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These symptoms occur usually within a range of two to twenty days from the first point of infection and can often last for up to two weeks.
When an outbreak recurs, the most common symptom is usually the reappearance of blisters on the skin. In the first year of an infection, you will often have more outbreaks than the next few years. Outbreaks occur for a number of reasons but the primary cause of herpes symptoms recurring is when the immune system becomes depressed and allows the virus to once again replicate and spread throughout the body.
You know an outbreak is about to occur when you start to feel the virus becoming active in your body. It is often severe and very uncomfortable for a lot of people because the body would not have had enough time yet to develop antibodies for the virus. At the same time, for some people, the first outbreak might be so mild that symptoms are barely noticeable, if at all. However, these herpes symptoms would be noticeably less severe than the first time an outbreak occurs.

Statistically, people usually have about four outbreaks per year but as time passes and the body adapts to the virus, outbreaks occur less and less. Once reactivated, the virus travels down the nerve fiber to the site where the lesion will appear. Other people may have no symptoms at all, which can be called asymptomatic herpes symptoms. Often, when initial warning of herpes symptoms are felt (known as prodromal symptoms), a doctor recommends the use of antiviral drugs such as Valtrex to lessen the severity of the symptoms.
An outbreak recurs when the virus starts to replicate once more and moves to the site of the primary infection on the skin. If you think you have anything that resembles herpes, you have to abstain from sexual intercourse or making skin contact with people until you are sure that it is not herpes.
By getting help early, you can make the symptoms less severe and will not last as long if you do not get treatment right away. These drugs are often used to help the body fight off the virus and makes the disease less potent.

Your lymph nodes will start to swell and you may experience painful urination or some numbness. Some common symptoms that you can mistake for herpes are yeast infections, hemorrhoids, jock itch and even severe insect bites can be mistaken for herpes symptoms. The more noticeable signs of an outbreak are bumps or irregularities on your skin that can develop into sores and blisters.
These will usually be found on the areas of infection such as between the legs, the facial area or on your butt.

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