a Playmate, a Supermodel, or lives in Canada.  But do guys hang out and jam about how they’re going home to bang the wife? I told him that she probably wasn’t doing the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy over his old, saggy Nutcracker either.

Not meaning that we bone other people, but we’re pretty communicative about our thoughts and our feelings and all that sappy bullshit that you hear on Oprah (if I watched Oprah.
When I say I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day don’t buy me anything to my husband, what I mean is don’t buy me anything for Valentine’s Day. However, for you guys who do choose to celebrate (and if you do, I hope you celebrate Steak and Blowjob Day, too!), I’ve compiled a list of Crap Women Don’t Want for Valentine’s Day. But be prepared for her to bitch you out that she was suddenly forced to eat the entire box and now she’s fat and no one will ever want to have sex with her again and if you loved her you’d know that but you are clearly blind. The Top Totes For Spring 2016From clutches to hobos and more.Posted 2 days agoEXCLUSIVEIt's War! Knowing that the little Bieber turd got his comeuppance should make you rest well at night though. Yeah, I know Sting has Tantric sex which lasts for days with his wife Trudie Styler, but he’s also filthy rich and probably pays people to crap for him. Watching the first few scenes made me wish I had been diagnosed with a terminal illness just to escape watching it.
My life is the virtual open book, each humiliating moment mined for as much material as I can possibly wring out of it. But he may have single-handedly created the douchebag economy, as well as a platform to celebrate the least talented among us.
Kendall Jenner Flashes Her Nipple Ring In Sheer BraCheck out her scandalous outfit in these racy pics.Posted 2 days agoVIDEOGame On! You can come to a few meetups before paying the Annual 10 dollar fee, to make sure that you like the group first! Dump the ad agencies and use that money you were spending there for something really important. The thought of myself at age 70 trying to get my saggy ass out of a slippery tub and walking barefoot and butt naked through the wilderness makes me want to break a hip now and get it over with.

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