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Download anatomical drawings of human central and peripheral nervous system (CNS and PNS), brain and cranial nerves, spinal cord, autonomic (ANS) reflexes, neuron, synapse structure and function, membrane potential, neurological disorders, and more. Please note: Free downloads are intended to facilitate healthcare education for people in need in low income countries and can be used for educational purposes only.
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Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, Washington, USA. Recurrent, superficial ulcers, with necrotic centre + red margin, involving movable mucosa of inner surface of lips, cheeks, tongue & soft palate Differences from viral ulcer 1. If you can afford it or if you plan to use the images for commercial purposes, please consider buying instead.
Cross section of the spinal cord diagram showing spinal nerve and ganglion, and neurons of a reflex. Activation comprises active transcription of viral RNA and high lytic protein expression accompanied by low LAT production. Bi-weekly submucosal intra-lesional injections of Dexamethasone 4 mg + Hyaluronidase 1500 IU for 6- 8 wks 2. You can find a larger image collection at higher resolutions for sale at affordable prices onĀ Alila Medical Media website.

Excision of lesions & reconstruction with: buccal fat pad, naso-labial flap, lingual flap, palatal muco-periosteal flap, radial forearm flap 4.
Regulation of blood pressure through baroreflex, labeled version.Anatomy of a nerve, unlabeled.
Anatomy of a spinal nerve, labeledThe trigeminal nerve, labeled diagram.The trigeminal nerve, Cranial nerve V and branches.

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