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Feline Herpes Virus, also known as feline viral rhinopneumonitis (FVR) , rhinotracheitis virus and feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) , is one of the most common causes of upper respiratory infections in cats. Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is an upper respiratory or pulmonary infection of cats caused by feline herpesvirus 1, of the family Herpesviridae. Although the most common cause of URIs is the feline herpes virus 1 (rhinotracheitis) , other causes can include chlamydia and calicivirus. NW Laser & Skin Care Specialists utilize only the highest quality facial and laser equipment on the market, in combination with perfected techniques, highly trained, experienced and competent specialists that are able to treat a wide array of conditions for both Men and Women.
My own cat, Bobby, seen in the picture above, has had intermittent herpes virus flare-ups for 15 years, but is happy and comfortable and still going strong.
Cats that are suffering from a herpes flare up have a weakened immune system and are more likely to develop secondary bacterial infections.
The feline herpes virus is species (or at least family, in the classification-of-animals sense) specific.
In adult cats the flu is usually mild, however the virus may linger in the cat’s body and flare up again repeatedly over a period of years.
These are mild eye drops with anti-viral properties that can be used as a mild treatment, or as a preventative for herpes virus eye infection flare ups.
Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have or to schedule you for your FREE consultation. There is no crossover, so if you have a cat with feline herpes virus (FHV) , you cannot contract it. Thermage Vancouver Specialist Schedule your free consultation and let us show you our real patient results. We call these problems upper respiratory disease (URI) or feline respiratory disease complex and it is the most common infectious disease that veterinarians deal with.
The real concern is how contagious he is to other cats during his flare-ups, and how unlikely it is that a non-neutered male cat will be content staying indoors forever.

I know the flare-ups will come and go, but the eye problem has been going on for two weeks now, and the cold for one week. Because FHV causes many upper respiratory infections (known as URIs) in cats, it can be easily spread from cat to cat by: It remain dormant (latent) unless the cat suffers flare ups of the virus. Usually these flare ups are associated with the stress of boarding, weather change, other disease or new cats in the family. There is no right or wrong way to manage long-term feline upper respiratory infections, and a discussion with your veterinarian regarding these considerations will help you decide the best course of action to take.
Thomas: As your vet has probably told you, feline herpesvirus is a chronic infection that tends to flare up during stressful situations.
As the kitty cat gets olders, the immune system and possible tolerance for stress gets higher. If you believe a cat or kitten is sick, take it to the vet office immediately for an exam and treatment.
If you do a search online for cats growing out of flare-ups or recurring URIs from feline herpes you will find a lot of other people saying the same thing as well.
Since there is no cure, affected cats may have flare-ups throughout their lifetime during times of stress.
Feline herpes is a common cause of respiratory infections in cats, and is a condition for life.
The most common symptoms of feline herpes are sneezing, runny nose, congestion and conjunctivitis. The culprit may be feline herpes or feline viral rhinopneumonitis (FVR) a virus most cats come in contact with sometime during their lives. She has recovered, and now she gets the occasional flare-ups of sneezing when she’s stressed out. Rhinotracheitis is a feline herpes virus that can cause sneezing, conjunctivitis, and sinus congestion.

Periods of stress or excitement can induce a flare-up, but between these times your cat can be symptom free. It could be feline herpes, also known as feline viral rhinopneumonitis (FVR) , rhinotracheitis virus and feline herpesvirus type 1 (FHV-1) , and one of the most common causes of upper respiratory infections in cats. Check out the following websites for more information on Feline Herpes and Upper Respiratory Infections.
I was warned that Darcy’s Herpes would most likely flare up and sent home with a prescription and a six-month prognosis. September 07: We gambled and stopped the Prednisone in an effort to lessen his Herpes outbreaks, which often resulted in upper respiratory infections. Stress can cause these carriers to shed the virus, exhibiting mild symptoms, which clear up on their own after a few days. Well, sadly, the kitten seems to have brought in a herpes virus which all of our cats must have gotten in the past when they were stray adults (before I trapped or caught them and adopted them).
For example, a cat with chronic upper respiratory infections will be given repeated antibiotic therapy to address the bacterial aspect of the infection, but the virus is still the underlying cause.
But I have read that a cat who has had the herpes virus is still vulnerable to a new reinfection, and the thing that distresses me is that one of our FIV guys is pretty congested now and snoring as he sleeps and also one of our non-FIV males, aged 9, now is pretty sick with URI symptoms. L-lysine is great at controlling flare ups, especially after the cat has been on it for a while. Most of the cats that come to this practice with signs of a herpes infection are actually having a flare-up of a previously latent infection.

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